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  1. I had vague plans to add stuff like that the dice trays but I got sidetracked with a lot of other projects. If you look a few posts up Deniax made something just like that. Search for his name on thingiverse to see his version of the trays.
  2. I just saw your post on thingiverse. I have no problem with you remixing and posting it. :thumbsup:
  3. Just posted this over at BGG but I'm sure people here would be interested too. Bundlestars has the digital edition on sale right now for $1! Or for $12 you get it along with ALL the currently available expansions and digital only playable characters. I had most of the expansions already but this gave me all the digital characters and the nether expansion that I was currently missing. I fired up the game and everything was there. You get a separate product key for each expansion/character so now I can give the ones I didn't need to my daughter and she can have Talisman on her PC too! Side note, you do need a Steam account to play the game and redeem the keys but if you're into PC gaming chances are you already have one.
  4. Hey everyone, quick update. Due to someone trying to resell my designs on another site I had to change the licensing for all my Talisman stuff on Thingiverse. Unfortunately that means the option to print them via 3D Hubs straight from Thingiverse is now unavailable. The files will still remain on my page for anyone to download and print for their own personal use though.
  5. Thank you! All my prints were done in PLA. It's just a standard plastic and probably the most common one used in home 3D printing. ABS would be fine too though.
  6. Had a few requests for this so I put up a modified version of the Purchase/Warlock/Talisman card trays. Same size and design as the short version adventure card trays but with the icons from the purchase and warlock decks. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1977147
  7. New character card tray / dice tray design ready to download for free! http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1939478
  8. Wasn't planning on selling these. That's why I put all the files on thingiverse to download for free. You can order them printed from the thingiverse page. The order is fulfilled through a place called 3D Hubs. I've never used them so I don't what the results are like but their prices seem good. You can also upload the files to any other online 3D printing service. Or if you're lucky your local library might have a 3D printer to use for free.
  9. You're totally worthy! These are free! There is a tip button if you feel generous though.
  10. I had no idea there was an official Talisman font! Let me see what I can do.
  11. Here's the render. I've yet to print one out because my printer needs a little tune up and USPS is two days late on delivering my parts The character cards fit perfectly inside the tray so you end up rolling the dice on top of the character card instead of the plastic tray. It actually helps a lot to deaden the sound of dice bouncing around on plastic.
  12. Its similar to the ones in this picture but those were very quickly thrown together prototypes. Just wanted to see how they actually performed as dice trays.
  13. Something like this? Yeah, I think in this cards won't move and I will be able to store them in that trays in a box. Do You plan to make trays for other card types as well? I actually store mine in box along side all the standard deck trays. Just have to place them facing up instead of flat. I've gotten a little sidetracked with other 3D printing projects but I do plan on making specific trays for the Harbinger expansion and the Dragon expansion. I also have a character card tray that doubles as a dice tray that's pretty much ready to go. When I get them all finalized and uploaded to thingiverse I'll post the links.
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