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  1. I've used it and it's really helpful, thanks for your work! Ignorant question: is it possible to make this into an extension that also works/is available in Firefox? Sorry, I know very little about how these are made.
  2. Act II Vampiric - not Vampiric Ring or Vampiric Band? Also, this seems potentially overpriced. Why not, if you deal at least 1 damage, recover 1? Is that too strong? True Hero's Signet - 'encounter' instead of 'mission' The First Tide - Knockback is a monster ability, no? Can you include this on an item? Do you need to include instructions on what knockback is? Sun Stuff - Sun Staff - also, is this really Rune? Don't know what Charge is yet... Talon - Don't know what assault is yet... Text formatting Suppression Cloak - can remove 'or it cannot enter that space.' Ring of Health - your last turn (hero's) or the entire last round, including overlord's turn? Rune of Telekinesis - not Magic also? Don't yet know how this works. Also, knockback issue Radiance - maybe the bonus if attacking monsters with Dark trait too? Hammer of Justice - comma instead of - Dwarven Flamer - same issue with fire breath as knockback. also, meltdown? Demonic Amulet - same issue with aura Decapitator - Cool! Damnation - If you defeat a monster that is Cursed, all monsters that were adjacent to the defeated monster become Cursed. Blue Mage Robe - Your Mage or Healer skills cost 1 less fatigue to use. Arcane Bow - same issue with sorcery
  3. Runic Nature Belt - ...if you are attacked by... Sands of Time - After you have performed the first action of your turn, you may suspend your turn. You may then resume your turn after another hero completes their turn. Ring of Regeneration - missing a comma after 'turn'. Also, 'your last turn' refers to the hero's last turn, correct? Not the last round (including the overlord's actions)?? Forest Guardian - "...to inflict poison on the adjacent attacker." Enchanted...is that really the name? Not Enchanted Bow? Chains of Inevitable - "Choose 1 adjacent enemy. You and this enemy cannot move until either of you are knocked out or defeated." Mirror Shield - because of the order of attacking, rolling dice, spending surges, applying conditions, this wording needs to be adjusted. Maybe "Any condition inflicted on you as the result of an attack is also inflicted on the attacking figure." Is Sharktooth Arrows quite overpriced? Also, you can probably change the wording to "...rolled. This attack gains Pierce 1." Is Peacekeeper overpriced?
  4. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. I'm also excited and looking forward to the Descent-related announcements happening soon.
  5. Is there a 'Broken Rocks - Encounter 1'? Did not see it in the upload.
  6. Edited/revised the story for the mini campaign. Also, I did not see the rules for the mini campaign anywhere. What happened to the Druids and why is the forest dying? Who is the mysterious Baba Yaga that people whisper about? Rumor has it she has taken up residence in this place. All the answers are here, in these creepy and forgotten woods. The air is strange and everything looks dead, drained of the life it once had. Where have all the animals gone, and why are those that remain so aggressive? It's hard to imagine this forest was once so beautiful and well known throughout Mennara. The more you travel into it, the greater the fear you and your companions feel. There is barely any sunshine or sound, not even from the wind. It feels more like a graveyard... You're sure of it; something is watching, even following you. It is crawling through the shadows of these strange woods. You cannot see it, and this is feeling more and more like a trap. Not surprising that few have returned from this terrible place. "No need to worry, I doubt any beast would find us that appetizing!" one of the travelers shout, in hopes of lightening the mood. No one seems to find it that funny. Finally you see a sign of life, giant bird footsteps... The stories of a walking house with the legs of a chicken come to mind. Could it really be? You reach for your weapon. If the rumored Baba Yaga is indeed in this forest, it's time to end her misery, and to cleanse this forest.
  7. I really like the ideas for the Overlord class. Looking at these cards, I have some suggestions/comments: Power Lock - "Play this card at the start of your turn. For each hero, choose 1 class skill card to make inactive. Inactive skills cannot be used until the start of your next turn." Does magic seal affect just 1 hero or all heroes (like Power Lock)? Magic Seal - "Play this card at the start of your turn. Choose 1 hero. That hero's ability is inactive and cannot be used until the start of your next turn." or Magic Seal - "Play this card at the start of your turn. All hero abilities are inactive and cannot be used until the start of your next turn." Restrained - "Play this card at the start of a hero's turn. Until the start of their next turn, that hero cannot use their heroic feat." Is your intention for this to also affect all heroes or just one? Warping - "At the end of your turn, place this card in your play area. Select one monster from the map and set it on this card. At the start of your turn, discard this card and place the monster within 3 spaces of a hero. That monster may immediately perform an attack that is not part of its regular activation." I figured you meant a monster that was already on the map, but if not, you could adjust the wording. Did you want Enfeeblement Aura to be a permanent buff for any OL card? Some cards say "...start of your turn", "...start of hero turn", "...end of your turn", "...end of hero turn", etc.. Also, does this card count towards the 15 card deck size or not? Enfeeblement Aura - "When purchased, place this card in your play area. This card cannot be discarded or shuffled into your deck. When applicable, effects from Overlord cards last 1 additional turn. This card does not count towards your desk size."
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