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  1. My favorite ffg game is the lotr lcg. As a co-op card game, it occupies kind of a unique space. I'd like to see a co-op star wars card game in that vein - playing decks against the game instead of a head to head experience.
  2. Gandalf, yes. Radagast and Treebeard? No. We have no framework effect today tells us what to do with resources on an ally. Because of that, we can only spend ally's resources on the things the ally says we can spend them on.
  3. IIRC, we weren't told that they'd come in a cycle, just that they would show up in a regular lotr lcg product. I think that the best odds are on the starter set as a standalone product with regular art, separate from the collectors edition
  4. Amen to that! If you think you might find it helpful, check out some YouTube playthroughs of the quest you're struggling with.
  5. I remain unconvinced that the Against the Shadow cycle is meant to play through the events of T.A. 3018 and that particular probing attack into Gondor. We know that a century earlier (2901) that raids by Orcs and Haradrim drove most of the population of Ithilien across the river. Surely the border hadn't been quiet since then. In 3018, there is a probing attack to test the defenses of Gondor in preparation for the attack on Minas Tirith that came in 3019, but there could easily have been an attack between 10 and 20 years earlier, in which Boromir and Faramir distinguished themselves.
  6. I'm torn on this one. Yesterday, I would have told you that the absolute worst thing you could do for this game (short of making Orc playable characters on the hero's side, perhaps) was to introduce a One Ring player card outside of the Saga expansions. I never really thought about Smeagol as an option, but if I had, it would not have been far behind on the list of worst things you could do. Frankly, as of yesterday, I would have rather had the game end than introduce these player cards to the game. But, I trust Caleb. I trust his design instincts, and I trust that just like he came around to a different point of view, so can I. I hope so, at least. The spoiled cards so far seem to indicate that he's taking the appropriate amount of care and thought with this. I hope the final product that emerges at the end of the cycle is a game as true to Tolkien's vision of his world as the game was as of yesterday.
  7. Another thing to pay attention to is that LOTR is not the only game FFG makes, nor is it the biggest or most popular. FFG has limited resources in terms of printing and manufacturing capabilities - LOTR competes for printer time with any number of their other lines. So sure, they could sell a lot of product if they prioritized our beloved LCG. But if printing new KeyForge decks is more profitable than LOTR reprints (news flash: new anything is probably more profitable than reprints of almost any game; new stuff just draws in more players), then they certainly aren't making poor business decisions by not prioritizing reprints. Now, it would be nice if they could upgrade printer capacity to meet demand, so that they could do reprints in addition to the new stuff, but without seeing their finances and cash flow, it's hard to say categorically that they are making poor business decisions. It could very well be that the cost of acquiring new printing capacity (probably through new contracts with new Chinese manufacturers, with all of the time and money that making sure the new company matches up to existing standards implies) is more than could be recouped by a faster reprint schedule. Another consideration is that FFG was just blindsided by the demand for the game. The recent reprints disappeared remarkably fast, and it could very well be that they are planning to increase the schedule moving forward since the demonstrated demand for the game is more than they expected.
  8. I rather expect that Tolkien was not using the American sense of the word (which itself is passing out of fashion), meaning ugly or unattractive. Rather, I expect he used it to mean exactly what the word looks like (which is apparently how it is still used in British English). Having the qualities of a home. Comfortable, welcoming, safe, etc.
  9. Movement templates: the side of the range ruler with the squadron movement marked on it?
  10. I really enjoy the Cymoon. I run it with Tarkin, intensify fire, an Arq with trcs, an instigator raider (the standard build), and 2x assault Gozantis to get consistent red dice pings at long range
  11. Oh, it was certainly the intent to boost Lorefindel. It's still probably too powerful as it stands, because it works better on other heroes. I could just do the resource generation bit, or I could have it be choose 1: add a resource to that hero's resource pool, ready that hero, or (some third effect). One note is that it doesn't have to be attached to the hero that is spending the resource - it's like rune master in that way.
  12. Here's my idea for an Elena hero, and her signature song, the Lay of Twilight. I'm considering switching the Defense and Willpower values around, because I'm not sure that the strong defense is thematically sound, but I like the uniqueness of this stat line.
  13. One possibility with Spirit Pippin, though I haven't looked at it enough to see if it would actually work well, might be to engage an enemy and then push them back to land on a trap that you played into the staging area after they got revealed. Dunno if it's enough of a use case, but it seems intriguing.
  14. Also true, but the action of an Imladris caregiver or warden of healing is easier to sacrifice than the action of a hero. And with all the condition attachment burdens in that quest, I liked athelas better. But for a quest with less conditions, I'd definitely look at the herbs
  15. I mean, that's why they went with the app to begin with, along with the pregen squads. I was just spitballing a way to answer the objection that you can't play everything right out of the box. If you're doing the pdf online anyways, it doesn't hurt to print off a current-as-of-printing copy and put it in the box. I'm a fan of the mixed media idea, personally, and wish armada had an app that could be updated on the fly. I just think that there a valid point in the midst of all the complaints about wanting to be able to play straight out of the box which could have been answered easily. Sure it would be ridiculously complicated, and people who tried it would see exactly why the move to the app happened. Perhaps another move could have been to make the app available offline.
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