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  1. p.14 To activate a character or support card, a player exhausts that card and rolls all of its dice. Any of its dice already in the pool are not rerolled.
  2. There is no other case when you don't have to keep tracking your characters' and upgrades' dice even when you play with 4 the same characters. If I am using multiples of the same character, do I have to remember which dice came from which character? ••Yes. Make sure that each character’s dice are positioned in such a way that it is obvious which character they came from. If a character is defeated, its specific dice must be removed from the pool, if they are there.
  3. Which is not true. If a player has two copies of the same upgrade on a character, they do not need to keep track of which die is associated with which card, unless there is a reason to do so (like Con Artist). When both dice are in a dice pool and an ability targets one of their cards, the player resolving the ability chooses which die it affects. - RR.1.4 p.9
  4. My first box had Ashoka, K2SO, Seventh Sister, Hound's Tooth, Acient Lightsabre and LR1K Sonic cannon. Second one had Ashoka, K2SO, Hound's Tooth, Acient Lightsabre, Ghost and X-8 Night Sniper. Very similar boxes.
  5. I try to trade as much rares/uncommons as possible and I give my commons for free to my LFGS's community.
  6. 2 boxes and no card. That's the only common i didn't get all other commons I've got 2+
  7. Will there be a stream from Nationals?
  8. Here is combo breaker. He can kill you before you set your combo up
  9. It's the great opportunity for devs to slow down the game because it's even faster now then before EaW. Just replace "Activate character or support" with 2 actions "Activate character" and "Activate support" and boom most decks play some support with dice.
  10. 1. "A player cannot resolve the same die more than once per action." p.14 2. "In order to resolve an effect that is preceded by the word “then,” the previous effects on the card must have fully resolved" p.19, so you can activate your character or support but without both you can't spend 1 resource to gain one more action.
  11. This! You choose action "Play a card from hand". That's the moment when all effects "after (and before) you take an action" triggers. At this moment there is no Running Interference in play to trigger its ability yet.
  12. No because it wasn't in play to trigger its ability.
  13. Yes, you can do 9. You can also do Salvo on LR1K for 6 to all for free (with Hux special and exhausing character). Lots of new possibilities.
  14. Yes it does. "Before" is an interruption effect for resolving a die and Ruthless Tactics tells you to resolve a die.
  15. I wonder why there is no article about EaW premiere. Are they waiting for 21st for the Europe market?