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  1. Just to make sure, is your first specialization a F&D spec? If you started in an Age of Rebellion or Edge of the Empire spec and then purchased Makashi Duelist, you don't actually get Force Rating 1 from that (you need to get Exile or Emergent first), and Makashi Technique is a force talent. That would cause it to not give you the option.
  2. One of the other players in my game is a droid that's a droid tech, building other droids. We tried to get him to come up with a designation to go by, but he didn't want to...he decided he just wanted to go by Bob. So the rest of us decided it's actually Builder Of Bots, and would be BO-B or something. He isn't as onboard with that idea, no clue why (Then again, i'm the bad influence that got one guy to name his human smuggler San Holo, and that we should name our YT-1300 starting ship the Century Eagle...)
  3. Shows up next to the rarity, correct? That's just to let you know it's restricted, so if authorities discover that it could have consequences in game since it's not legal in many places.
  4. Crafting Lightsabers bug: When I try crafting any of the one-handed lightsabers, if I select the "Two-Handed" option for 1 advantage it does not seem to increase the damage or encumbrance the way it's supposed to. Whenever I print out the character sheet it has the base damage without the +1 for two-handed and the encumbrance is 1. The stat block in the program does show a line with "Damage Mod: +1", but it doesn't seem to add that in ever and also doesn't show the higher encumbrance.
  5. When I look up Thermal Detonator, it only appears to have Breach 1. It has Blast 15 though. So maybe Ogg capped it at 10 for whatever reason - breach 10 is pretty dang high it seems like to me.
  6. Only announcement I could find was for the next Destiny expansion, Empire at War. Nothing on the RPG or miniatures lines.
  7. Sorry, I didn't clarify well for myself at least I guess Oggdude. In my case at least I never had any of the Hidden Depths stuff imported until I was checking. I did a first time import of them, but did the encounters and then the adversaries. Not sure if that was the case for anyone else by any chance.
  8. I just removed and then imported adversaries followed by encounters, that seems to be fixing it... And looking at the Read Me First file in the Hidden Depths folder, I see it even gives us an order to do it in. Sorry for not RTFMing first on my part I need to pay more attention to that stuff...Sorry about that, Oggdude!
  9. I tried the hidden depths encounters just now too, and also can't get it to print. Further, if I go to modify the encounter, it does not have any adversaries showing up in the Current Adversaries area. I tried this also with the Spark of Rebellion encounters, and THOSE worked fine. It seems like it's not properly linking the adversaries to the encounters anymore or something. I don't know why it'd work for some encounters but not others though.
  10. To add to this since I just tried this out: it looks like it's happening with at least several weapons with no crit rating. I tried all the weapons in the "Explosive/Other" category, with "Stun" in their name that had no crit rating, and they all received a rating of 1 when I added them to my inventory. Might be a default value getting copied over by mistake or something?
  11. If you look next to the cost of the talent, there's an icon that looks like a play button - click on that to bring the options box up again. Also if you print the character sheet, on the page with XP earned, used, etc and the list of talents you've bought - the talent description will note what skill was selected.
  12. Great work @OggDude 2.0 looks great and one the new crafting implementation. Definitely looking forward to seeing that implemented for lightsabers in the future too! Is anyone having issues with setting Campaign name for characters and having it stay? I have to play some more but it does not seem to want to work right for at least my one existing character. Have to fiddle more tomorrow and see if it's just something weird with that one character.
  13. I've had fairly bad luck so far...9 booster packs, 0 legendaries. Two characters, one Tusken Raider and one Leia (sans card...) so not very good options on the lightside to combine with the other characters yet. I did get 1 sith holocron which will be nice if I get more expensive blue upgrades. Also pulled two starter rares (BB-8 and Rey's staff).
  14. I can say in addition to swapped dies/cards, missing is also possible. During the launch event, I opened a pack that had a Leia die but no Leia card - there was just no rare/legendary card in the pack. Just the three commons and an uncommon. I'm still working to try to get it resolved with FFG, sent them a new request with a picture of the die last night. Unfortunately I didn't think to save the booster wrapper at the time and didn't get a receipt at the LGS. I think partially I didn't think of it since I knew FFG has been so good in the past, i've had good experiences with them on this stuff previously, and since it's a character card I needed replaced...there's not much reason to scam a character card from them that I can see (about the only scenario I can think of off-hand is if you swiped a die from someone else but not the card). We'll see - if their policies are going to be like people are saying in this thread for errors they make then i'm not sure if i'll keep my two box pre-order.
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