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  1. Yes, I've just seen them! $60 for the Imperial ship is one thing, but why the frack is the rebel one $80... for what I assume is similar sized ships and similar amounts of cards included. Such a big price difference is not cool, personally seems like FFG milking rebel players who didn't fork out for a SSD!
  2. that's cool, me and marcus are just working out the final points of the setup we can work with 9, should start soon.
  3. Players currently signed up: @The Jabbawookie @clontroper5 @Madaghmire @GhostofNobodyInParticular @Constantine Valdor @PodRacer @Matt3412 @Bertie Wooster @LTD @Caldias 10 players, @Lord Preyer and I'll will have chat via whatsapp but game should start this evening/tomorrow morning
  4. Players currently signed up: @The Jabbawookie @clontroper5 @Madaghmire @GhostofNobodyInParticular @Constantine Valdor @PodRacer @Matt3412 @Bertie Wooster --------------------------- @Lord Preyer we could run with 8? or try to get 2-4 more? --------------------------- just 2 more min if we can guys? @TheCallum @LTD @CaribbeanNinja @ovinomanc3r @BrobaFett @BiggsIRL @Visovics @Caldias @Madaghmire @Herowannabe @MandalorianMoose
  5. Modified Providence-class carrier/destroyer - Rebel One https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Rebel_One and Empire Venators I think most of the CW expansion will be playable in base aramda
  6. Called this last year @PodRacer https://twitter.com/FFGames/status/1117103779910946817
  7. I would hope the new Expansion. The aces on both sides will be nice, plus the addition of ship cards is interesting, and could mean a lot of un used ships get new titles of death or power as it were to make them more viable in todays game.
  8. @Tokra Congratulations on the World win as well dude! Was nice to see imperials win for a change! Well deserved
  9. I’ve done this and seen this, but you can also go without it the whole game, and only being speed 2 and without scatter is imo harder to proc and easier to kill
  10. How would you go about taking Pryce out on a turn 2 activation? I see the benefits to flat out engaging but most of the time, the damage you eat from the counter can leave you easy to take when Pryce activates. or would you move squads into a more tactical position around your ships to stop the alpha ship strike, and absorb the first salvo? I’ve beaten Pryce with rebels but never had any squads left when doing it, and usually 2-3 (almost always Jedon, Marik, and one of Rudor or Ciena) is left over... I have yet to take out the squad ball and have any left over after which is a lot when you have to take near max squads to counter it as rebels, so losing your squads makes your heavily reliant on the ship damage?
  11. Good shout there! Was think Kyle Katarn in the Moldy Crow anyone? https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Moldy_Crow
  12. another ace for the E-Wing and the Imp Snipe (plus the rest of the squads in that pack would be nice) Imps for sure are lacking in the snipe category
  13. Is it me or does the bold writing look like it says unique? so maybe a buff from ace squads?
  14. Have to agree with this, summed up my main feelings, not the squads in general just the recent upgrades that have buffed older ones
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