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  1. Thanks. Any tips are appreciated! Next weekend I expect to be digging into Vassal further and maybe even trying to play games (maybe sooner). Any tips on making it usable on a Mac would be helpful! Both my regular opponent and I are Mac users for home / fun use.
  2. My confusion is there is no macOS system shortcut using Control-Right Arrow or Control-Left Arrow. But I can't hotkey command the Vassal nav tool rotations. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201236
  3. I deactivated Ctrl Left Arrow, for example , which trigger Expose (window management) and enabled speed change or something like that. But I can't figure out how to get Nav Tool rotations to work from the keyboard. I'll try to dig around some more for other Mac commands that might be confusing the Vassal system.
  4. I tried the Command and other modifier keys to no success. It's a bummer if they don't work. Not having quick access to navigation tool shortcuts will really slow the game down.
  5. Any macOS players of Vassal that can point to keyboard shortcut reference list for Vassal? So far, some quick keys work and some don't. It seems the CTRL-Arrow commands don't work for me.
  6. Thanks. I'll delete that graphics pack. I followed the SWAE video 1 and got it installed, setup (ignoring all the stuff about using WINRAR to extract and add graphics packs and whatnot), running, and watched a minute of someone's game. I don't know what's changed, but it's already working much better than it did a year ago. No bugs or crashing with Vassal on my iMac. Now to watch Video 2 to maybe learn the rudiments of setting up a game.
  7. I'm trying to install Vassal and the Armada module for the first time. What of these files do I need to download? 3.12 Files ArmadaModule_-_3.12.0.vmod ArmadaExtension_AltMapSizesPack_2.5.1.vmdx ArmadaExtension_MapPack_2.5.0.vmdx 3.10 Files Armada_graphics_pack_v3.10.0.zip Are there any other tutorials besides the SWAE videos? I've got that queued up. But maybe there's something written too? (I've tried to install Vassal on my Mac before with no success. Last time, Vassal itself was super buggy and issued errors after almost every mouse click. And I could never figure out how to get Armada on screen, much less start a game. But with corona virus social distancing and work slowdowns, my regular partner and I want to give this a go.)
  8. How might that work? I’m not familiar with those upgrades.
  9. I only have two Arq’s currently. I’ll keep that three Arq version in mind for future purchases.
  10. Is that a custom Taskforce objective or is it from a release?
  11. Incorporated the feedback. Will probably fly this next time. These changes will give me some new tactics to work on https://armada.ryankingston.com/fleet/56273/ Name: 2xArq Thrawn + ISD-II + Rogues v2 Faction: Imperial Commander: Grand Admiral Thrawn Assault: Close-Range Intel Scan Defense: Planetary Ion Cannon Navigation: Solar Corona Arquitens Light Cruiser (54) • Grand Admiral Thrawn (32) • Captain Needa (2) • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) = 95 Points Arquitens Light Cruiser (54) • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) = 61 Points Imperial II (120) • Skilled First Officer (1) • Gunnery Team (7) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) • Leading Shots (4) • Relentless (3) = 142 Points Squadrons: • Boba Fett (26) • Morna Kee (27) • Bossk (23) • VT-49 Decimator (22) = 98 Points Total Points: 396
  12. Great ideas to try! I’ve been playing against squadronless fleets lately, so Decimator is better than Bossk against ships, i think. But for potential scatter aces to jam up my rogues, I like the idea of Bossk a lot. I could trade leading shots in for SW7. That was fun to try, but didn’t bring a lot of hits to the table. I’ve tried Gunnery Teams and had mixed results. But I could give it another go. I’ve been using this fleet to help improve my deployment and navigation approaches. Regarding objectives: I take your point though I’ve got some leeway here. I play against a friend, and I know he’s bringing minimal squadrons. I’m playing off his “meta” and vice versa. So I knew that I wouldn’t get snookered by a 130 pt bomber fleet. I do normally bring Planetary Ion Cannons and Solar Corona. This fleet I wanted a point-generating objective I could potentially play to. And I’ve not really liked Solar Corona. But after this last game I think I see how I’ve been playing it poorly. Thanks for the ideas!
  13. This has been a fun fleet to play with, particularly to fly some Arquitens and Decimators. But I’m sure there are some interesting variations I haven’t thought of. Keeping with an ISD and two Arquitens, what might you change for different tactics or improve on this fleet’s inefficiencies? Thanks https://armada.ryankingston.com/fleet/52334/ Name: 2xArq Thrawn + ISD-II + Rogues Faction: Imperial Commander: Grand Admiral Thrawn Assault: Close-Range Intel Scan Defense: Fighter Ambush Navigation: Superior Positions Arquitens Light Cruiser (54) • Grand Admiral Thrawn (32) • Captain Needa (2) • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) = 95 Points Arquitens Light Cruiser (54) • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) = 61 Points Imperial II (120) • Skilled First Officer (1) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) • SW-7 Ion Batteries (5) • XI7 Turbolasers (6) • Relentless (3) = 142 Points Squadrons: • Boba Fett (26) • Morna Kee (27) • 2 x VT-49 Decimator (44) = 97 Points Total Points: 395
  14. Ok, yeah looks like they’re in rk armada fleet builder.
  15. I don’t care about the SSD. $200 expansion good for only one side is a non-starter. Hopefully the wiki has good images of the cards so I can proxy them. But I am excited about the surprise announcement of the two new ships! And the implication that they’re bringing new rules and mechanics to Armada: these feel like the big deal to me.
  16. The fan-made armada wiki is a fantastic resource. But the quality of its graphics is scattershot, not infrequently using whatever random, low-res sneak pic somewhat grabbed from a video preview stream. If FFG is going to abdicate their responsibility to fans, it would be great if they provided high-quality graphics and reference material to the fans to use.
  17. I guess. But I'm not "collecting". I'm buying a game to play. I don't need a "crowning piece". I want good, affordable expansions for both factions.
  18. This. I'm worried that it will be another two years for the next normal Armada expansion...making it four years without an actual Armada upgrade. There's no way I'm buying a $200 SSD expansion. And even if I did, what's my Rebel Scum gaming partner going to get? He's stuck back at Wave 7, and looking at a third year without expansions. The SSD for me is lousy for Armada. The game is expensive enough as is. Give me more, affordable upgrades. A $200 ship every couple years for one faction is not appealing.
  19. Thanks. It seems a simple thing, but we got into a discussion on in going into the game end. Good to get a little expansion on the matter.
  20. Does this squadron have line of sight to the front hull of the Corvette? Was having some disagreement over LOS rules for squadrons attacking ships. Does a squadron need to be at least partially within the arc of the hull it’s attacking? Or is squadron LOS measured from squadron center to target hull (checking for obstruction and crossing a hull zone line? https://imgur.com/a/1a7Kb4X
  21. Does Bomber Command Center stack with Colonel Jendon, if the attack is passed to a Bomber? (Can BCC be used twice on the same squadron, since it's two different attacks via jendon?)
  22. What's "MMJ"? I'm an imperial player, and I'm wondering what I'm missing out on.
  23. The issue isn't whether Vader should get scatter per se. It's that he's Vader and he's not played as a squadron circa Wave 7. It would be great if FFG fixed him. Maybe that's issue Vader v2.0 and VSD v2.0 and etc, which are all new kits with slight tweaked models and all new cards so they can charge us all the monies for a newly balanced game. Maybe that would work?
  24. Yes. Re-balance Armada. Not just add new upgrades to patch over problems, but address the underlying problems. Make Vader a scatter ace. Re-price VSD and maybe change its Nav chart to be usable with Wave 7. Etc. I can’t speak to the economics of this compared to just issuing another Wave. But I’ll conjecture that a $50 rule book can sell more products long term. If a new player takes up Armada, is anyone really telling them to buy a couple of VSDs and an Interdictor and more than one Gladiator? If the game was re-harmonized, all the unusable-in-Wave-7 ships can be again sold with aplomb to new buyers. But yeah, it’s a idealistic daydream. If Armada were digital, it would be doable. For a physical game, it quite hard.
  25. I don’t know if I want new ships or old ships tuned more. I like playing, and have spent more money than I should. But I still only get to play about once a month. It’s tough carving out time for a four hour game, plus the prep time it requires making a fleet. And competitions are somehow always on weekends when I’ve got plans already made. But seven waves in, I’d just as soon have my wave one and two ships and squadrons and upgrades brought into harmony. That would be a whole new game for me, and give me a lot more replay value than a single new ship for my side. I don’t know how thats done. I’m a video gamer and eurogamer where these are either solved issues digitally or no issues because games don’t expand year after year.
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