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  1. - 28th August, ARCs and BXs - 11th September, Clan Wren, Inferno Squad, AT-RT i STAP Droids (according to UK distributor, same that spoiled Anakin/Maul) - November Anakin and Maul - January CIS/GAR Specialists I would be happy to see some more stuff this year.
  2. My last game with Cad Bane if anyone would like to watch (audio is not in english).
  3. One more thing, strike team for BX is 20 not 22.
  4. That gauntlet has the same wording as Boba's 1-pip. Was it clarified somehere that it let's you move away from combat just like disengage keyword? Maybe I don't fully understand that card.
  5. No, he has Danger Sense 2, so you choose not to remove up to 2 suppresion tokens when you prepare for his 2 pip card. That would work only if you could kill the unit that engaged you. Cad Bane has no Disengage and his pistols are not Versitile. When you withdraw from melee you can't use Steady. Something similar happaned to me in my first game 😐, so yes Scout X can be very dangerous for Cad Bane.
  6. I'm after 4 games with Cad, 3 at 800pt and 1 at 500 points. I'm very impressed how good he is. I think the 3-pip Divulge card is a must have. You can benefit from him in many scenarios. He's cazy good at 500 point where you can"block" entire table and your opponent has no choice but go and check at least 2 of the tokens by his units. I play him with Duck and Cover bacause it helps a lot to stay alive and it's usefull for his 2-pip card. Offensive push is also good on him. I found out that his electro gauntlet is a trap. I don't see any synergy with this weapon and Cad's cards and abilities. I prefer him with training slot only. I see a potential with smoke grenades too.
  7. NetCop

    AAT vs R2D2

    R2D2 vs 1-pip Grievous' card I have General Grievous at range 1 to R2D2 with suppression token and to one other unit. Can I attack R2D2 with 1-pip card assuming I've already attacked that other unit?
  8. You only need one Vital Assets unless you both are going to play in tournaments then you could need two.
  9. The shortest explanation is, it interacts with terrain as repulsor vehicle and with other units as if it was ground vehicle.
  10. No leaks about Padme with her command cards?
  11. Casian, Iden, AAT and Vital Assets are widely available in Europe now that's why you see them painted.
  12. Can't find anything from the new wave in Poland. I play Republic and Separatists. Official distributor (owned by Asmodee) had a few boxes of Phase 2s but they sold out immediately. It's hard to be a Legion player here.😥
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