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  1. Greebwahn

    Favourite Poe Build?

    R4 is enough for me! Though I'd never turn down Heroic
  2. Greebwahn

    Triple As and Poe?

    Really? I guess I just never go for rear because I want the double mods from Predator
  3. Greebwahn

    Triple As and Poe?

    A skeleton of : Poe (R4, Heroic, Config) Talli (Heroic, Predator) Lulo (Heroic, Predator) Zari (Heroic, Predator) A's can proc Predator VERY reliably, helping their mods a lot. This still leaves 12 points for Poe
  4. Greebwahn

    New to the game (almost)

    I'm not a huge fan of Viz, tbh. While action support is nice for Vader and Soontir, there are such better options for a coordinator, AKA Sai
  5. Greebwahn

    New to the game (almost)

    Pick and choose your moments. If you can't make an engagement ideal, then don't engage at all
  6. Greebwahn

    New to the game (almost)

    Oh dude, you can fly absolutely anything then! Whisper (Juke, Vader) Redline (AdSen, ProTorps) Soontir (Predator) A TIE swarm based around Howlie and Iden Sloane swarm Etc etc etc
  7. Greebwahn

    New to the game (almost)

    This list has 2 variants. Both, with Vader and Soontir, demand intelligent and skillful flying. Option 1 will hit harder, Option 2 gives ASTOUNDING versatility. Vader (FCS, Supernatural Reflexes) Soontir (Predator) And Redline (AdSen, ProTorps) OR Sai (ST-321)
  8. Greebwahn

    Rey Poe Lulo

    I LOVE IT SO BLOODY MUCH. I might fit Predator on Lulo tho
  9. Greebwahn

    What ships have been surprising you?

    Last night I flew Saw with Pivot Wing, AdSen, PerCo, Jyn, and Juke, and was VERY impressed with how solid he is
  10. Greebwahn

    I may have a problem...

    Bloody #€[[ dude, you can basically fly anything! Just browse these forums for a while, you'll get loads of ideas
  11. Greebwahn

    Drea Swarm - first take on the topic

    Drea with 3 VetTurGun ICT Y-Wings is also BRUTAL. But ultimately, my fav option is a BUNCH of Quads
  12. Greebwahn

    Rexler until 28 Jan

    I would go Rex with just Juke, Soontir with Predator, and either: Sai with ST-321 - STRONG action support for Rex and Soontir, which is never a waste. An extra TL or Evade is wild, and Sai can do work herself. OR Duchess with Predator - super efficient ace. It also leaves 14 points for more upgrades as you please!
  13. Greebwahn

    Returning player - TIE x6

    Just fit Iden and Howlie. Every other TIE, and upgrades, can be adapted to your taste
  14. Greebwahn

    Looking For Your Input!

    Duchess with Predator is REALLY good for the points, and fits well with the style of the squad
  15. Greebwahn


    Mining Guild TIEs! Sorry lol