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  1. I agree that Daredevil's stress is too risky on Grievous. Outmaneuver is worth is more, and you can afford it if you ditch HLC and Palp and roll with the title and Heightened Perception on Dooku
  2. You could sub the Y for AP-5 throw a fun wrench in your tool box
  3. I don't think Prockets or PreCog offer enough to you. You could trim it way down to just essential - GrInky on RAC and FCS and AB on Vader, and still fit the mini Ace Mauler Mithel!
  4. You have chosen potent pilots, but I think the upgrades could be more optimized - consider this: Norra with Selfless and Leia should draw quite a bit of heat off of Wedge, who doesn't need any upgrades, honestly. I kinda like the idea of also getting Biggs in there to draw more heat from the powerhouses - that leaves room for AP-5, one of the best little coordinators around and very helpful for the action-starved other 3 you have.
  5. I really think that Maul, while dope, is overloaded with anything more than Hate and PerCo - that allows him to take and modify all of his shots as much as possible. That saves 20 points - You could fit a couple ESC vultures in too, or cut/cut down Grievous and get more such beasties
  6. I mean, I think that Wedge, Luke, and Biggs is gonna be a strong list no matter which way you slice it. In terms of filling in upgrades, there are very few wrong choice, so I would pick from the below: Predator on Wedge Foresight on Luke Torps on anyone, but more likely Wedge or Luke SUs on anyone AB on Wedge or Luke R2s on anyone
  7. I just like the symmetry of those three all with deflection and ensnare. Just go all in lol
  8. But either with Vader crew demands some very frightening wingmates to ensure they don't just up and die. Sabacc, perhaps
  9. I have yet to be truly c o n v i n c e d by Vermeil or Feroph unless they have Vader crew, in which case I am convinced by both, but in different regards. Vizier and the generic with a TacOff feel like they have more to offer in a general sense
  10. The idea that immediately jumps to mind is using Matchstick with ExHan, VTG, and a turret of choice with Plo, Obi, or Ani with CLT - right off the hop they can lock him, because they don't really need the lock, and give him at least one reroll on both his shots, forever. That leaves room for Ric, if you wanna go more offensive, or Padme, if you wanna go more defensive - depending on which Jedi and N-1 you pick, you'd have room for another little thing alongside
  11. I'd ditch Soulless One for Outmaneuver. Other than that, I definitely think it has great potential as aces - risky, as aces are, but high potential
  12. Using Tractor Beams on ships that have respectable actual damage ability is a total waste. I'd rather have 3 decently hitting ships than one decently hitting ship against a heavily tractored target
  13. I think 5 deflecting Stalgasins are gonna be a unique sort of challenge, both to fly and to fly against, but I think the same can be said of 4 ensnaring Petranakis, or 3 ensnaring and deflecting aces. I suspect any of those, or a combination, will become THE surgical list - useless and more likely to harm the user in the hands of someone unskilled with it, but astonishing and beautiful in the hands of a master
  14. Nodin is too low I to make the Tractor worth it imo. AB is just there for the potential damage spike - if you want more consistency than 2 dice, you'll probably want Ion Cannon. Otherwise, I love what you have right there
  15. Finn loves PA and Heroic unadulteratedly. PerCo is nice IF you have the room. L'ulo obviously also deserves Heroic, and I like Trick Shot then too...but Predator is an excellent budget option! Nien with Heroic and PA fits in too, and leaves room for Nodin Chavdri with, at minimum, Korr Sella and an R4 - that is an AMAZING coordinator, which is valuable for everyone else in your list. I would round out the list by picking from the following: Ion Cannon or Autoblasters on Nodin AdOps and PerCo on Nodin PerCo on Finn Replace Predator with Trick Shot on L'ulo Maaaybe throw some HUs, SUs, and/or ABs on some folks
  16. Vader is a proven powerhouse as you have him, and Duchess is potent as all get-out, though I think you stick Predator and 5Bro on her and leave it at that. Vermeil, however, seems less appealing without Vader crew... You could replace him with 2 Alpha Squadron Pilots as blockers, or a few TIES, or Soontir and then beef up your three aces with some Hull and/or Shield Upgrades
  17. My vote goes to Hatchetman - Vynder and Vader are 2 consistently, shockingly effective pilots, and with Palp Jendon for backup, they become even better. GrInky is less hard hitting and less survivable than Vynder, the 5 FOs seem less punchy all together - too much dice variance, and there's just something about the 4 FOs that doesn't click in my head like the first list does
  18. Ion cannon! PerCo is a nice addition, but with Ion Cannon, you can push damage and a bit of potential control
  19. I think that the best Oicunn has Intimidation, Dauntless, and 5Bro. He can reliably take a lock, has 5Bro for an eyeball, and Intimidation is too good to pass up. He does everything he needs to do without getting too pricey, leaving plenty of room for friends. I also think that you have a good instinct in trying to fill the remaining points with many ships to take more advantage of Intimidation - but the tragedy is, you will rarely actually intimidate anyone. Most people will be able to avoid bumping Oicunn - his use is in denying huge swaths of the board to your opponent lest they do get bumped, and consequently f(_)cked. With that in mind, I would try fit as many friends for Oicunn as you can, so long as those friends would be strong without him - RAC with GrInky, and then a few other toys between the 2, could actually work well, but I might suggest any 2 of the following that fit together, maybe with a few extra spices around the list: Duchess with Predator Pure Sabacc with Predator and SU Vermeil with Vader Soontir with Predator
  20. Yeah, Rex's I value alone is worth Ryad's shenanigans any day
  21. And thematically similar to Poe and As
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