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  1. You want a Mars deck? Seven out of my eleven decks have Mars! I'm tired of Mars! Clearly, I need some of YOUR luck. I'll send you some of mine once I figure out how.
  2. No, no! New debate! Where did the "may"s all go? Can we make useful home handcrafts with them? Is FFG collecting them and storing them in a warehouse somewhere? We must solve the Mystery of the Mays!
  3. If you think of Sanctum as religious zealots, it all makes sense. As long as there are enemies to distract her, she's great, but without someone to fight, she just starts looking for people on her own side that don't live up to her high standards of purity and honor. And if she's alone, then clearly it's time for her to atone for her own sins with a hair-shirt and maybe some self-flagellation.
  4. We have no ETA other than "soon".
  5. Conveniently, the Numberphile YouTube series posted a video today on how bad humans are at doing random: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP-Ipsat90c
  6. I had to buy a sixth deck before I got one without Mars in it. That's how random works. People have this idea that random should be smooth. It isn't. Ask someone to make twenty dots on a piece of paper randomly and they'll almost always make a very smooth, even arrangement where the dots aren't clustered at all. Ask a computer to put twenty random dots on a piece of paper and clustering is something that will happen a lot. This phenomena is a real challenge to scientists who sometimes have a difficult time determining if something that looks like an unusual cluster IS unusual, or just random stuff randomly clustering. There are entire branches of mathematics dealing with this problem. The human brain is just terrible at statistics. It wants to find patterns in everything, even where they don't exist.
  7. I recommend tattooing "Judge" on your forehead to make it official. But, seriously, there's no official program for judges or anything.
  8. Here's my copy/paste/cleanup in a word file that I posted before: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/286378-pdf-rulebook/?tab=comments#comment-3539593
  9. It's unlikely that the owner even checks this forum, given how low the traffic here is.
  10. I loved Guardians. Probably the only CCG that they stopped making sets for DESPITE strong sales. The designers didn't want to dilute the game. Seriously? I don't think they grasped the CCG model. : - ) I need to dig out my Guardians cards and throw some exploding pigs at my gaming group.
  11. Suttkus

    1-2 Turn Wins

    You cannot mulligan down to nothing. From the rulebook:
  12. Library Access is terrible! Everytime I play it, I draw nothing but out-of-house cards I can't use and would have drawn at the end of my turn anyway! I have drawn exactly ONE card I could actually use with Library access in about twenty games! I think the luck gods hate me. : - )
  13. You pick up all of the cards in the archive and add them to your hand (or your opponent's hand if you've archived some of your opponent's cards). You don't get to pick and choose. But since there's no maximum hand size, there's not a lot of penalty for taking in cards you can't use yet.
  14. Sadly, WK took down their MageKnight page ages ago, and I didn't have the foresight to save it. (Unlike a lot of their fiction and world documents which I still have!)
  15. Mage Knight was dying before 2.0. Sales had plummeted and interest was waning fast. 2.0 was a last ditch attempt by WK to save their flagship property. 2.0 didn't kill Mage Knight, it just failed entirely to save it. WK published a post mortem of Mage Knight back in the day that was a fascinating read about how badly they'd mishandled Mage Knight in the years leading up to 2.0 and then how badly they'd mishandled 2.0. Which was shockingly more honesty than I have ever seen a game company put out anywhere else.
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