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  1. Yes and that is a semi-good representation of how agile they are. I say semi because it doesn't makes a difference in some aspects that it should make, though I accept no game system is perfect. However it incredibly misrepresents the race's martial and even psyker abillities. Humans can be just that much better at it and it doesn't makes sense as far as I am concerned. I don't think they should get more than humans get right now, so much as humans actually get too much (cause raising dark eldar above humans would lead to pretty ridiculous stats). Still it just feels like xeno races (at least some of them) are grossly misrepresented.
  2. Hello everyone. I've been playing Rogue trader for a little bit now and something may or may not happen which might lead me to make a new character which in this case will probably make the most sense being a Dark Eldar. Now I've been looking at the Dark Eldar (also looked at Tau and same thing for them) and the one thing that immediatly sprung to attention was that they do not have an origin path. Now they do get a lot of extra stuff on their own which I won't deny, is good. But honestly Dark Eldar are know for being excelent marksman and swordmasters. This however is not refectled in any way, shape or form because their weapon skill and balistic skill will always be low. The origin path that human gets gives them, alongside talents, increases to their base stats. Now while I don't really care much about power gamming myself, fact is, a Dark Eldar can only ever start at 45 WS and BS which puts them at a roof of 65 for those characteristics. On the other hand, a human can start with either 61 WS or 66 BS, putting their roofs respectibly at 81 and 86. This makes no sense whatsoever. By comparison a Dark Eldar will never hold a candle to a human when it comes to the main fighting abilities. Again the point wasn't to show how different a powergaming option can be above, but rather than at best, a Dark Eldar will be as good as human if the human receives no bonus to those characteristics and at worst the human will be incredibly better. In average the human will be a bit better. So my question is. Am I missing something here or is this the balance that FFG was going for in this matter? Because this doesn't seems particularly balanced to me nor is it any representative of the Dark Eldar race (And for that matter other xenos races who suffer from the same issue).
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