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    ShoutingMan got a reaction from stonestokes in Small Ships with Critical Black Dice   
    TRC + Need sounds good. Will try. I think i passed over that initially, just not paying attention and having not use it. Plus +1 Red Dice broadsides seemed to be good and fits with Screed Ordnance vs QLT: My thinking esp. on Instigator was to use him as anti-squadron, locking down possible squadron furball. QLT would help him do his job and maybe survive locking down bombers. And the other guy Impetuous honestly I was keeping ships similar to simplify my fleet to make life a bit easier. I have to think on this. Ordnance Experts on GSD: I normally use them. But I've got Screed, so I don't specifically need to fish for grits. And I've automatically put Engine Tech on GSD every time I fly them, even post-nerf. So I'll take off ET and put on OE. If I fish a crit I don't have to spend a dice to Screed a crit External Racks: I don't have that upgrade Big fan of Ciena+Valen since learning about the duo a few months ago. But they're a 30pt combo, and I had only 25 at initial build. I also found the if my opponent gets the jump on me, he can lock them down individually and they die much faster. If I end up freeing more points, I'll look again at the squadrons. I'd like to try something besides C+V to explore.   
    I was staring at Hyperspace Assault, and then flipped back to Fleet Ambush for some reason...synaptic misfire... Exactly what you say happened to my opponent recently: He bid low, named me first player, I picked FA from him, then put a Quasar and Bombers out there and got some good initial clobbering on his AF. HA lets me float a GSD and squads until opportunity arises. I considered 4x APT. But I've only got two cards. I could ask my friend to borrow two more, but I thought I'd just go with a pair of ACM on Raiders. It's interesting that you find they don't mix. I guess I want to learn that lesson for myself. Ozzel: I flew him a couple times before I got Jerjerrod. I didn't find his speed jumping as useful as I expected. With a fleet of fast flyers, I can imagine some benefits. I know I need guaranteed Criticals to make use of my small armaments and APT / ACM upgrades. I can load out Ordnance Experts, and trade in Ozzel over Screed as a hopeful balance. I need to think on this You're giving some good advice I'm probably going to ignore. For game logistics I'm not really wanting to find ways to increase my fighter screens or add Gozantis at the moment. I'm a slow player and am trying to speed up my game playing. Having a simpler, smaller fleet I think helps right me work on game play. Adding more squadrons and more activation works against that. The next fleet I want to play after this is probably a Quasar + 2xGoz + Rhymer type affair. 
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    ShoutingMan reacted to stonestokes in Small Ships with Critical Black Dice   
    Also, unless you are really attached to Screed, I think Ozzel might be a better fit for this fleet. Here's what I came up with. There are 6 points you could put back in if you want to (which is exactly enough to go back to Screed).
    [ Flagship ] Arquitens Light Cruiser (54)
    * Admiral Ozzel (20)
    * Captain Needa (2)
    * TRC (7)
    Ship Total = 83
    Gladiator I (56)
    * Ordnance Experts (4)
    * APT (5)
    Ship Total = 65
    Gladiator I (56)
    * Ordnance Experts (4)
    * APT (5)
    * Demolisher (10)
    Ship Total = 75
    Raider I (44)
    * Ordnance Experts (4)
    * External Racks (3)
    Ship Total = 51
    Raider I (44)
    * Ordnance Experts (4)
    * External Racks (3)
    Ship Total = 51
    Gozanti Cruiser (23)
    Ship Total = 23
    * Ciena Ree (17)
    * Valen Rudor (13)
    * 2x TIE Fighter (16)
    Squadrons Total = 46
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    ShoutingMan reacted to stonestokes in Small Ships with Critical Black Dice   
    @ShoutingMan : It looks great. Here are my thoughts:
    TRC on the Arquitens might be better than Enhanced Armament. If you do that, add Needa. The Raiders want Ordnance Experts. They are much better for you than Quad Laser Turrets. The Gladiators really want Ordnance Experts. With the nerf on Gladiator, I think it is less important to have Engine Techs on it now. Dropping both Engine Techs saves you 16 points. Personally, I prefer External Racks on my Raiders, because I never get more than one good shot off with them anyway — they are usually either dead or speeding away badly hurt. External Racks will save you points and have a higher burst damage potential than ACM. If you can manage a double arc, then ACM will be better, so I guess it comes down to how you fly them. Another consideration: ExRax can be used against squadrons as well. If you have Cienna Ree and Valen Rudor, they will probably work better for you as a small fighter screen than 4 TIE Fighters. Though, honestly, neither is much of a speed bump. The Raider titles will help. Alternatively, if you drop one of the titles (or Hand of Justice) and the changes above I think you can afford Cienna Ree, Valen Rudor, and 2 TIE Fighters squadrons. Or you could put those points and the points from Engine Techs into a Gozanti, to run your squadrons for you. I think you will find dual Raider + dual GSD to be a lot of fun to fly.
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    ShoutingMan reacted to Drasnighta in Shooting at ships when Heavy is engaged by Heavy   
    The ONLY time it screws you up, is when the enemy is able to move into a position where they Engage your bombers, but at the same time, are not within Distance 1 of Jan.

    But even then, all you need to do is then move Jan, because Jan cannot be locked down by Squadron Engagement...  The only thing that specifically stops an Intel equipped ship from Moving...  Is Instigator.
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    ShoutingMan reacted to Vergilius in A disturbance in the force   
    Rieekan 2+3:   Two combat ships, almost always gallant haven and yavaris plus three flotillas.  Rieekan as commander.
    The second number after the plus indicates the number of flotillas.  So ISD + 4 is 4 flotillas.
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    ShoutingMan got a reaction from Darth Max in How long does it take to play a casual game? 4-5h?   
    I've got the same question as the OP. I've been playing casually for two years and still it takes 5 hours for a complete game: set up, play, and tear down. I've gotten lots of helpful comments recently on the matter. But basically it all comes down to: Play fast.
    Last game, I set a two-minute timer on my phone and used it to help move towards a two hour game play. What it revealed is that the beginning is fast, but needs to be faster still: My sense is I need to deploy ships with little in-game planning, and execute Round 1 almost automatically. Because in Rounds 4 and 5, everything is crashing together (literally, the way I play with Jerjerrod), and every activation slows down to five to ten minutes. I have to save time up front to use in the later rounds, and also speed up the important tactical play.
    I also got the recommendation to record (audio, for simplicity) the game, so I could review afterwards to hear where I was getting bogged down and on what issues, so I could work on those specifically.
    Next game: 3-min timer (I need to be more realistic) and maybe record the game for later review. And maybe one day I'll replay a fleet to take advantage of flight experience.
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    ShoutingMan reacted to Valca in How long does it take to play a casual game? 4-5h?   
    Others have mentioned set up time.  OP, are you including setup time in your 4-5 hours?  Because if so, you can easily shave a good chunk of time by having a small box which has all of the cards, models, dice, dials, rules, lasers, tokens, and squadrons you need for that specific fleet.  This box *only* contains exactly what your fleet needs, nothing more. 
    I have a small $5 sewing box picked up from Walmart that can hold 2 ISDs, so plenty of space for almost any fleet I build.  It has trays where I can stack the ship cards + upgrades so all I have to do is pull out the stack and basically spread it out on the table.  Setup can take as little as 5 minutes this way.
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    ShoutingMan reacted to Darth Max in How long does it take to play a casual game? 4-5h?   
    Hi guys,
    I have been playing with my old man for about a year now and we still cannot get under the 3h30mins threshold to finish a casual game with 400 points unless it was a really bad beating at the start. I mean most games take in between 4 to 5 hours...
    I guess we kind of still spend a lot of time making sure we agree on all rules while we play (I mean he is a bit older and slower, but it shouldn't slow us down that much)...
    I believe that we spend a lot of time on the squadron "mini-game", which I find brings a lot of good stuff to the game, but really makes it longer. Our squadron mini-game is accentuated because we both tend to load up on ace squadrons to protect ourselves from the opposing man's bombing capabilities. It does offer a very "Star wars" experience though to have squadrons being so important.
    Do you guys have similar experiences?
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    ShoutingMan got a reaction from racknut in Accretion in Game Design   
    Definitely an aspect: I'm flying new fleets every game, often with new ships and/or upgrades for first time. Every game is new. And there's often a moment still in every game were we stop and say "Hey, does it do this or that with Upgrade X? We better check the forums!"
    And that last game, I realized that Armada is a different experience when you are moving faster, and making faster decisions. I liked it, it's more dramatic. And strategic mistakes can happen, that's also thrilling in its way.
    Hope to play more in 2018, to get faster and so play more more.
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    ShoutingMan got a reaction from Yosh6314 in Accretion in Game Design   
    I pre-pack everything.  I have a cheap toolbox for all hardware. I separate out ships and squadrons, and get their bases and shields set.
    I pull all necessary tokens and dials and identifiers needed and put them in a plastic bag.
    I have a 3-ring binder with card-keeper sheets for all cards. I consolidate cards and objectives for the fleet in extra pages. 
    For me, this helps speed my in-game prep time. It also forces a pre-game fleet review to avoid requiring a card I don’t have or letting my opponent I need to borrow a spare APT.
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    ShoutingMan reacted to Norsehound in How do you practice when you don't have anyone to play with?   
    Try reducing your games to 225 maximum points and play on an X-Wing 3x3. The more I play the smaller "task force" or "Patrol"(as I call it) format, the more I think you get the same experience in Armada in far less time (an hour per game).
    Moreover because you have fewer ships and more time to get more games in, you can practice with equipment/ships and the basics of Armada. Playing both sides with fewer ships, you can practice what works and what doesn't.
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    ShoutingMan reacted to Drasnighta in Accretion in Game Design   
    As you get more familiar with Upgrades, upgrade speed just...  happens...  You take less time, but that is certainly a factor of practice - without practice, it doesn't improve
    We've gotten to the point that @LegionOfBOOM and I smash through 6-7 games in an 10 hour period, including list building in between games (as we only start with 1-2 read to go  )
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    ShoutingMan reacted to kmanweiss in Accretion in Game Design   
    FFG did a poor job of handling this problem with X-wing.  Power creep, expensive repaints to get useful cards to make old stuff good again, etc.
    They are doing a much better job of handling it with Armada.
    Books and codex systems don't work well for a game like Armada.  The stats are right there on the cards and cardboard.  It's really no different than paying for errata.
    What might work, and would actually be nice (as it would solve other issues they have also) is errata reprints.  Stick all the non-plastic stuff in a pack the size of most trading card packs you see in stores, stick a $5 tag on it, call it a day.  This fixes 3 problems at once and is entirely optional.  Lost or damage products?  Buy the $5 errata pack and replace those items.  Tired of using the old version of cards and having to refer to the ever expanding errata?  Buy the $5 errata pack and replace the old with the new.  Tired of having to search Ebay for that rare upgrade and you don't want to be 2 more AFMk2 expansion packs?  Pick up 2 errata packs instead!  None of this stuff would be mandatory, but it would be optional and any loss in duplicate expansion sales for rare upgrades would be more than compensated for by the purchasing of all the errata packs.
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    ShoutingMan reacted to ISD Avenger in Dual VSD, Dual Gladiator?   
    I’ve played 2vic, 2 glads. I’m still pretty green and although I lost the mission if it were a fight to the death I would have won.
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    ShoutingMan reacted to BrobaFett in Dual VSD, Dual Gladiator?   
    They work great together i play Warlord, H9, Leading Shots, Dis Cap, Gunnery Team. Leading shots any misses, h9 a hit to double hit vs ships or guarentee the kill on a flotilla.
    Gunnery Teams lets you hit 2 ships or flak and hit ships in the same arc so they cant hide in an arc.
    Its kind of a glass cannon so you have to support it, but it's balanced offensively and puts out a lot of hate. While Kallus doesnt do anything against generics, generics ALSO dont have tokens and are therfore generally already more susciptible to flak. 
    Kallus Glad-II's are dangerous as well, for 2 blue and a black flak with oe rerolls on the black. Overall the double chance at an acc helps push damage against scatters.
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    ShoutingMan reacted to BrobaFett in Dual VSD, Dual Gladiator?   
    Warlord Kallus H9 or Glad-IIs can help cover the squad weakness, if you have the points.
    Its a big investment, but warlord H9 can add a red dice with Kallus then turn a red hit, crit into an acc with h9 and then accs into a double hit with Warlord for (hopefully) either 2 dmg with an acc or 3 dmg vs all squads in arc. It's usually enough of a deterrent when stacked with other AA that squads have to stay arms length.
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    ShoutingMan reacted to MandalorianMoose in Dual VSD, Dual Gladiator?   
    What about this? As you mentioned you will struggle vs heavy bombers, but hopefully with the dcaps and Gunnery teams you could pop some flotillas or even small/medium carriers before they do too much damage
    2 Vic 2 Glad (398/400)
    Commander: Moff Jerjerrod
    [flagship] Victory II-class Star Destroyer (85)
     - Moff Jerjerrod (23)
     - Leading Shots (4)
     - Disposable Capacitors (3)
     - Quad Battery Turrets (5)
     - Gunnery Team (7)
    = 127 total points
    Victory II-class Star Destroyer (85)
     - Leading Shots (4)
     - Disposable Capacitors (3)
     - Quad Battery Turrets (5)
     - Gunnery Team (7)
    = 104 total points
    Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer (56)
     - Demolisher (10)
     - Assault Proton Torpedoes (5)
     - Engine Techs (8)
     - Ordnance Experts (4)
    = 83 total points
    Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer (56)
     - Insidious (3)
     - Assault Proton Torpedoes (5)
     - Ordnance Experts (4)
    = 68 total points
    Squadrons (16/134):
    2x Tie Fighter Squadron (16)
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    ShoutingMan reacted to JJs Juggernaut in Mauler Mithel - any benefit without Intel or similar?   
    Indeed. As both Ard and Dras mentioned, the idea is about initial damage, followed by flight controller  powered defenders. You should be able to take down several squads with that alpha. The scatter on Mauler helps him live longer, and he tends to draw fire, which means your harder hitting defenders get more time to continue to punch through their squads. In the case Mauler is surviving, you can then activate the defenders first the next round and hopefully finish off the squads Mauler was engaged with, then move Mauler to new targets. The idea is to use the 60ish points of squads to at least earn their points back in opponent's squads. 
    Disclaimer: I've never tried this fleet, so maybe it's just bad... 
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    ShoutingMan reacted to Ardaedhel in Mauler Mithel - any benefit without Intel or similar?   
    You're not playing it wrong. 
    Mauler is worth his points in many scenarios even without Intel/Chiraneau:  his AOE damage is dealt when he becomes engaged, so if you catch enough targets in that one move, he can put out some pretty insane amounts of damage (albeit distributed, not targeted).  Also works if you can manage to drop him in the middle of a bunch of heavy squadrons, or break engagement other ways like overlapping with a ship or moving an obstacle in with Navigational Hazards.  Most of the time, though, you're only going to get that initial drop.  Still works well if your plan for dealing with enemy squadrons is mostly flak, which is also large amounts of distributed damage.
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    ShoutingMan reacted to Drasnighta in Mauler Mithel - any benefit without Intel or similar?   
    Initial damage on movement in... Then Scatter makes the survival  difference, basically.
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    ShoutingMan reacted to Ardaedhel in Casual player, rules/play questions   
    Yeah, I don't envy the learning curve new players have to go through who are just picking up this game now. It was easy coming in at W1 and learning everything bit by bit as it came out, but trying to digest all the stuff at once is a lot.
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    ShoutingMan reacted to Ginkapo in Casual player, rules/play questions   
    You are correct, playing new things helps as you dont get suprised by new interactions as often if you do this.
    The biggest difference is to start recognising when in game decisions arent important and making quick judgements rather than deliberating on every decision. Its not easy, but this is the cultural change required to speed up that much.
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    ShoutingMan reacted to Drasnighta in Snipe, counter and Valen Rudor.   
    No Worries, I got you here
    A regular Attack is an Attack
    Snipe Attack is an Attack
    Counter Attack is an Attack
    None of those can target Rudor if you are engaged with someone else.
    And you can only counter the person who attacked you - so if Rudor attacks you, and you have counter, and you're Engaged by someone else (even if they're heavy!) - You cannot counter attack Valen Rudor.  The counter-attack just fails. Doesn't happen.
    If the other person attacks you, you can totally counter them.  But only them.  You do not get to choose an alternate target - Counter can only target the person who attacked you.

    There's a reason why Valen has that ****-eating Grin
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    ShoutingMan reacted to Green Knight in Valen Rudor and Counter   
    It applies to Counter.
    Counter is an Attack, that's what's important.
    So Valen is another way of ignoring counter.
    Team him with IG-88, then laugh.
    (that's why he's grinning when his picture was taken)
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    ShoutingMan reacted to DiabloAzul in Glossary of Armada slang & abbreviations   
    People new to this forum can sometimes find the slang and abbreviations somewhat obscure. Here's a list of the most commonly used ones:
    AA (or AAA): Anti-aircraft artillery, i.e. anti-squadron, generally referring to a ship's dice. See also AS. Ackbar Slash: A tactic consisting in rushing through an opponent's battle line while firing both broadsides. Ace Holes: A successful fleet build archetype relying on General Rieekan and numerous Rebel unique squadrons.  ACM: Assault Concussion Missiles upgrade card. AF2 (or AFII, AFMK2, AFMKII): Assault Frigate Mark II. See also Guppy, Potato, RAF and Whale. AFFM: All Fighters, Follow Me! upgrade card. AP: Advanced Projectors upgrade card. APT: Assault Proton Torpedoes upgrade card. AS (or A/S): Anti-squadron, generally referring to a ship's dice. See also AA.   BCC: Bomber Command Center upgrade card. BT: Boarding Troopers upgrade card. BTA (or BTAvenger, BTVenger): An Imperial-class Star Destroyer equipped with both the Boarding Troopers and Avenger upgrade cards.   CAP: Combat Air Patrol, referring to starfighter squadrons deployed as a screen against enemy squadrons. Chirpy: Admiral Chiraneau. CF: Concentrate Fire command. Clonisher: A successful fleet build designed by forum member Clontrooper5 around Demolisher.   DC (or DCaps): Disposable Capacitors upgrade card. DCO: Damage Control Officer upgrade card. DeMSU: Demolisher and Multiple Small Units, referring to a fleet build. Double Tap: Two attacks in quick succession against a target by a single unit; usually enabled by cards such as Yavaris or Han Solo, or by numerical superiority for the first player. See also Triple Tap. DTT: Dual Turbolaser Turrets upgrade card.   EA: Enhanced Armament upgrade card. Edsel-Blerg Theory: An observation on the rocks-paper-scissors-like effect of squadrons in fleet builds. ECM: Electronic Countermeasures upgrade card. EF: Entrapment Formation! upgrade card. ET: normally, Engine Techs upgrade card.   FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions document. FC: normally, Flight Controllers upgrade card, although sometimes refers to Flight Commander instead. FCT: normally, Fighter Coordination Team upgrade card, although sometimes refers to Fire Control Team instead. FFG: Fantasy Flight Games. Fireball: A bomber formation consisting of Major Rhymer closely surrounded by a number of Firespray-31 bombers. See also Rhymerball. FLGS: Friendly Local Games Store. See also LGS. FT: Flechette Torpedoes upgrade card.   GenCon Special: A squadronless fleet build based on a VSD and three GSDs, very successful during the wave-2 era. Glad: Gladiator-class Star Destroyer. GSD: Gladiator-class Star Destroyer. See also Glad. Guppy: Assault Frigate Mark II. See also AF2, RAF, Potato and Whale.   HH: Hammerhead Corvette. HMC80: Home One-type MC80 Cruiser. Contrast LMC80. HTT: Heavy Turbolaser Turrets upgrade card.   IF: Intensify Firepower! upgrade card. IFF: Intensify Forward Firepower podcast dedicated to Armada. Interdoctor: An Interdictor set up specifically to assist the operation of another ship, generally through judicious use of its high Engineering Value and Projection Experts. IO: Intel Officer. ISD: Imperial-class Star Destroyer. ISD-C and ISD-K refer to the Cymoon-1 and Kuat Refit variants respectively.   JJ (or Jerry): Moff Jerjerrod. See also Moffy J.   LGS: Local Game Store. See also FLGS. Lifeboat: A flotilla equipped with the fleet commander, typically refusing to engage the enemy. No longer legal as of the latest errata update. LMC80: Liberty-type MC80 Cruiser. Contrast HMC80. See also MC80L. LOS: Line of sight. LTP: Learn To Play document summarising the basic rules of Armada.   Meta: The current local or global strategic trends, such as predominant fleet archetypes. MC80L: Liberty-type MC80 Cruiser. See also LMC80 and HMC80. MM: Mon Mothma. Moffy J: Moff Jerjerrod. See also JJ. Motti Factor (or Motti Scale): A measure of fleet robustness, calculated by adding 1 point per small ship, 2 per medium ship, and 3 per large ship in the fleet. MOV: Margin Of Victory, generally used in the context of tournament scoring. MSU: Multiple (or Many) Small Units, referring to a fleet build. Also known as DeMSU when Demolisher is present.   Naked: A ship with no upgrades. Neb: Nebulon-B Frigate.   OE: Ordnance Experts upgrade card. OP: May refer to the original post(er) in a thread, to an overpowered card or ability, or to the Overload Pulse upgrade card. OS: Opening Salvo objective card.   Pickle: Home One-type MC80 cruiser. Potato (or space potato): Assault Frigate Mark II. See also AF2, Guppy and Whale. Proc (or proccing): To trigger a special ability or other game effect requiring specific conditions to activate. For example, Swarm procs when attacking an engaged squadron.   QBT: Quad Battery Turrets upgrade card. QLT: Quad Laser Turrets upgrade card. QTC: Quad Turbolaser Cannons upgrade card.   RAF: Rebel Assault Frigate, aka Assault Frigate Mark II. See also AF2, Guppy, Potato and Whale. RAI: Rules As Intended, i.e. what the rules were designed to do. Compare with RAW. RAW: Rules As Written, i.e. what the rules actually do. Compare with RAI. RBD: Reinforced Blast Doors upgrade card. RLB: Rapid Launch Bays upgrade card. RNG: Random Number Generator. May refer to dice, cards, software or any other way of randomising results. RRG: Rules Reference Guide document. Rhymer ball: A bomber formation consisting of Major Rhymer closely surrounded by a number of other squadrons. See also Fireball.   SFO: Skilled First Officer upgrade card. Shrimp: MC30c Frigate. SSD: Super Star Destroyer, often specifically referring to an Executor-class ship.  StM: Shields to Maximum! upgrade card. SWA: Star Wars Armada. SWM20: A legendary ghost ship. Alternatively, the SKU for an as yet unreleased Armada product. See also SSD.   Tabling (as in to table someone): Destroying all of their ships, often resulting in a 10-1 win. TFA: Task Force Antilles upgrade card. TFO: Task Force Organa upgrade card. TRC: Turbolaser Reroute Circuits upgrade card. TRC90: CR90 Corvette equipped with Turbolaser Reroute Circuits. Triple Tap: Three attacks in quick succession against a target by a single unit; usually enabled by Demolisher in combination with numerical superiority. See also Double Tap.   VSD: Victory-class Star Destroyer.   WAB: Wide-Area Barrage upgrade card. Whale (or space whale): Assault Frigate Mark II. See also AF2, Guppy, Potato and RAF.  
    Terms scheduled for deletion:
    CW: Clone Wars era. See also GCW, OT, PT, TFA, TCW. GCW: Galactic Civil War era. See also CW, OT, PT, TFA. OT: Original Trilogy, i.e. Episodes IV-VI.  See also CW, GCW, PT, TFA. PT: Prequel Trilogy, i.e. Episodes I-III.  See also CW, GCW, OT, TFA. TCW: The Clone Wars animated TV series. See also CW. TFA: The Force Awakens, i.e. Episode VII. See also CW, GCW, OT, PT. Ugly: Scurrg H-6 bomber. Can also refer to starfighters cobbled together from parts. VVV (also VVG, VGG, etc): Fleet comprised of a specific combination of Victory-class and/or Gladiator-class Star Destroyers.    
    Please let me know if I've missed anything! I will also try to keep this updated as our local language evolves, e.g. when new cards enter the meta.
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