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  1. Hello! I've been semi-interested in X-Wing from time to time, but haven't gotten into that boat for some reason. But now that the 2nd edition is coming, my spider senses started to tingle once again! But with all the conversion kits and stuff I'm a bit lost because I have zero collection and zero knowledge about anything. There is a deal I could get in my country now for two 1st edition starter sets for 50 euros. That is a fair price imo, but would that purchase still be reasonable? Like I'd get two sets of dice and the six ships included. But yet again I would still have to buy the conversion kits after their release? Argh! Or is it just best to wait for the launch and start investing from ground zero in individual ships and stuff? I mean the new x-wings have adjusting wings for god's sake! Adjustable wings!
  2. True that! If anything might worry me, is the potential analysis paralysis here, when you'll have a ton load of decisions to make: - How much to "overpay" for this unit? - Where do I decare a Conflict? - WHAT KIND of conflict? - Throw in an elemental ring there too? -Honor dial shenanigans? I'm mainly concerned about my casual group, who tend to think on much lesser things waaaay looong...
  3. @Shikaku I firmly believe, that the tricks you'll have in the Conflict deck will be really powerful, so if the player in the lead just draws one per round, he'll not have enough tricks to match the other player's game. I do think that you might have figured out a solid archype for deckbuilding, that revolves around weenies and not drawing too much, but that's just how we roll in these games. We have archtypes, then we have other types to counter them, and by the end of the day some decks will usually be a bit stronger overral than others. Other than that I am super excited about all the things they spoiled at this point! I have zero background from the previous iteration of this game, but I was a diehard fan of Conquest (Desgosto, man you're just wrong, the game is sick! ) and I get the vibe from this article, that this game might be even better!
  4. Ok, it seems moderators take up ages with approving posts from new users. I wrote my previous comment five days ago and the whole topic has then slid into page 2. So this is just a shameless 'up' for this topic!
  5. I just opened my first boosters for this game, and it was 30 packs for me, chi-ching! For the legendaries I was sitting spot on in the 1-in-6 ratio with my 5 pulls. I got Crime Lord, Poe Dameron, Luke's Lightsaber, Phasma and Commanding Presence. Also I got 11 characters total, with 2x Leia and 2x Hired Gun. The rest were Jango Fett, Rebel Trooper, General Veers, Genereal Grievous and Count Dooku. I have yet to play a single game of this beauty, but I feel a lot of the other cards I got were also nice. I will be purchasing the starter packs too and in that regard I also had some duds like 2x BB-8, Immobilize, Rey's Staff and Jedi Robes. All in all it was a frenzied and a lovely opening!
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