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  1. I'll second the strength of a Thurindir side-quest deck. It can get insanely powerful. I've got a 2-player unpublished fellowship somewhere that was basically a standard Dunedain deck of the "engage all the enemies" variety paired with a Thurindir deck whose primary purpose is to run Gather Information round 1 and use it to fetch Keep Watch. Between that setup, ally Arwen, and Entangling Nets for really big enemies, I had a Vigilant Dunadan blocking practically every enemy on the board without exhausting. They aren't a good fit for every quest, but in the early game, side quests are almost always worth the turn you spend on them. It can even be worth completing 2 or 3 in a row if you've tuned your decks in that direction.
  2. I'm using Argalad for my narrative campaign series on my blog, and I quite enjoy him. His ability is deceptively powerful, even without readying. For LdEomer, I've got to admit that I like him less than the other staging area attack options. That said, I did make a pure solo deck with Eomer, Fastred, and Galadriel that used Herugrim and Nenya to swing for insane attack into the staging area, and that deck was just fun to play. I love both Fastred and spirit Merry - although I've only ever used that version for a thematic pelennor deck. Other than that, the heroes on your list are all on mine too. I haven't really used LdImrahil much either - I think I need to give him a chance.
  3. New t LoTR LCG

    We have gotten a number of Elf-themed cards (both Silvan and Noldor - the two traits play out very differently). But they are spread out a little bit more than the Dwarf support. The closest thing you could get would be the Grey Havens deluxe box, I think. You get a couple of powerful Noldor heroes, one of the 3 Elven Rings of Power, and some Elf allies of varying usefulness. The quests in the box are much more complex than quests in the early cycles of the game, though, so the learning curve might be quite steep. Other highly important packs for the Noldor trait would be the Dread Realm, for hero Arwen and the event Elven-Light - an essential component of many such decks. Also, Treachery of Rhuadar for the hero variant of Erestor, which almost single-handedly defines the Noldor archetype. There are some other really useful ones - Shadow and Flame for Elrond, and Foundations of Stone for the Spirit variant of Glorfindel, along with Asfaloth and Light of Valinor. For the Silvan Trait, you want at least the Dunland Trap, for hero Celeborn, and the event The Tree People, which starts to define the Silvan archetype. The rest of the Ringmaker cycle will give you more events focused on the Silvan archetype and more useful Silvan allies (and two exceptional Heroes - Galadriel and Haldir) to use them with. Neither of the elven archetypes will be as straightforward to play or deckbuild for as Dwarves will, though. As for 2-player decks for playing through Khazad-dum, try The Line Unbroken - a progression style series that only uses cards that were available at the time of the release. I've linked you to the Khazad-dum blog entry.
  4. Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. The first quest is written up! https://thewhitetower.wordpress.com/2018/03/04/agents-of-the-white-council-passage-through-mirkwood/
  5. New t LoTR LCG

    I always point new players towards https://hallofbeorn.wordpress.com/beorns-path/, probably one of the best resources for teaching the process of deckbuilding in a core set context. It's also got high-quality decks. But yeah, I definitely wouldn't attempt Dol Guldur with the mono-sphere decks that the game comes with. It might be possible to win that way, but you will lose so often it won't be fun anymore.
  6. Combat Oriented Flotillas

    As fun as that would be... Cracken is a thing. Which makes a full combat flotilla game risk a matchup loss
  7. Fair enough - I'm just a little skeptical of your results, since a number of pictures showing the Quasar and the Arquitens in the same shot make the Quasar look on the order of double the Arquitens length, and certainly more than 20% longer. (I'd link it, but apparently it's a larger file size than I'm allowed to) Of course, the CR90s in that picture don't look half the size of the Arquitens, so the problem may be that the arquitens is smaller than it should be in those Rebels shots
  8. How would you expect FFG's sliding scale to impact those measurements? I'd expect the Rebels show to be a better baseline than the models that aren't necessarily in-scale. Here's a link to a page with a shot of the Quasar Fire up against a Star Destroyer and a couple of Arquitens. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Attack_on_Phoenix_Squadron_(3_BBY) It looks like the Quasar fire is at least double the length of the light cruiser I believe that the best estimate for the Interdictor based on comparative sizes in the Rebels show was about 1000m. @Drasnighta - IIRC, you were the one that got that number?
  9. Erkenbrand and Wolf Rider

    Fair enough.
  10. Erkenbrand and Wolf Rider

    Why is clarification needed? That's how all attacks in the game function. For regular attacks, you may declare a character as a defender. If you don't, the attack is undefended. Why should the Wolf Rider's attack be different? Does the shadow card need to reprint the entire section on attacking in the rules?
  11. Erkenbrand and Wolf Rider

    I mean, you can feel free to play it however you like. But I'm not seeing any ambiguity in the rules at all. An enemy attacks you, you exhaust a character to declare it as the defender against that attack. The shadow card is the Wolf Rider, which makes a new attack. That attack either requires a new defender, or it must be taken undefended. Full stop. There is no reading of the rules as written in which the already-exhausted defender defending against the original attack gets to also defend against the Wolf Rider's attack unless you have played a card effect that lets exhausted characters defend. TL;DR - It's a new attack. You must declare a new defender or take the attack undefended.
  12. Erkenbrand and Wolf Rider

    I'm also pretty sure that that's not an option. If you do not declare a defender, the attack is undefended. You don't get to use the same defender against the wolf rider's attack unless you have a means of readying them.
  13. Erkenbrand and Wolf Rider

    Unless otherwise noted, I'm pretty sure you have to exhaust a character to declare it as a defender
  14. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

    الخاتمة كبيرة, غق مقابل جج, يوم الخميس الصاعة العشرة بتوقيت غرينيتش! Gah! Stupid website won't put the exclamation point in the right place
  15. I was thinking along the same lines for the Dreadnought, except something like a red and a black or two forward. Maybe a non-unique title to give a bonus for making only a single attack though, which could further stack with Slaved Turrets