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  1. Observer's doc for me this time
  2. Welcome back! Perfect timing - I just caught up on the series, so a new episode is great news. I like these old player card reviews - especially when you bring in the allusions to cards in the modern card pool.
  3. I'm still not sure how the town messed that one up. But it was entertaining to watch. Sorry for my bad reasoning this game.
  4. Is Eomer's ability a player card effect that an enemy can be immune to, or is it like Dunhere and Quick Strike, where I can still attack an enemy immune to player card effects in the staging area.
  5. I like it a lot! Bofur is an excellent fit, and Silvan Refugee too. I might have to try and fit them in my deck - they might give even better results than Escort from Edoras (it's not like I have sufficient copies of Guthwine to be able to effectively use the recycle). Especially since you are likely to fail the quest on early rounds. Favor of the Lady is pulling double duty in that deck - it's probably much more worth the cost as a result. Do you put it on Galadriel, to maintain access to the extra willpower if Eomer isn't questing, or do you put it on Eomer so he can boost his attack during the combat phase too? Finally, how useful do you find Elrond's Counsel in the deck? I had it in earlier versions, but I ended up cutting it for space.
  6. I've run a few tests, with the most recent version (I don't know if the links update to edited versions - pardon me if the new link is unnecessary), and the deck has proven to be remarkably resilient against early unsuccessful questing so far. And when it gets going, man is it powerful.
  7. So - I'm defending with Fastred against an attack, and the shadow card reads "The attacking enemy makes an additional attack after this one." After defending the attack, I trigger Fastred to reduce my threat by 2, return the enemy to the staging area. Does the additional attack still trigger? Further question: what if the shadow card read "After this attack, the attacking enemy engages the next player and makes an immediate attack." My assumption is that, since both triggers happen after the attack, I can choose the order in which they resolve. Which means that for the first situation, the additional attack is cancelled. But for the second one, either the engagement and immediate attack happens before I send it back to the staging area, or I send it back to the staging area, and then it engages the next player and attacks. Am I correct in this?
  8. Not a bad idea. I lose the bounce-back of Fastred, but get a more solid defender. Probably worth a run or two.
  9. Actually, it might be worth dropping Legacy of Numenor in favor of Steward of Gondor. That gives the Gondor trait, so I can drop the Protectors of Lorien in favor of Livery of the Tower (or maybe just 1 of each - I like the ability to discard extra in-hand cards). Put Steward on Fastred, and so on. It's a 2-card combo, true, but Steward isn't a dead card at all. I've played a few runs, and I've consistently felt the resource crunch in both spheres, even with Legacy. And, while the Doomed 4 is not a problem at all after the the threat reduction engine gets running, it can often be deadly in the early game, when it is most needed. Steward would fix that. And granting the Gondor trait - along with the possibility of surplus resources - makes Livery of the Tower a live option. I think it's worth a couple of test runs, at least. I love Light in the Dark. But with Fastred, I find it hard to justify the deck space. Canceling an attack is nice, but I like Ride Them Down better as a 2-cost dangerous attack nullifier - it gets rid of the enemy instead of just cancelling the attack and moving it back to the staging area. On the other hand, it only works on non-unique enemies, and it only works if you have enough surplus quest progress to eliminate the enemy, where Light in the Dark guarantees one cancelled attack. I can see the argument for either.
  10. I'm conflicted on this one - you're absolutely right on the benefits of the Envoy, but the potential for Guthwine recycling with the Scout makes me think that the choice isn't immediately clear. I'll test the deck with both chump blockers and see which one runs better. Who knows, maybe I'll end up wanting both. Agreed 100%, the only difficulty is figuring out what to cut. But that's really a function of testing again. I should be able to try it against one or two quests today, and more at the beginning of next week. My first impulse is that A Light in the Dark is the least necessary card in the deck, perhaps tied with Elrond's Counsel. Maybe Ride Them Down, but of my emergency event buttons, it's the one I prefer. Also, I wish leadership had access to a hit point boost. That 3 hp on Fastred is just so squishy. It's why I normally run him with Raiment of War.
  11. You and I seem to be thinking among the same lines. Here's a rebuild of the deck to include Fastred that I've been working on today - unpublished because I haven't actually tested it yet. It seems to go in the same directions you brought up. Interesting that we both went to sneak attack Gandalf. I also like Escort from Edoras for saving your questing for a turn, thus buying you time to dig for Nenya. I think it depends on the quest. Might be that way against Journey Along the Anduin - if your threat passes 30 because you quested unsuccessfully on the first round, there's not much you can do to salvage the run. But other quests can be more forgiving in that regard.
  12. Sure, but if you don't get Nenya round 1... I guess it just feels swingy and inconsistent. Of course, it's not like Arwen was much better. Less swingy on the quests, but more swingy on defense - if you got a low engagement cost enemy round 1.
  13. I agree that Fastred is the obvious hero choice in a multiplayer context - even in 2 players, and most certainly in 4. What he offers can't be beat. I'm not as convinced he's best in solo. I'll admit that I considered him - he can handle most low engagement cost enemies on his own and replaces A light in the dark and terrible to behold. And with ally Arwen, he's even better. Do y'all think that Fastred/Galadriel/Eomer could be viable in solo?
  14. So, @DezzyBassist gave me an interesting idea - what if we used Galadriel to boost Eomer's willpower while questing with nenya, and then used Herugrim with it to boost his attack? That's 8 attack without any other attachments. I've put together a quick deck for that in the deck-building forum, and I think it might have potential.