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  1. I think Asajj and Ketsu could get loaded up as a two ship list really well. ContraCybers and Inertial Dampeners on both, Ketsu gets Fearless, Maul, and the title, Asajj gets Hate and 0-0-0. But honestly, you could run Asajj as light as naked and Ketsu as light as Fearless and the title and I'd call them good, and you would have 55 points for another ship and any of the other goodies from being fully loaded. They are strong ships!
  2. I personally dislike putting a slippery ace like Vonreg with a jouster like QD. If I'm ace-ing with FO, I'm probably going with Vonreg, Kylo, and Holo
  3. Personally, I would use G4R-G0R V/M as the Scyk! Ditch either Boba's fearless or the Autpblasters, depending on whether you want a better gun on Gar or Boba.
  4. Personally, I think the second list is gonna be stronger, but I would probably lose the FCS and Tractor Beam to get a better X-Wing pilot and/or an R4 on Dutch
  5. I would suggest XXX + XX lol. Don't get me wrong, Leia is phenomenal, but Fig is right, Xs need to fly, not modify, so more is better
  6. If I have all of Hyperspace's tools, then I'm probably gonna go all in on the aces - Ani, Obi, and Plo are all totally capable of lining up bull's eye shots, so give them CLT - its more efficient than 7B if you can keep the precision - and R2s for regen, then squirrel around and wait for the perfect bull's eye shots.
  7. I love CLT Obi I love CLT Plo I love Wolffe I think those 3 are a strong core to a list for HS or EXT To round it out in a HS legal way, I would suggest ShenAnigans - Ani with whatever other upgrades float your boat lol
  8. I might be odd, but I really like my Falcons naked. Leaves enough points for a decent third ship! Leia and Han could've brought Arvel into the bedroom, for instance...
  9. I would take Braylen over Gina for sure, and yeah, Han has no real need for PerCo
  10. I feel way less opinionated on list 2. Other than how heavily loaded Kaz is, I think the other three are fine. That being said, I like list 1 more and have more thoughts on it. I LOVE CLT Obi - I don't think R3 is necessary, as he will get more mileage out of focusing once he's in combat anyway, so he could just use his single lock for Matchstick. I LOVE Wolffe I second the above suggestion of switching Matchstick to Broadside. Without VTG, I think Broadside is much more worth his points. An ICT does the job for him. I'm not a huge fan of Ric - I would suggest CLT Plo instead
  11. Now, I think that this Leia is toooo thicc...but she's **** good thicc. I dig Ezra, Maul, Hate, Jyn, and the title to round out defense and maintain reasonable offense, even if rerolls are wanting...but pure offense is rarely the point in lists like this anyway! Luke with R2-D2 and a Shield Upgrade seems like a nice idea imo to keep him alive as well
  12. This is a classic example of me thinking that I'd just rather have a third ship Naked Luke and Leia leave room for Ten with Ion Cannon and Stab-Foils, a very maneuverable and punchy little ship if I do say so myself!
  13. Dutch with ProTorps, and just ProTorps, is, shall we say, phenomenal, in pretty much any list, although at I4, locks are not always guaranteed on priority targets
  14. Garven is definitely hit-or-miss...but I think he has more potential than Jek "dies in a ball of fire quickly" Porkins, especially for synergistic purposes Ten at least has the potential though to ditch his stress. If he can't he's only a little worse than Braylen. If he can (and having a lock should make that more likely), then his maneuverability skyrockets above Braylen Whoops, forgot about the Predator thing! Yeah, Outmaneuver is legit then!
  15. With the cannon slot, I actually MUCH prefer using an Ion Cannon as his main weapon and keeping the crew slot! If I were to load him up, I would go Ion Cannon, ContraCybers, ExHan, and Maul, but other than Ion Cannon, everything else seems good to keep or ditch
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