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  1. You not approving of it doesn't mean no one else does, or that no one else is free to run their games exactly as they choose.
  2. I've really never found a time or place when a "screen wipe" worked. It just feels jarring to me, like something that works well on screen but is awkward and clunky on paper when you're encouraged to describe it to the players. That being said pacing is a difficult issue, especially if you're playing online. You really need to pick up on tones or facial expressions to tell when your players just want things to move along. However, making everything too fast can be just as bad, confusing the players and making them feel rushed. Gauge how your players feel about a scene as best as you can. Lots of pauses and "umm"s usually means you need to get things moving. If they're engrossed in roleplay and talking and laughing, let them. You may even get ideas on the fly from how they interact with the scene and each other to make it deeper and more interesting than you first planned!
  3. Mission or quest complications are almost always great for roleplay, and it can be insanely entertaining to see what solutions a party will come up. Be hard but fair about it and you can't go wrong.
  4. People like to roleplay. I really can't stand behind the idea that people shouldn't be able to play who they want because of, like I said way back in this very same topic, personal politics or thoughts on how things should be. It's their game and they can play however they like, equivocations and all.
  5. The idea of the war itself should be a big factor. If you're using too easy of combat scenarios and/or making all the Rebel and Imperial characters un-interactable redshirts and statblocks, that would be the problem. It isn't as difficult as you might think to make a dire tone of things. Music, ambient sounds, and visual references for wartorn cityscapes can really nail it.
  6. To be entirely honest, all of that seems like your own point of view and preferences, which shouldn't be expressed as the ultimatum of what everyone else should view and experience Star Wars as. Whether you're correct, incorrect, or in-between about the topic is irrelevant to the point that other players may want a book for their own games and own experiences, which if they differ from yours does not make them wrong in the way they enjoy or look at Star Wars, and to be clear neither are you wrong yourself for the same reasons.
  7. This is how I see it. I feel like the folks saying that something like this shouldn't be done because of politics are seriously simplifying what in actuality is a pretty complex, dense conflict. If you think every Imperial is a moustache-twisting supervillain and every Rebel is a shining virtuous superhero, that's just not how it is. There are heroes and villains on both sides. With that said I do understand the people saying Disney wouldn't let it fly given the possibility of a bad reaction in a knee-jerk climate. When there are people who will genuinely call you an evil monster for having political disagreements and become vocally outraged over it for example, as a company it's an unfortunate necessity to be careful with what you do. It isn't right, but it's reality.
  8. On one hand I'm hyped for the release, but I'm also worried about the upcoming release schedule. I know that the RPG line hasn't been nearly as profitable as Armada, X-Wing, and Legion, and I know that, if I were in charge of a company and wanted to make a profit, working more on the unprofitable line wouldn't be what I'd do, even if said RPG line is better than any for the genre that came before it. Profitability of the product > quality of the product.
  9. To each their own I suppose. I just think a book like that should be made regardless of politics.
  10. Personal politics, whatever yours may be, don't really matter in this case. It's a game. Play it however, and play whomever, you want.
  11. It's unfortunate, but it's not like we don't have the framework to make droid characters. Rolling up a droid and giving them a military career is all you gotta do for a typical CIS soldier, or a soldier or EotE character who supports the Confederacy. Still a little disappointing, but it looks good otherwise.
  12. I think it'd be a good seller, but like others have said I don't know if it'd be all that necessary. The core rules can easily be repurposed for Imperial games already, and even before Rise of the Separatists people have used AoR for Clone Wars games too. Still, the more splats the better. The Imperial side of things getting equally fleshed out would be nice.
  13. I don't like Disney either, but it's not like the old Expanded Universe was perfect either. Surely he can be convinced to ignore the stuff he doesn't like and run his game in his Star Wars.
  14. I follow the mindset of the Republic being a heavily corrupted entity in its own right, with Sidious being the lighter to a prefilled keg and the Empire being better in some ways, worse in others, and ultimately a positive by comparison. The Separatist movement and the rise of a New Order were natural reactions to what the Republic had become, and I think with or without Palpatine it wasn't going to last much longer than it already did. Yet, it's the one thing tying all three "overthrow" groups. The Confederacy, the Rebellion, the Empire; all were built on the idea of bringing back glory days that in reality never existed, but through the fantasy idea of a perfect government that everyone in the galaxy's happy with they all tried to make that reality themselves. Not that the Republic didn't have its good traits, though.
  15. I managed to grab the Whisper Base map in question. Needed some photoshop touch-up, but it works fine. True though, it's a system where you don't necessarily need maps.
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