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  1. In the campaign you play as Vanguard squadron for the Rebels, which is featured in Alphabet Squadron. So will feature the Loadstar, Venator with Syndulla which was her base of command as a General. So will be post ROTJ for sure.
  2. Agree, scalpers are everywhere! They buy say ten kittens, sell for stupid money, kittens come back in stock and they buy 10 more.. yet the real problem is people in the community who then pay those prices, if no one paid stupid money they wouldn't buy them all up.. thus normal stock prices would resume.
  3. Didn't know that about shields, but considering we have upgrades such as ion cannon turret and SLAM there will be builds which offer improvements over others depending what upgrades people run
  4. I reckon so, as player ships are the 'hero' ships so each one has unique upgrades, so you could possibles gain minimal shields but lose out on other choice upgrades
  5. I feel the opposite, I enjoy them more and more when I rewatch them, apart from TLJ that is garbage...
  6. That gameplay of a K turn with missiles being fired after was pure sex I won't lie
  7. Yes! Having someone with passion leading is always a great sign imo. Gameplay really has me hyped, as does creating you own pilot for single/multi player including aliens, being fully VR, and capital ship battles with destroyable hardpoints. My only niggle is B-WINGS! I would pay for that added it, as well as say a defender as a heavy fighter
  8. This is basically what the Devs said Sqaudrons will be. Nothing like Battlefront 2 for those asking. Completely different team, and different game. Eg. No auto tracking, and each ship having a unique feel it's gunna be good
  9. Thank you @PodRacer, good game all and good scumming with you @CaribbeanNinja
  10. Oh I missed jabbas kill, Sorry @The Jabbawookie seems my gut was right on you, you will be avenged
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