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  1. Thank you! Yeah, Luke and the figures to the right have yet to be highlighted and based. That's my plan for the next time I get a chance to paint. Looking forward to getting back to it.
  2. I've only painted a couple of minis before Legion, but thought I'd claim a thread of my own to share my progress. Here's my current WIP of the core box rebels. I'll post better pics when I get them done.
  3. Basylle


    I'm using Martian Ironearth for my bases and glued them on before applying the base material just to be sure they would stick. Even if they should be fine, I just didn't want to risk it.
  4. If no Impact: both cover and armor would cancel the hit. If Impact and no cover: Impact turns the hit to a crit which bypasses the armor. If Impact and cover: cover removes the hit before Impact can convert it to a crit.
  5. Also, plans change. They've said they have about two years worth of content planned. Let's say for the sake of argument that the end of that two years is releasing clones and droids. Is it really in their best interest to announce that now? What happens if they need to change their plans? I'm sure the internet would be very understanding.
  6. That is a very reasonable way to interpret what was written and probably what was intended. But it is not actually what was written as it doesn't say it is the only time the movement tool can be used. It says it is the only time the movement tool can be used against a unit leader's base. Subtle difference, but it leaves it open to interpretation and can easily be cleared up.
  7. @Weatsop, suppression is per unit, not miniature. That changes a couple of things in your post.
  8. I get where everyone is coming from and not saying I disagree, but the rule is poorly worded. As written, I can use the range ruler whenever I want. I cannot place the movement tools against a unit's leader unless that unit is activating. It is ambiguous as to whether or not I can hold the movement tool over the table at other times. A little grammar would fix that right up.
  9. I think this is very cool and would be great if you add some of the interesting moments that happen in your gameplay to their story as a developing epic of sorts.
  10. You should probably resolve Legion conflict through a game of Destiny rather than rolling dice. ... oh, wait.
  11. Yep... Details in the linked thread.
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