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  1. This is how they lost the rights to Dust 1947. The Dust designers had to take their game away from FF because of just this sort of thing.
  2. I have done the "try it out by proxy to see if I like it" before. Especially if it is a more expensive model/unit. But if I found I liked it (note I said liked it rather than it was effective because I'm the guy who plays stuff I think is cool or looks nice even though it may be considered a "trash unit"), THEN, I would go and buy/paint it up. When it was out of my price range or when I could convert something to look cooler, I would use the actual model or my cooler conversion. I am usually fairly careful when I make such posts as this because my stating that I thought the rule of cool should go for conversions and that the fun was more important than the win or loss got me banned from Portent/warseer/dakkadakka lol.
  3. For intro games (of any wargaming), I always try to concentrate on the basic mechanics that are used most often first. 1. A commander type that is basic and usually always a requirement. not one with a lot of fancy special rules but a basic one. Get to the fancy stuff later after the mechanics are down. 2. Troops... same as above. 3. Vehicles, I try to not include them for the first game at the very least. Thats a whole block of rules that can be addressed after the basics are down. 4. Try to use units that you have painted. Nice painted models always help with the imagery and keeping folks attention. Makes it more interesting and enticing. 5. Scenery, Try to use very basic stuff without special rules for now but like with the models, try to make sure its painted and looks nice. 6. try to stick with a theme. Just makes it look nicer and more professional. Hope this helps.
  4. They did this with the DUST1947 game and it worked very well until they lost the contract with that game's designers. Since then, Dust has kept those starter sets and they are still a hit. I'm actually surprised that FF did not do it with this game as well as it could earn them a higher profit margin and draw in more players.
  5. I started in rogue trader and did not get into the tourney scene till a later edition. That was when I came into the wysiwyg thing. I like doing it because of the challenge but I also realize the cost of doing it and how that can put many players at a disadvantage. I can understand wysiwyg because it DOES make it easier and makes it less to keep track of and I like the ability to magnatize (after I learned how to do it well, I went nuts with it and think it is cool to switch stuff about). Not everyone has that level of skill or the cash to buy extra models and there is always gonna be "that guy" who will abuse it to gain advantage over those less skilled or fortunate. To me, the game and the hobby itself is more important than the immediate win. I even enjoyed using models from wargames as my D&D and rpg characters and magnatize them. I really like that this game evidently does not force it on us leaving it optional.
  6. I dont know the official ruling but the ones ive seen make sense. I never was a fan of forcing folks into wysiwyg. To be, its a jerk move. If I can look at your list or your cards, I know what you have (just dont be a jerk and not remind me if I lose track in game absently thinking it is what is modeled because that also would be a jerk move). I prefer the "rule of cool". I would never force an opponant into it even in a tourney. That being said, I have always understood that for many, the win is more important than the fun and always done my best to wysiwyg on my own models just to cover my butt in tourneys.
  7. Check out the dark eldar skiffs from 40k. From the looks of them, they are modeled after Jabbas skiff. kitbashing one of those with legion could be interesting.
  8. I thought this sort of question only came up in in 40k.
  9. I see nothing wrong with putting out an expansion set for the units in a generic pose with the interchangable hands so you could pop on or off what you needed (different heavy weapon options, hand held gear or hand held controls for large weapons like the eweb). Would be much better than having the expansions the way they currently are.
  10. I meant excited in a negative way as in coming in and trolling/insulting us for having the discussion.
  11. This is all just speculation and ideas. Fans of the movies/books and wargaming talking about what could be done and what could make sense. Confirmed or not, we have seen what is said in live streams and what actually happens do not always match. No need to get overly excited one way or the other.
  12. Could also include cards in the set for current bounty hunters or put in an addendum saying which ones could be in scum. maybe even give them variant items or rules when working with scum as imperials might normally frown upon some tactics or illegal items.
  13. I wouldnt put jabba in a starter set. I would do him as an expansion for folks who want to have him or for battles in his area. BUT, his would definately be a faction I would include in a starter. You could look through the fluff to find one of his commanders to flesh out or create one for him. Possibly upgrade one of the guys in the movies that you see and does not have a backstory for.
  14. If they are smart, they will. It would not only be a huge draw to current players to start new armies but a huge draw to bring in new players altogether.
  15. I might have you beat. I had a concrete lawn gargoyle painted up and gave him chaos tattoos. I remember lifting it up onto my old table for such games as it matched my chaos army. Just to show players the hobby aspect in making your table themed to your army. I find that these things (as I am sure you have too) not only helps players be interested in the hobby aspect but to spark the desire for such things in them.
  16. in learning games for all the games that i have played, We were more worried about learning the basic rules and mechanics than worrying about turn limit or even who wins. I would say look at the individual situation and go from there. I could be that going beyond 6 rounds could help so long as itis understood thatitis just to get a little more time in if you dont have enough for a second game. I would even take randome units just because the models looked super cool or the unit had flavorful imagery if i thought it would spark interest in the game in terms of cool value or the hobby aspect.
  17. People to play would be my top item on a wish list.
  18. I brought this very topic up a while back (and I'm sure someone else did before me). You can easily combine all 3 of the games into a campaign. Map based would be great. You could go large scale and have folders. A large hex space map to cover the overall area. A folder for each occupied sector that contains planets or combat areas. maps and such for them all. Armada to cover the overall space hex map combat. Split up between x wing and legion for system or planet combat. The idea I had for my group was each of us being "crime lords" who could buy equipment on the black market from any of the forces and hire troops to use it. That way, we would be able to mix and match from all of the "armies".
  19. A little off topic but related... Have you seen the article that shows where some of the stuff came from? Like IG88's head was a repurposed light from the cantina and Bossk's flight suit came from and old Dr. Who set?
  20. Exactly. It is that ease of working with it that helps add to it's having more variety than soft plastic. Both hard and soft can be worked with to customize and make your own variety but the hard just offers so much much in that regard. ****, I remember with the old BT01s where folks were cutting and reattaching parts and filling in so that they could model the guys laying on their bellys and using sprue to make missile launchers. Heck, you can even grind up sprue to make your own rubble terrain. There is just no comparison. BUT.... it comes at the cost of a higher price tag and I can totally understand why some would not want to go that route because they just are not in it for the hobby aspect or are short on funds. They just need to come out and say those are the reasons (as some have) instead of arguing the soft plastic is just as good for the hobby aspect because when they do that, they undermine their own credibility.
  21. Hard plastics ARE easier to work with and offer a MUCH wider tage of options. Of course, as we see, many less experienced gamers/modelers do not really know how to work with them or get the best use out of them. My issue on them is cost. They are more expensive. As you dont need to build large armies in this game, I personally dont find that to be big enough of an issue to fuss over.I'd be happy to see all models move to that to make it easier for assembly and conversion. On the points, I would like to see it go the way of x-wing and have a living document that can be adjusted on paper without having to worry about it being on the cards. Would allow greater flexibility for tweaking and updating.
  22. Luckily for the modelers, the new hard plastics offer a wide variety of poses and options that are not available with models like bossk. Clippers do go a long way. As does magnets and dremils and spare parts from other games and experience (all of which are easier and safer to use on hard plastics). Side note, just saw the new commanders out. Will likely be getting Cassian and his buddy. that droid was a highlight of the movie for me.
  23. I have not seen the Sabine and Rex models but I do have the Bossk one and it has zero customization besides the 2 options. The parts fit into the slots with no posability options whatsoever without hacking into the soft plastic which any modeler will tell you is a nightmare. Not to put anyone down because they prefer working with soft plastic. It is a preference. The simple fact that cannot be denied is that the hard plastic offers a LOT more options and ability to customize and pose in a much wider variety of ways. The question is, do you have the skill to do so? Do you have the time to do so? Do you want to do so (some are content with generic poses and models while others dont care what the models looklike being more worried about just playing the game and not as worried about the modeling part treating it as just a game instead of a hobby. Just because you prefer the soft plastics for whatever reason is no need to be dishonest about the qualities of the hard. Sigidi presents a perfectly presentation of his views and why he/she does not like the hard plastics. Many do indeed play it as a game and are just not as interested in the artistic part which can make miniature wargaming a hobby. Soft plastic more for the gamers, hard for the hobbiest. I WISH I had more time, bought the game purely for the hobby aspect (have yet to play a single game).
  24. Even if they do not release it, there are endless sources of models that you can customize to fit the bill. I would say that someone on the dev team writing/playtesting/making official (even if not for tournies) rules for making custom characters would be the first step. that way, they could gauge whether or not to invest in making model kits or if they do, what direction and options are the best to do. If all else fails and you dont want to do modeling or use other models, you could buy spare character models that you think looks cool and use the rules/points for whatever character is the closest to what you want the character to be. Then repaint and rename it .Just dont combine it with the actual character whose rules your using in the same list to avoid possible abuses.
  25. My bad on the pre-painted. I was thinking of the x-wing models. Ignore that point. But the rst remains valid. The hard plastic offers endless vairty and conversion opportunities with ease. Not everyone has the skill or time to do it though. Some players may just need to up their modeling game. Of course, with some units, like droids, identical is kind of the point so only the odd one would need to be modeled to stand out.
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