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  1. I think it'll be a solid ship, it seems like its going to fit a similar role to the one that the arc170 plays in my list, or the role that the U-Wing was supposed to try and fill
  2. dressing up like darth vader first is absolutely something that man-child would do ahhahaha
  3. 1 S-loops could be really cool actually...
  4. hell, take four cartel marauders, give them all shield and hull upgrades and that aint too shabby aside from the lack of repositioning
  5. Dual card Chirrut Imwe Crew 5pts One side: when rolling defence dice, you may change all blank results to focus results. then flip this card. I'm one with the Force; Another: when rolling attack dice, you may change all blank results to focus results. then flip this card the Force is with me.
  6. i think this is the best concept for a chirrut card
  7. it absolutely works with her rear arc, but yeah probably not the best swarm leader.
  8. the overcharged R7 could work. maybe have it somewhere between BB8 and adaptive ailerons? Overcharged R7 Astromech E-Wing only When you reveal a green manoeuvre, you may perform a free (1 straight/turn) manoeuvre. 1 point The one that we've been playing with in my area for a year or so now works really well as a boost to the lower PS ships. E Series Astromech astromech E-Wing only When an enemy ship finishes a manoeuvre in your arc at range 1-3 you may acquire a target lock on that ship. 0 pts works with the lower PS ships as they get to position themselves for that target lock and spend their action on a focus or evade, but far less useful on Corran, who normally wants to take regents anyway.
  9. tbh i think it should be along the lines of the x7 title - make it a free action rather than just acquire a lock. that being said, it doesn't feel as powerful as x7 felt, but its a very powerful card.
  10. I've run this list a couple of times in my local meta (lots of low to mid PS ships - Kanan, Biggs, Ryad, generic vcx etc) and it's done okay, but not amazing. Figured I'd throw it to you guys and see what you thought. It was put together initially because I just wanted to run T70's and then i realised i could get 4 ships out of this. snap wexley (32) VI, R2 Astromech, Primed Thrusters, Black one, Integrated Blue Ace (30) r2-d6, Primed thrusters, Integrated, VI Jess Pava (26) R2 Astromech, Integrated Bandit squadron pilot (12) as a variation, sometimes i run blue ace with targeting astromech instead of R2D6 and VI, and other times i've given him PTL and scattered torpedoes around after dropping the bandit. Blue Ace is great fun, and that 1 hard boost is so handy. He and Snap aren't great with Jess though, as they like to boost away and dance with the enemy fighters, but the bandit sticks with her pretty well...
  11. tractor beam and expertise on rexler brath is a mean, if expensive combination
  12. I always have a great time with ARCs and T-70s
  13. sure they probably don't deploy from TIE's, they probably have a shuttle of some sort. But in a galaxy spanning empire with resources enough to build two planet destroying guns? safe bet that they could train their spec ops personnel to fly star fighters and give them suits useful for flying and operating in space just in case the mission requires it. Also a safe bet that not every star destroyer or planetary base would have a spec ops team and that they'd have a base of operations somewhere that they'd launch strikes from, tagging along on larger vessels when they have to, which no doubt the officers in charge of those ships would ***** about constantly because they're having to give up precious space that could be used to hold their own complement of star fighters to whatever is needed for these spec ops people.
  14. I think PTL Vectored is a better option than EI daredevil for the versatility of actions, but i do still like the Rage+Prockets combo I played it with Abby and the Y wing together, Ibby further forward so the Y could take pot shots from range while Tycho looped around behind to ace things with his prockets. I'm unsure about what to do with Abby, he gets 2x rerolls constantly, but the 1 agility is forever his bane. He's fine at the start of the game, because i have him hiding behind debris fields until the last moment...
  15. It could be, and theres no rebel ships above for them to fall out of... But then the hangar is way too narrow to allow a TIE fighter... which should be okay because would special forces even fly standard TIE's? the x-wing model for the raider is about an inch too short, so the extra space would allow for an X-Wing and maybe an interceptor....
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