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  1. Dust off your T-47, it's good now, we have a new worst unit
  2. I really like this idea, but it seems impractical. I'd maybe drop an Imp Guard and a Flamesnow to throw in a Scout Sonic unit and an E Web, the E Web for some hearty support fire from the rear and the scout for close range black dice and, of course, bombs to deny certain routes into the infantry maw
  3. Yo this thread was predicting the future
  4. I'd suggest 2:4 composition, 2 being the new corps. They're both good at close range, and anti-trooper, so I'd use them to secure objectives or deny an area an area from the enemy. Neither are great against vehicles, though, while the Starter Troopers are decent against them, so consider that. At this point, though, holding objectives will help you more than killing everyone else.
  5. I love all of the character you put into a simple Lambda-Aces list. I like the aesthetic and I think you should do some sort of story blog about Shuttle 2515 and her escort.
  6. Always a pleasure to be scrolling through a repaint forum and find good 'ol Barry Harker
  7. I was going to be mad at you for impersonating Barry Harker until I checked the name. Hah. Just got off of reading your amazing forum and was leery
  8. Looking at a neat dodge/mitigation based list. "Countdown" Lightweight Frame 22 Total "Dark Curse" 16 Total Commander Kenkirk Draw Their Fire Ysanne Isaard Palpatine Engine Upgrade 61 Total Dark Curse naturally avoids token usage, and Countdown could take 80 hits and mitigate it to 1. Kenkirk is designed to suck up as many hits and keep trucking. Thoughts?
  9. Initiative. Use the last point for initiative.
  10. Kylo Ren is a step above useless. Use a different three point crew to power up Rex
  11. I had two thoughts for what to do with my Striker. Should I make it a Glaive/Royal Guard red, or should I give it Saber Squadron Stripes? After all, if Black Squadron gets Strikers, why can't Saber?
  12. For a second I thought you made that Protectorate Starfighter into some sort of Geonosian Starfighter needle ship
  13. A list I was tinkering with had 13 points to spare. My ships were fully upgraded, except munitions. So I was thinking, what's better filler? An Academy Pilot with Twin Ion Engines, or an Obsidian Squadron Pilot? Twin Ions only make three banks green. An Academy gets Predator'd like no one's business, but PS 1 lets it block well. An extra green move might make him very slightly more survivable than an Obsidian, but not much, and what good is a lone Academy Pilot? Bank three is one of my least used moves, anyways. Obsidian Squadron flies better with my Lt. Cozlett and is immune to Predator. He'd also be able to use my Howlrunner more than an Academy, probably, because he'd shoot before most generics, unlike Academy's PS 1. PS 3 isn't that good though. Thoughts?
  14. I got the impression that the sensors on the Death Star would have been pretty good, as they were able to detect a YT 1300 jumping out of hyperspace and tractor beam it. That ship was supposed to be pretty fast. I think that the Death Star would have been able to catch on to the Rebel's scheme, and then tractor beam U-Wings to destroy them with turbolasers, or have boarding forces ready. Speaking of, pretty sure once the Death Star caught wind of Rebel Dropships approaching the Death Star, they'd have stormtroopers in the docking bays. I don't think it could happen. Great scenario, though!
  15. Sigma Squadron Pilot (25 Points) Collision Detector (Free) Lightweight Frame (2 Points) Rebel Captive (3 Points) You're now running a 30 point A-Wing with four attack dice and stressing the first guy who shoots at you every time. Unless you're fighting TIEs, Sycks, Miranda, Z-95s, or a bare HWK. Then you only have two dice.
  16. "Backdraft" with A Score To Settle isn't the dumbest idea
  17. Running Redline with just one set of munitions is a mistake. FCS basically means that after your two shots, you're just rolling two attack dice with a pretty good chance of hits most turns.
  18. I'd keep Guri. She's a neat ship who doesn't see much play.
  19. Anyone care to share a few thoughts? http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/696106/4-lom-the-biggies-the-iggies-and-the-sickies Notes-Plan is for IG-88 B to fly with the Sycks and 4-LOM, while the other IGs would fly as interceptors. C-ROC would stay near them all.
  20. Every ship in proper Wave 10 had a condition card. No ships in Wave 11 do. Is this FFG giving up on conditions? If not, why are there no more in this wave? Thoughts?
  21. A wooden ship is supposed to have armor, but this massive plated Decimator isn't it?
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