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  1. What version of Windows are you using? If you go into your printers list in Windows, does it have a Print to PDF option?
  2. Suddenly my lunatic "run the program out of a Dropbox folder shared onto a non-Internet-connected virtual machine through Parallels on my MacBook" plan doesn't look so crazy...
  3. https://www.paypal.com/sendmoney?email=oggdude42@gmail.com
  4. Unlikely, given that OggDude writes in .Net, which doesn't directly port or work on a Mac. I've bought Parallels, which works fine (haven't tested since the upgrade to High Sierra and the new version, but I'm sure it'll be fine), but you could look into VirtualBox or some other free emulator to get it working if that's a bit of a financial commitment for a single app... Edit: Wow, I'm replying to a days old post. The email notifying me of it literally arrived an hour ago... I thought the emails were pretty quick... anyone else seeing this?
  5. Nothing. As OggDude has previously mentioned, there's enough proprietary stuff in the Microsoft .NET framework that it isn't a trivial task to port it to Mono (the open source version of .NET). As a result, it doesn't even run on Macs or Linux, let alone on something like Android. Best thing I can think of would be to run a Remote Desktop session from a computer somewhere and connect to it from the tablet. But that's still clunky as hell. Have you tried printing the sheet to PDF, then opening the PDF on the tablet? Not exactly interactive, but it's something...
  6. I've given up trying to run it natively in *nix and just installed a trial version of Parallels on my Mac. I could occasionally get the launcher to open using Mono or Wine, but never anything more. Now it runs basically natively. I've got a 14 day trial and that should give me two gaming sessions with it, but I think it'll be worth the <£5 per month. Plus who knows, maybe I'll find other Windows apps that I need to run on my Mac...
  7. Tested on my Windows 10 home PC (the one where Dropbox is installed to a non-standard location ). Looks good so far. The \Characters folder now lives within Data, which makes sense given that you now only need one pointer to the Data directory. I've dumped all my CustomData and character into it and it seems to be playing nice. I'll check on my work laptop later today to confirm, but it looks like I'd expect it to now. Teamwork! (as in: I come up with some random idea and you then go and do all the work and make it happen... you rock, basically!)
  8. Right, got around to trying this. You're correct, it doesn't currently work. Below examples assume I've extracted your zip file into a folder called "gen" (to save typing ) A standard path is C:\Users\USERNAME\Dropbox\gen\Data and the relative version is just Users\USERNAME\Dropbox\gen\Data. I will also point out I've not tested this on a USB stick yet (my work laptop murders them, for some reason ). If I can find one when I'm home tonight, I'll give it a go. I've tried leaving it blank and creating a new character - it created the Characters and DataCustom folders on the root of C: (So if I was running this on a USB stick, presumably it would be looking on the root of E: or whatever, when using relative paths, which is what we want it to do). What I'd expected the Relative Path to do would be to have the path relative to the SWCharGen.exe file itself, at which point the Data folder would have been \ (or maybe \Data?) and the characters folder would have been \Characters. I have no idea if this is either easy or possible, however, but if I'm explaining correctly, that would work on both USB sticks and cloud storage, as you can keep the Data and Characters folders in the same location as the .exe and .dll files.
  9. Sure, but I bet it will... I'm working on the assumption that I've installed Dropbox on the machine before trying to use it. I've used other portable apps out of Dropbox just fine. Anywho. Disclaimer accepted. I won't blame you if I try and run it out of Dropbox and it defrosts my freezer, burns the house down and calls an airstrike on my town
  10. That sounds awesome! (I always used the manual version anyway, as my eventual aim is to have it all in Dropbox and run it from multiple machines, so nice to know the configs will follow me between devices!)
  11. Don't look at it as a mis-phrasing. Look at it as a clever pun! And what's wrong with parsec? They obviously meant that the Falcon travelled the Kessel Run in the shortest distance ever... *crickets* Look! Shiny lightsabres!
  12. I may not be able to make awesome applications, but I make myself useful as a massive Star Wars geek
  13. A "beckon call" is an established part of Star Wars lore - Jorj Car'das and Lando Calrissian both had fully slave-rigged ships that were able to be summoned using the hand-held beckon call. This engaged the limited-sentience droid brain and got it to bring the ship to them, flying around obstacles as required.
  14. When Mono is installed, it sticks a shortcut into your Start Menu called "Open Mono x86 Command Prompt". This opens a cmd directly into the Mono install directory. (by default, C:\Program Files (x86)\Mono\) Then you just type "mono C:\Users\username\desktop\gen\SWCharGenLauncher.exe" or whatever the path to the executables is and it should launch them. To get the debug messages, run mono --debug C:\file.exe If you need to save the debug info, you can run mono --debug c:\file.exe >> C:\users\username\desktop\debug.txt Might be worth compiling a Hello World script as per http://www.mono-project.com/docs/getting-started/mono-basics/ - takes about 5 minutes and will prove that Mono is installed correctly. Once you know it's working, you could put the Mono directory into your PATH variable I do appreciate that you're doing this as a bonus for Mac users, so thanks
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