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  1. to be honest, while id love to see him in his own ship... I really see him as a crew member of a transport much as the emperor.
  2. it is mentioned in this one and I think the lil fella demonstrates it at the end.
  3. I have not used them much but watched some youtube videos where they were used. The one guy there described them (or at least the ones he used) as more of a deterrent. A threat to keep folks off your back for fear of you dropping it.

    New Epic

    Ideas for options or ways that new sculpts could make the older huge ships better or more interesting? Maybe paint schemes? Not saying there is anything wrong with what is already there, just seeing if anyone has ideas they would like to see.
  5. I've been eyeballing the legion miniatures for cool value for a while now but i know I will likely never actually play the game. But being a modeler and painter, the cool value has a strong pull... This is exactly the sort of thing I was thinking with some of the different kits. Take for example the heavy blaster team. why would there not be normal stormtroopers using this weapon. Some things I'd considered were .... different kits with the same weapons but different operators.... nope. not feasible I think. Another was kits with different parts to make the one that fits.... I can see issues with different armors being more different than just helmet changes. This led me to think maybe adding multiple operators to switch out out just put in... unsure if that would crank up price much and not sure how they attach to the weapons... I dont know. It is later and I'm rambling.

    New Epic

    Those are good things that i would like to see as well. I was thinking larger scales stuff like maps for setting up and connecting battles, possibly where wins or losses have long term effects and connects the multiple star wars games together, armada, x wing and legion all.

    New Epic

    With FF making epic like GWs version instead of just huge ships, will they take another page as well and set up campaigns? I'm not saying this copy is bad because that was actually a good thing that boosted GW and made their players happy as well. But something GW tried and failed with was campaign kits/boxes. They had pregenerated tiles and rules for combining different game systems together and all that jazz. But it failed due to cost and folks saying )we can come up with something like that on our own for free). But.... many like myself, thought that and "just never got around to it". Anyway.... I would like to see an app (that works on computers instead of just phones) where we can make star maps and keep track of who controls which systems or which are contested for setting up campaign settings along with add ones for planet-side battles. So that we can include land based games as well if we choose. I think providing this as a free download would boost sales in all of the star wars games and encourage cross game sales for folks. Would this be a goodidea in general or an idea that would go with epic specifically?

    New Epic

    What are some things you want to see or expect to see in the upcoming epic? 1. I like the looks of the "ship connector" templates for flying in formation. I'm hoping to see these in normal games. I'm wondering what options there are or if there are variants..... 2. Conversion kits? I'm one of the ones who has a destroyer model and am not anxious to have to buy an all new one. I would like to see a conversion kit that comes with a new stand/base and cardboard Would be cheaper than buying a whole new ship and if it was generic and included the cardboard for all the big ships.... maybe even sell just the bases also for those who have multiple ships (of different kinds) so that those could buy one conversion kit and a few extra bases to be set.

    X-Wing sale

    Crap, sold out of the seperatists squads just as I was putting in the order. Did get the deal on other stuff though. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. I'm considering buying 2 of the new republic starter 3 packs and a single aethersprite along with an arc and 3 sets of dials. this would give me... 4 v wings 2 aehersprites in v wing colors 1 gold sprite 2 arcs (one of the old ones I already have and a new one along with enough dials to give one to each. How competitive would this be to work from and how fun?
  11. I've read through this. Looks like someone just being mad because someone beat them to the punch. Just get to the next event that has an limited edition item earlier and maybe this person will be the one who gets to buy them up to horde and sell for huge profits. Of course.... could always just get a job and work for money.
  12. I have to go with the paint your own. While theships are nice and the paint jobs are not bad, it is really not that hard to paint one up better. You can paint one for cheaper and it will look better. The "limited ones" are just like any other, and only have the "cool value" of being rare. But I would rather do it myself and have it look better. Thats just me.
  13. The factory I work in also uses as standard a size as possible. For all the reasons already listed.It is what happens when suits make all of the decisions. They look at it from one direction but not all. It saves some money on production but costs them more in transportation, storage and lower sales (as retailers are not as able to buy as much due to space issues). I think just going to a smaller standard size would save everyone involved more money and be better overall. But...... it would be a gamble and companies almost always run the safe bet.
  14. EVIL INC

    YT-1300 models

    I dont think it matters outside of official tournaments. I would never require an opponant to buy more than one unless they ran more than one in a lit. I would also never care what model of it they used (go with the one they like the look of) so long as I know/they had the correct dials/cards for me to see and go by. I honestly think it would be better to have new ships than 500 versions of an old one that are just cosmetic.
  15. I agree,I think losing the one ship limit and allowing multiple ships while setting the time limit is the better way to go. What we did in my group was no have upgrades for a few games while we focused on the basic mechanics and then added in the upgrades.
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