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  1. 14 Players, 8 to Hammer @Visovics - @PodRacer - @GhostofNobodyInParticular - @Rajam - @Madaghmire - @Ardaedhel - @CaribbeanNinja - (1) Rajam @ovinomanc3r - @BrobaFett - @TheToad - @Ginkapo - (2) Madaghmire, JJs Juggernaught @EbonHawk - @JJs Juggernaut - (1) Ginkapo @WigTii -
  2. After watching yesterday's stream, I can say that I'm quite excited for the digital game. I'll admit that I had been hoping for something like the digital version of Sentinels of the Multiverse - identical to the base game, just with much more automation. But watching the new streams has convinced me. Now to wish that OCTGN could have more automation to it...
  3. Not per se. But real world equivalents have. In particular, I'm thinking of the research into epilepsy and similar things and their relationship to reported spiritual experiences. Or historical and textual criticism of ancient religious texts. Both are reasonable equivalents, I think.
  4. Hmm...I'm not sure I agree with that one. As a scientist myself, I still find much awe in the universe. And as a religious person, I haven't found that my study of science has interfered with my faith. If anything, it has deepened it and brought it nuance.
  5. I do think that Star Wars would be better without them. And I like the mysticism of the sequels better than the technobabble of the prequels. But I don't think that the technobabble ruined Star Wars or anything. In fact, the idea of Jedi trying to explain the Force using midichlorians or some other scientific explanation seems to fit with the way the Order is portrayed in the prequels and the Clone Wars series. And for what it's worth, the Clone Wars series and Rebels after it brings a lot of mysticism to the table. And I fully agree that the idea that science and religion are diametrically opposed is a sad fallacy.
  6. On midi- chlorians, I read an article the other day that neatly sums up how I feel. Basically, they aren't that bad, frankly. They don't get rid of the mystical nature of the force, they just push it back one level. They don't create the force, merely enable living beings to connect to it. And if we via the Jedi as potentially fallible narrators, then it makes things even more interesting.
  7. Sorry, this should have been in the setup post... Every player gets one vote. If you want to vote on a new person, you must first unvote. If the turn ends with a player having a vote on more than one person, only the first vote will get counted. I'll quote our standard rules here.
  8. All PMs are out! Day 1 starts now! Please respond to the thread with ##role confirmed once you have read your PM. Also, for night turns, all players with a night action - if you do not want to use your action that night, please respond to the PM with ##sleep. Player List @Visovics - Ge Ne'rator @PodRacer - Big Shaq @GhostofNobodyInParticular - Gotth Eruns @Rajam - Dunn Drall @Madaghmire - Biggus Dickus @Ardaedhel - Michael Scarn @CaribbeanNinja - Eldo Khan @ovinomanc3r - Eldo's Worst Nightmare @BrobaFett - Candi Ordo (no relation) @TheToad - Mr. Toad @Ginkapo - Earl Wallace of Naboo @EbonHawk - Benjamin Dewellyn @JJs Juggernaut - Incontinentia Buttocks @WigTii - Tion Rai
  9. Signups are closed! Role PMs will go out shortly! Rules clarifications (will be added to the OP): If 2 hackers try to redirect the same target, their redirects will cancel out, and the target will act without influence. A Scout attempting to track a Pilot who used their ability will get the same response as if the Pilot had not used it. That's all of the potentially weird situations that occur to me off the top of my head. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask in-thread on in your role PM.
  10. This Saturday should be the last bit of the first day along with the first part of night 1. You'll miss the end of D1 voting (unless hammer falls early), but the night won't close until all actions are in or until the end of the 24-hour period.
  11. I am reasonably active at the 17th Shard, a fan forum for Brandon Sanderson - one of my favorite authors writing in fantasy today. Mostly, I play forum Mafia there, but I occasionally dip into theorycrafting or other book discussion. I also still occasionally participate in the scenario design and modding forums at AoKHeaven, one of the forums for Age of Empires II. I put together a total conversion mod for that game based on the Wheel of Time fantasy series a while back, but I haven't done much interesting there in a while. And that's about it for me. EDIT - Oh, I also participate some in the LOTR LCG community on this site.
  12. Glad to see you! The scum have a faction kill that can be used by any member of the faction. If there is an infiltrator, then the tracker can still follow them like normal, but the Role Cop and Faction Cop don't work against themm
  13. New Mafia game is up! Ever wanted to smuggle weapons to a Separatist holdout under the noses of the New Order? Or perhaps wanted to bring the might of the Empire to bear against the scum that dare to resist? Signups are open for 24 hours! Everyone is welcome!
  14. Glad to see such interest! Signups will remain open for 24 hours longer, to make sure that everyone who might want to join sees the announcement, at which time the game will begin. I'll create a thread in the main forum as well.