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  1. Greebwahn

    Torrent Swarm

    In order to pass it, you cannot spend it for rerolls
  2. Greebwahn

    9 points to burn for Scum list

    Thing 1 - Trick Shot and a Focus action is just better than Juke on Seevor Thing 2 - With that cut, and cutting the PerCos, you could fit Ahav with TS too. I, uh, I like more ships. Especially Ahav
  3. Greebwahn

    Begun the clone wars has

    Tbh, I m i g h t throw an 7B or an ARC in the place of those Torrents
  4. Greebwahn

    A kind of Tie Mini-Swarm

    I'd roll with Sababb tho, not CD. Makes their decisions harder still
  5. Greebwahn

    A kind of Tie Mini-Swarm

    Fragile. Potentially hard hitting. Its a gambly sort of list, but a fine one
  6. Greebwahn


    I would trade the Torps and VTG for Palp. Keep him Palp side up, and either your opponent gets stressed or gives Jag (and co.) a lock
  7. Greebwahn

    Separatist - Axis of Evil

    I would just...shoot with Dooku. Tractor Shmactor here imo. I'd give Maul PerCo before Grievous
  8. Hey man, it could work! On paper, its certainly solid
  9. Greebwahn

    What the heck am I supposed to do with these torrents?

    I think a load of GSTs and an I5/6 lock feeder, everybody with SynCon and all those GSTs with Homing Missiles is the ONLY way I can see Torrents working atm. They're underwhelming, which is sad to me, because I love the ship
  10. For ages, I've been a rebel loyalist. I'm gonna buy into Republic tho - just because its fun, not to be competitive. So in other words, only flying 1 faction is totally viable
  11. Greebwahn

    Separatist lists

    I like list 1 rather a lot, but personally, I would ditch Scimitar and trade the Ace for 2 Haor Challs with ESCs - bit more to throw around As for list 2, my current fav thought is Sear with TV-94 and Impervium Plating supporting 3 naked precise hunters and 3 ESC TFDs. The Hunters can spend their own calc for Sear or TV's effect, and a TFDs calc for the other. The ESCs make the TFDs more of a valid threat
  12. Greebwahn

    Rebel Proton Alpha BS.

    If it works, you'll rip someone to shreds. If it doesn't, you'll melt. But what are you talking about with the two I7 shots?
  13. Greebwahn

    The Vulture Droid Committee Thread

    Tbh, I think ESC is where its at if you want 8 Vultures
  14. Mace very likely is a good Battle Meditator