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  1. Onidsen

    Mount Doom - did we win?

    Isn't this a situation that happens often in a multiplayer game. The players still win if one has threated out
  2. Escape from Dol Guldur is up!
  3. Have you considered doing your deckbuilding on something like ringsdb and then just using your limited playtime to pull the exact cards you want out and make the deck?
  4. 1. You will need either the core set or, by all accounts, the collectors edition. It appears that the collector's edition has everything that you need to play a 2-player game. 2. 1 core set supports 2 players. With a full card pool, you can easily build decks for 4 players, but you will be missing enough cardboard to handle 4-players. (However, you don't technically need the cardboard, especially if you are willing to use custom tokens to replace the cardboard in the first place) 3. I have only played it as a 4-player game on a few occasions, but it's been quite fun. My preferred method of play is two-handed - where I control 2 decks as if I were 2 players, because I like building decks with synergy between them and experiencing that first-hand. A 4-player game is much longer, and is a completely different experience in terms of how the game feels. But I've liked every player count I've played the game with.
  5. If you want to get tricky, you can always play Elf-friend on the Warrior of Dale. That opens up Rivendell Blades and the Bow of the Galadhrim. Certainly harder to pull off, and perhaps of dubious value, but worth including for completeness sake if nothing else.
  6. If you've been watching the FFI Twitch streams on the digital game, the quest "Lost in Mirkwood" is a branching, multiple paths quest that changes based on the locations you travel to. I'd assume this is similar. Quest side A or C starts a path that traveling to further objective locations continues or modified in some way. Don't know the specifics, but the similarities are too striking to be ignored.
  7. Onidsen

    1 core set

    These days, the card pool has many more options that can fill in for the powerful one-ofs from the core set. Multiple core sets are absolutely not necessary to make effective and fun decks. The only reason to get multiple core sets is if you want to build specific power decks, and you can easily just print off or proxy the few cards you'd need for that. Definitely go for adventure packs before you get a second core set.
  8. Ha! I love it. The beauty of this game is that you can, by and large, play the game however you like, with whatever restrictions you like. I've done both. Sometimes I build decks for a quest. Sometimes I build decks and then test then against a number of quests. Right now, I'm running a narrative campaign where I follow mostly the same heroes through every quest in the game, and I love the story feel. Whatever way feels most fun to you, play it.
  9. Onidsen

    Limit on Mounts

    I'm not sure it's technically a flavour fail. Historically, mounted warriors often kept multiple horses, either for different purposes (long range riding rather than combat) or as backups for if their primary mount was injured or killed. Of course, you can only ride one at a time, but I don't mind multiple mounts representing a mounted warrior's train.
  10. Onidsen

    Locations in the Staging Area

    It immediately leaves play.
  11. Onidsen

    Necromancer's Pass

    Also, if you have less than 2 cards in your hand, you can't travel there.
  12. Onidsen

    Suggestion: Core Set Complementary Pack

    Well, 2 core sets opens up 3-4 player options, if you want all the players to have official components. In addition, many players play on OCTGN, an online platform, which allows you to use as many core sets as you want to create your decks. I've seen paired decks there with 3 copies of Unexpected Courage in each deck, which would otherwise require purchasing 6 core sets, which would be overkill for just about everyone. Personally, I only own 2. The first is my own, and the second came from purchasing a friend's collection. I find it nice because I can supply all the cards for my family and friends when we want to play a 4-player game.
  13. Finally! The interlude bridging Journey along the Anduin and Escape From Dol Guldur is up!
  14. Onidsen

    Dunedain Warning

    Most certainly. Any attachment that does not say "limit one per hero" may have multiple copies attached to a single hero.
  15. Onidsen

    Roam Across Rhovanion

    Also - does Woodman's path breathe any new life into Lorien Guide (that is - guaranteed explore active location in 1 turn, regardless of questpoints or even succeeding while questing)? Or does the 3-cost still make it a less-than-ideal option? I could see a use for it in 4-player games to counter location lock, especially if you have attachment recursion for Woodman's path.