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  1. thx a million aldous . even thou i got a few years of miniature painting under the belt im still very fresh to the terrain building, was thinking of creating some kind of korriban setting such as from the swtor mmo. and having huge gun turrets such as yours fits right in.
  2. awesome board mind showing the gun turret a bit more up close and what materials where used for it ?
  3. http://www.dailyinfographic.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/stormtroopers.png if any1 needs some inspiration
  4. agree on keeping the paint job its fun to sometimes pop open an older box and see how much you progressed in the years. as for painting guides there are some good ones on youtube sorastro for one is very well done though i didnt really like painting white the wy he does on his storm troopers. but thats my own personal preference. other guides that will give you good explaination on painting certain colours or techniques are dr. fausts painting clinic/ privateer press prime.
  5. So added a red stripe with some lighter pieces wanted some sort of sloppy roller affect on it probably going to add the 2nd checker pattern tomorrow
  6. Hello everyone, First of i apologise if the images are to big or something, posting this off my phone and im not very good at this kind of stuff. 2nd i recently got into x-wing and like mcdonalds im loving it. Im also amazed at some of the fantastic repaints so i decided to steal some ideas of people such as the imperial logo on the wings etc. And came up with this however after sleeping over im still not happy with the design for some reason, the right side of the punisher seems a bit lacking and something that happenend to be a black tie is turning more into a black n white. So to make a long story short should i try a 2nd checker pattern on the right turbine maybe even with some colour or add a blood stripe on the right pannel or would that be a tad overkill? Or just strip it right down and start over? Basicly looking for some ideas seeing im all run out on ideas >> gif image hosting
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