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  1. I too love CLT Jedi! Ani, Obi, and Plo has always seems very potent to me, but I like the possibility of 4. You can fit Ahsoka, Mace, Plo, and Obi all with 4 points to spare - all WILDLY efficient folks
  2. You're going Ace platforms, go all in - Predator Fenn, Predator/AdSen Guri, and a Fearless Skull or naked Kad
  3. I love the idea. Here's my thought - Maul with Hate and PerCo can mod both his shots without using force and keep regening force for more double shots Greivous with Outmaneuver and Impervium Plating is just a phenomenal beast against anyone who's not an arc-dodger. That leaves room for a Dark Courier with Dooku crew, who can "double mod" their own shot by calling Crit with Dooku and having a focus token. Or use Dooku more creatively if the opportunity arises
  4. It's actually not any lesser mobility when you consider that the Bounty Hunter has to pull greens consistently! If you're going for Extended, that seems way better imo. But I gotta ask - why Xizor? He's just...not so hot
  5. Now, I, for one, like my Finn with PA. I want to be able to pull reds and still get my focus. So that, plus Heroic, and all of a sudden, I can get to Heroic AdOps Blue As and 2 Trick Shotting Heroic AdOps Green As! It makes the punch in the squad a little more spread out and a little punchier all around, imo
  6. Sure they can focus to counter, that's half the point of Juke, making their choice harder. And with Ric, potentially supported by Sinker, he can Focus, maybe reroll his own shot, Juke the other ship, and still have the token for defense, unlike R2-C4
  7. I don't think Rey needs Han or Han needs Rey - I'd rather load them both up differently. But Han with Rey is way better than Rey with Han
  8. Ric with Juke, Sinker, a 104th, and 2 Torrents is a LOT of ships firing a lot of dice, respectably modded too!
  9. I would like to see them leaner - PerCo on both, ProxMines on both, Slave 1 on Boba, Andrasta and ProBombs on Emon. Everybody has plenty to do and mod
  10. Guri HECK yes Seevor (and MGTs in general) begs for Trick Shot - I'd slide that in there alongside an Assassin with the same Predator/AdSen combo. Leaves room for an escape craft coordinator!
  11. Literally was just about to suggest this!
  12. I see no reason why it cannot work. Being transferred the token is not acquiring the lock
  13. Ani with CLT, Obi with CLT and R4-P17, and Ahsoka with 7B and an R4 is both thematic and very well rounded, imo
  14. Idk if Luke is ever worth it, but he's definitely not worth it on an I6 like Han, imo. R2-D2 on Han, a TacOff on Heff, upgrade Jake's EPTs or him to a better pilot
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