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  1. Last night we tried a slightly different format. Everybody chooses a starter set to use, gets 6 boosters, and you make the best deck you can. We found we had to relax the deck-building rules a little bit, for example I had a few Hero cards in my Villain deck, but it went OK. We did our best to make 30-card decks, and through feedback decided maybe just 20 cards if we do it again. Of course you run the risk of playing a Villain deck and getting things like another BB-8, and Ackbar, a Jetpack, and other useless rares, then get stuck watching helplessly as Kylo Ren takes 7 ding dong damage in the first round. Not that that happened to me or anything.
  2. I got 10 boosters at the pre-launch thing I went to. Due to scarcity I could only get one starter, and I went Kylo Ren, and in the boosters I got lots and lots of hero cards. There were enough villain and neutral cards to make a full deck, though. The only legendary was Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber. I got a Leia Organa, Nightsister, Jetpack, Force Training, Holdout Blaster, Scout, a few other things I can't remember. The point is once I get my hands on a Rey deck, I'll have more opportunities to use the stuff I just got.
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