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  1. Galakk Fyyar

    Rise of the Separtist's release date?

    On one hand I'm hyped for the release, but I'm also worried about the upcoming release schedule. I know that the RPG line hasn't been nearly as profitable as Armada, X-Wing, and Legion, and I know that, if I were in charge of a company and wanted to make a profit, working more on the unprofitable line wouldn't be what I'd do, even if said RPG line is better than any for the genre that came before it. Profitability of the product > quality of the product.
  2. Galakk Fyyar

    Imperial Navy Core Rulebook?

    To each their own I suppose. I just think a book like that should be made regardless of politics.
  3. Galakk Fyyar

    Imperial Navy Core Rulebook?

    Personal politics, whatever yours may be, don't really matter in this case. It's a game. Play it however, and play whomever, you want.
  4. Galakk Fyyar

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    It's unfortunate, but it's not like we don't have the framework to make droid characters. Rolling up a droid and giving them a military career is all you gotta do for a typical CIS soldier, or a soldier or EotE character who supports the Confederacy. Still a little disappointing, but it looks good otherwise.
  5. Galakk Fyyar

    Imperial Navy Core Rulebook?

    I think it'd be a good seller, but like others have said I don't know if it'd be all that necessary. The core rules can easily be repurposed for Imperial games already, and even before Rise of the Separatists people have used AoR for Clone Wars games too. Still, the more splats the better. The Imperial side of things getting equally fleshed out would be nice.
  6. Galakk Fyyar

    Our GM has no Hope!

    I don't like Disney either, but it's not like the old Expanded Universe was perfect either. Surely he can be convinced to ignore the stuff he doesn't like and run his game in his Star Wars.
  7. Galakk Fyyar

    How Corrupt Was Your Republic?

    I follow the mindset of the Republic being a heavily corrupted entity in its own right, with Sidious being the lighter to a prefilled keg and the Empire being better in some ways, worse in others, and ultimately a positive by comparison. The Separatist movement and the rise of a New Order were natural reactions to what the Republic had become, and I think with or without Palpatine it wasn't going to last much longer than it already did. Yet, it's the one thing tying all three "overthrow" groups. The Confederacy, the Rebellion, the Empire; all were built on the idea of bringing back glory days that in reality never existed, but through the fantasy idea of a perfect government that everyone in the galaxy's happy with they all tried to make that reality themselves. Not that the Republic didn't have its good traits, though.
  8. Galakk Fyyar


    I managed to grab the Whisper Base map in question. Needed some photoshop touch-up, but it works fine. True though, it's a system where you don't necessarily need maps.
  9. Galakk Fyyar

    An Imperial Core Rulebook?

    Don't see the third issue there, but the first one is easily solved. Give some reason as to why the Empire isn't using its military might. Strong as it is they still know restraint, and they also can't be everywhere at once in the big, big, big galaxy. There's no reason a few regiments and an ISD flotilla would be out in the middle of nowhere, but maybe there's a reason an Imperial party would be. Your second point is good though. Honestly, AoR works fine for Imperial games, and there's even an Imperial Duty chart out there. Personally, on what's honestly personal bias, Fantasy Flight's moved on to the Disney iteration of canon, which I'm not very much interested in, so I'm fine with the old mateiral.
  10. Galakk Fyyar


    Anyone got a good source of Star Wars battlemaps? Some have been posted around here that I can't find anymore, like Whisper Base, and with Pinterest being possibly the clunkiest thing ever made, it's really tough to find maps that aren't very low-res.
  11. Galakk Fyyar

    Alternative Auto Fire suggestion

    A lot of people forget the Auto-Fire problem goes both ways. It almost feels like a necessity to houserule on it, either because one of your players is taking down multiple minion groups a turn or because your minions are instantly killing players on a single good roll with Auto-Fire. Before I started houseruling on it I was terrified of giving any NPCs Auto-Fire weapons. It's no fun for the GM to have all his combat encounters get rolled over and it's definitely no fun for the party when they get TPK'd because a group of pirates happened to bring their automatic weapons that day.
  12. Galakk Fyyar

    Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    Agreed. I've been wanting more love for the generic specializations for some time now.
  13. So is Fantasy Flight definitely sticking to the new line of canon for the rest of their books? If so, I gotta admit that it's a shame. I like how the books we've got don't really go one way or the other in regards to Legends or Canon. I guess you can always pick anyway, but it was still nice.
  14. This is disappointing if it's true. It's easy enough to ignore if you're not set on strictly following the new line of canon for your games, but it's still a disappointment if Bothans are getting removed or reworked from the ground up. They're quite iconic and played such a big role in many stories, and if they're reprinting new books to cut them out then it's all the more worth it to hold on to the old copies. I'm a little curious too what they'll replace them with or turn them into.
  15. Galakk Fyyar

    Force positive, not a Jedi.

    It can be fun to make up or let players create their own Force traditions and beliefs that they follow. It's a big world after all and I'm sure there's stuff out there that nothing's ever covered, so creativity can run free. FaD I believe does already have information on playing a non-Jedi Force user as well as a Dark Force user, so all you've got to do is fit that around the character however way you like.