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  1. Hello everyone. I just wanted to get the word out here that I launched an X-Wing 2.0 centric app this weekend. Currently it handles ONLY the new damage deck if you're trying out a 2.0 game. You can deal out damage cards and reveal/repair crits. A full squad builder is already being worked on that will be updated in the same app. So if any of that sounds like something you're interested in, you can download it here: Download Link Thanks X-Wing community. Keep being awesome.
  2. I think the issue is that people arent posting things like "I'm happy with 1.0 and don't plan on converting, let's get a group together to help find games and update faq's after 2.0 drops". The posts have more of a "burn it to the ground, ffg is a big evil corporation and you should be mad too" type of vibe. Not saying there arent any valid complaints, but I've seen very very few I can even relate to.
  3. anyone know what was in the top 16 that didnt make it to the top 8? I cant find it anywhere.
  4. I assume you're joking. But if you're not, how about a real broad piece of information that is unspecific enough that you could guess and still get it right. What is a single list archetype would be impacted? Ego? Ghost Fenn? Imperial Aces? For example, if you knew that TLT was getting nerfed you could say Ego. We wouldnt know if the change impacting the list was TLT, Miranda's ability, harpoons, Lowhhrick, Fenn's ability, etc.
  5. If FFG ever did any thing about TLT, which at this point I'm not convinced they will, I'd guess it to be more along the lines of the decloak fix. They'd rather modify external rules like the main rulebook or a reference card than the actual upgrade cards. Changing upgrade turret rules to in the rulebook for the defender to add an extra defense die when defending out of arc or at range 3 (or something like that) would go a long way to fix a lot of issues and make flying matter more. It doesn't instantly make miranda, ghost, dash, etc completely useless. It lowers their power level just enough that a lot of other ships can actually compete.
  6. Make sure to register even if you arent planning on going.
  7. Glad to hear that as of this week you finally got good enough to attend worlds if you so choose.
  8. I hate bomb-wing and the endless turrets with hyper accuracy, but regardless Im still excited to watch worlds stream
  9. I don't really have a big problem with VI and Adaptability. I see the design issues it creates, but I don't mind them. Everything else you said her, I can't agree with more. I even legit like rebel regen, but Miranda is hella dumb with TLT and low, biggs, fenn backup. R2-D2 I actually like (but get that it is worth way more than 4 pts), but I wouldn't mind if all regen was more like Gonk, R5-P9, and Chopper.
  10. Duncan just doesn't want people being able to see his play style/openings/etc. And no one is mad at them for forgetting an easy to miss trigger in round 11.
  11. I actually heard them say that they weren't going to interfere unless its a game-changing or game deciding type of game-state issue, at which point they'd get the judge. That happened and they didn't get the judge. I just don't understand why on earth they would refuse to tell the judge. What can it hurt to pull the judge aside and tell them? What reason could you possibly have to watch the game state get wrecked, have people point it out, and decide to not tell a judge?
  12. Was there any stream for this event? Any idea what else made cut? Most importantly, what a clutch meta call to leave chips off the last scout!
  13. The original post which is what I've been responding to suggests that the meta is has been overwhelmingly improved by harpoons and the only support given to that claim is that small based ships with harpoons equipped are seeing play. From there he extrapolates that that means that arcs matter and that the decisions you make matter, implying that both of those were not the case before but are definitively true now. I'm saying that the sole fact that some ships with a missile slot seeing play is not in any way evidence that its good for meta or that the meta is improved. There are many terrible unfun ways to make small ships with a missile slot good that doesnt make the meta good, improved, or fun. One way is to make a 10-die overpowered missile, and I argue that another way is to make harpoons. The fact that swarms weren't incredibly prevalent at the time doesn't mean that you should release upgrades that make sure they never come back. And formation flying IS very effected by harpoons. FSR is the most resilient version of formation flying possible and it: 1) is not actually around and has only started cropping up recently because it can deal with the ghost 2) actually does still get dumpstered by 3bqd.
  14. Its not a straw-man argument, its an extreme example to get a point across. Just because that list of ships is good, doesnt mean the upgrade or the result is good or good for the game. Also, dont act like " but their effect on the meta has been overwhelmingly positive. " is an irrefutable fact. Its not even a generally accepted opinion. I think they've done literally nothing good for the game at all. They make Nym Miranda a whole lot more powerful than if they had to use concussions, punish formation flying, and further push out generics that dont have missile slots/cheap missile slots. I find them extremely unfun to play against. Just because something makes arcs matter, doesnt mean its a good idea. And what do you mean by scurrgs getting a 15% boost in wins? Are you arguing that harpoons are good because it makes Nym win 15% more?
  15. emperorscanaries


    I doubt they will ever stop having movie ships ready for movie release. I think their solution going forward is just to make the movie release ships good, even if say, the silencer doesnt have a missile that it technically should have. If it looks fast and dodgey, make it really fast and dodgey. If its bomby, make it really bomby. Then for any extra ships that you dont see enough of in the trailers, you just Tie Reaper it and release it a year later. I think they can do some pretty cool stuff with the falcon and its crew with the little bit we already know, and the new tie fighter seems like it has an obvious characteristic to build around with the vertical turret thing. It would be nice if they could at least get the 1-page breakdown of the ships from the visual guide before they have to design everything, but it doesnt sound like thats ever going to happen.
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