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  1. Reinforcements is still a pretty good command card. It's almost like running a 46 points list. Yes, your opp can score more points, but you get more points on the board so it's only natural. And I'd rather have 2 troopers still attacking than one trooper running away and not doing anything. Anyways, I don't play in tournaments with time limits, so it was probably decent (and frustrating for the opponent) to run away.
  2. I guess there's an established trend there and we should expect this to release in about 2 months. It leaves enough time to spoil the contents and build hype.
  3. The limited dice case is mentioned in the RRG. You can take one of the blue or yellow and put it to a face corresponding to one of the rolled green die, then reroll that green die. If no face corresponds to the green face rolled, you can just take note of the accuracy and show the damage/surge face of the die. It is allowed by the rules. The component limitations are for deployment, supply and equipment cards in campaign and recon tokens for Loku.
  4. Emperor Palpatine is inevitable. It will make it to print soon.
  5. What worked on me is going the other way around. That is, instead of picking up the gun and trying to fit it into the AT-ST, I picked up the AT-ST and fit it into the gun which was on the table. What I mean is, instead of the gun being the active piece, the AT-ST was and it was a lot easier.
  6. It is not as clean and simple as you claim. As has been said in the thread, the problem is that reinforcements doesn't create a new figure, it takes a defeated figure and puts it on the board. The question is, what happens to the VP? The figure was defeated, and no longer is; the figure on the board is the one that was defeated. Both losing and keeping the VP make sense, and we just need an official ruling.
  7. You guys are arguing for nothing. Just let Bahamut be grumpy and be done with it.
  8. Let's say I say "when you buy any apple, pay 1$", then the next apple you buy (which is, in fact, any apple), you pay 1$. This is the same principle here, except instead of buying any apple, you play any mission, and instead of paying $, you discard the card. The next mission you play, is the any mission. And after any mission, you discard the card.
  9. The power creep is real. When you look at Hera and you compare it to a figure like Kayn Somos or Fenn Signis (skirmish), you wonder what's happening.
  10. You need to earn villains before you can add them to open group. One of the starter cards says you earn an imperial and a scum villain at the start of the campaign, so you'll be free to add them to your open groups (not reserved). Then, the second part of the card says you add one earned villain (either from that card, or from any reward from agenda missions) to your open groups during each setup. That way, you always have a villain in your open groups. Reserved cards are mission specific and cannot be used during optional deployment, they are deployment used during mission triggers. Sometimes, there are villains in those reserved groups. Open groups are deployment cards the imperial player chooses at the start of the mission and can be deployed during an optional deployment.
  11. Any mission means any mission, and since you don't have a choice when to play the agenda card (otherwise it would say "keep this card secret..."), it means the next mission, i.e. the one following the purchase. They are saying any because sometimes agenda cards only affect side missions and "the mission" is not a vocabulary I have ever seen. Major keywords for a choice are may and either. "You may blablabla" "Either discard this card, or shuffle it back"
  12. Have I been doing it wrong? I have always calculated with my fingers.
  13. Except you can get an upgrade like Indomitable to deal with these pesky rebels. Imagine the Royal Guard Champion with BBW defense, doesn't seem bad. Or Boba Fett with BB, one block and one evade, paired with possible recovery makes it really hard to deal with, at any stage of the game. If you are going with big heroes anyways, Indomitable is pretty useful. Nothing worse than having a big baddy getting stunned. If you're going for mid-sized villains like Bossk or Terro, you might prefer devastating legion though.
  14. The deck still looks strong to me. Most Wanted looks powerful, but I like static effects and was interested in Guild Hunters, which also looks good. Might be better if you swarm, looks amazing with probe droids, assassins and probably hired guns.
  15. This is all prior to testing, but I believe Kayn Somos is pretty solid with the nemesis deck and you can also use his pretty long range effectively on the RTH maps. Cards like prepare the ambush and ringleader work great with him, because you'll be able to move freely, attack and use his special action. There are also a lot of troopers in the RTH campaign, and prepare the ambush, again, can be good with snowtroopers to let them move a little, heal and shoot. You might also want to include, either in your freely earned villains or through agenda cards, a villain not afraid to get into close quarters in order to benefit from the devastating legion card, which to me seems to be the strongest. Someone like Bossk, Boba Fett, Terro..
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