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  1. ShoutingMan

    Taskforce Armada Format! 200 pt 3x3 area

    I also recommend playing it with the meta guidelines of “call out MO before it’s too late” and “when in doubt, err on the attacker’s side”. It makes for a more exciting game, helps you not miss steps and so play better, and maybe fosters the positive play we all want.
  2. ShoutingMan

    Taskforce Armada Format! 200 pt 3x3 area

    Yes. Go back a page for my last two “reports”. My opponent routinely flies iterations on a Madine MC75. I’ve countered with a Motti BT Devastator, and also a Jerry Cymoon Relentless. The variant, for me, makes MSU so appealing and so difficult. It’s kinda maddening.
  3. ShoutingMan


    Yes, you're right. To be "Tagge" thematically, it should instead read: At the start of the third round or the fifth round, each friendly flagship may recover 1 of the Commanders that its player discarded during fleet planning.
  4. ShoutingMan


    Maybe just a tiny FAQ tweak: During the status phase of rounds 2 or 5, this commander may be discarded and replaced by another commander.
  5. ShoutingMan

    LOS through covered obstacle.

    Got it. Thanks. I have CC but haven’t played.
  6. ShoutingMan

    LOS through covered obstacle.

    I’m more confused than first appeared. What’s a “dust cloud” vs a “debris field”? This isn’t in Learn to Play or Rules Reference for obstructions. Is this a Correlian Conflict thing? Thanks.
  7. ShoutingMan

    LOS through covered obstacle.

    How does a ship cover an obstructing obstacle and not become an obstruction itself?
  8. ShoutingMan

    Kill it already

    I’m glad Armada is slow to get new Waves. Pragmatically, it’s a very expensive game. I’m glad to not feel pressed to spend and spend and spend just to play a game. From a game balance view, the more rapidly releases come, the greater the risk of the game being broken and/or whiplashed through constant changes. Good games are stable, with lots of gameplay to enjoy within their rules. And as a gamer who struggles to find 4 hours to play 400 pt games, I’m still figuring out Wave 2 ships. There are squadrons I haven’t used yet. I’m still waiting to play Sloane or Early Warning Systems on a 6x3 area. Paced releases are just fine.
  9. ShoutingMan

    Taskforce Armada Format! 200 pt 3x3 area

    I just finished an exciting Taskforce against @racknut. It was extremely tight, and I won after losing my Goz and getting 10 damage to my Cymoon. I flew JJ Cymoon Relentless + Comms Net. He had Madine MC75 + Bright Hope. We both had 195 pts; a token toss and he got choice. He took second; I chose Dangerous Territory. A few photos are here: https://imgur.com/a/KOvfppz I deployed with to land on an Asteroid as my first move, with Engineering planned for Round 2 to toss the card, with the goal of staying alive and winning on aggressive objective collection. On round 3, we were in a Mutually Assured Destruction setup. My Cymoon and Goz were double-arced by Madine, and I had his GR75 double-arced by JJ. I chose to go for the trade and avoid big damage on my Cymoon: I double-arced Bright Hope and eked out the kill; he then double-arced and rammed the Goz to kill it. That move, I JJ'd at speed 3 to do a big 90-deg turn and hopefully get positioned to get some arc on his MC75. I chose that over landing on the second asteroids for a third token, since the card might be a problem at the end of the game. This led me to having a mediocre arc on him and doing another JJ turn-around that put me at close range in front-side double arc. He poured it on with External Racks and did 9 damage, accuracy-ing my Brace, for six cards total. He then rammed for seven cards. But that was Round 5. Round 6 I had an Engineering Command and tossed a card, down to six. I rolled some dice at him, but no Criticals landed. My navigation setup at speed three wasn't as good as I'd hoped. I could probably land on an asteriod and probably still be at Medium range of a side arc, or I could surely be at medium range but hit no obstacles. I took my chances at the side arc hitting my rear. He rolled the dice and got one accuracy and six damage. I had two shield, so I'd be at 10 cards total and no crits. He used a reroll option on two reds hopping to eke out one more damage. He converted a damage and a critical to a double-damage and an accuracy. Same effective outcome, so I stayed alive with 10/11 hull damaged. Unfortunately, in his aggressive pursuit he flew off the board in that final round, with no token or command available to Madine to safety. It was pretty thrilling. We got some mechanics explored we haven't used much. I played aggressively going for risky gambits that paid off, which is fun. And the game came down to a die roll here or there. A single extra hit in the three rolls of rounds 5 and 6 and he'd have won, tabling me and not having to fly off the board. And it was less than two hours, out and back, which really helps us get more Armada playing in.
  10. ShoutingMan

    How do I watch the Worlds Games?

    Ok, thanks. I see 2016 and 2017. Hopefully 2018 will be up shortly.
  11. Are the games from the recent competition online for viewing? I couldn’t watch live, but I’m interested in watching / skimming some of the matchups to hopefully learn from them. Does FFG record and put online the games?
  12. ShoutingMan

    Taskforce Armada Format! 200 pt 3x3 area

    Played another TaskForce game yesterday. I played a Motti Cymoon + 1 game. My Cymoon was Avenger Boarding Troopers plus H9 and Enhanced Armament, and Strategic Advisor. Goz had Supressor and Comms Net. Opponent played Madine MC75 + Bright Hope. The MC75 had black dice, plus External Racks and Ordnance Experts. Bright Hope was geared for killing squadrons, plus Slicer Tools, as I've previously played with squadrons every game and have been recently interested in Sloane Quasar. He got a bit snookered by that, since I surprised him with a squadron less big-ship fleet. I won the bid, took first player, and chose Dangerous Territory. I won the game with two tokens and no lost ships. (Exciting as I've lost all prior TF games against him.) Some thoughts: I've been playing "MSU"-type fleets on TF to explore. My opponent has been honing a Madine MC75+1 fleet. Reviewing my losses, I realized that a red-dice ship centered on the play area can reach any ship not skimming the distance-1 edges of edges. Sloane Quasar has a pretty good chance, but it requires skilled flying, having to have both ships the right place to get the squads in the right place to set up the attacks while maintaining relative positions to then get the squadrons away and healed before they get blasted by flak. But doing that by necessity places small ships well within the H9 Red Dice range of a big ship. A big-ship fleet is more direct: aim pointy end and roll dice, trusting 9+ hull to keep it alive or a few rounds. So I changed it up and flew a big-ship to check the above. And yes, I got all the way through the game without losing even my Goz. But it was close. A slightly better roll at two different rounds and my opponent would have taken out my Goz and won on points. Conversely, had I taken a different tact in the middle, I might have popped his flotilla and had a fully secure victory. We both struggled with slightly different fleets than we've played recently. I will say, he made good use of Phylon and Slicer tools. Conversely, I got no use out of Suppressor. I need to think about that some more; I think going second lends itself to using the weird Flotilla support cards. But I also flew my Goz for safety, not successful use of Suppressor, which really hurt its value.
  13. ShoutingMan

    Taskforce Armada Format! 200 pt 3x3 area

    Thanks. I'll keep this in mind for the next iteration of this fleet. I hope to iterate and work this fleet and also Sloane for a few games. There's new mechanics I've never used.
  14. ShoutingMan

    Taskforce Armada Format! 200 pt 3x3 area

    Been playing Taskforce as default lately (since a normal game still takes me ~4 hrs versus 90 min for TF). Last week I fielded: Taskforce - Quasar Bombers + BCC Author: ShoutingMan Faction: Galactic Empire Points: 194/200 Commander: Admiral Motti Assault Objective: Precision Strike Defense Objective: Planetary Ion Cannon Navigation Objective: Superior Positions [ flagship ] Quasar Fire II-class Cruiser-Carrier (61 points) - Admiral Motti ( 24 points) - Pursuant ( 2 points) - Flight Commander ( 3 points) - Boosted Comms ( 4 points) = 94 total ship cost Gozanti-class Assault Carriers (28 points) - Bomber Command Center ( 8 points) = 36 total ship cost 1 Tempest Squadron ( 13 points) 1 TIE Advanced Squadron ( 12 points) 3 TIE Bomber Squadrons ( 27 points) 1 JumpMaster 5000 ( 12 points) = 64 total squadron cost My opponent had a Madine MC75 loaded with everything and Bright Hope. I won bid and took second. He chose Superior Positions. I lost by one point. One better roll and I would have one the game. So, interesting and a fun chance to experiment anew with Bombers. This week I'm flying Sloane for the first time. Which is why I like TF, easier to experiment by building a simple fleet focused on a game concept. Taskforce - Quasar Sloane +2 Faction: Imperial Commander: Admiral Sloane Assault: Targeting Beacons Defense: Planetary Ion Cannon Navigation: Superior Positions Quasar Fire I (54) • Admiral Sloane (24) • Boosted Comms (4) • Disposable Capacitors (3) • Pursuant (2) = 87 Points Gozanti Cruisers (23) • Comms Net (2) = 23 Points Gozanti Cruisers (23) = 23 Points Squadrons: • 6 x TIE Fighter Squadron (48) • JumpMaster 5000 (12) = 60 Points Total Points: 195
  15. ShoutingMan

    He's got a bad case of the VTs

    How do they compare to straight bombers, which are about 1/3 the cost? Is the Rogue flexibility the payoff?