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  1. You couldn't trigger Obi's ability and save other character that way. Here are the rules: When a player distributes damage “as they wish:” 1. The player assigns their characters the amount of damage they will be dealt. A player cannot assign an amount of damage greater than the remaining health plus the number of shields on the character, unless a player cannot assign any more damage to their characters and there is still damage remaining to be assigned, then the player must assign the remaining damage to their characters as they choose. 2. Once all damage is assigned, it is dealt simultaneously. Example: A player has two characters with 1 remaining health each. They are forced to distribute 2 damage from the special on the F-11D Rifle (r8). They must deal each of their characters 1 damage, instead of dealing one of the characters 2 damage. If one of those characters had 1 shield, then both of the damage could have been dealt to that character.
  2. We have 8 of 542 cards with changed text and 4 of 40 characters with changed cost. If that is too hard to track then maybe it's not the game for you. New RR will bring more balance and there is a chance that we will see equal amount of villains and heroes decks not 80/20 like before.
  3. Yes. All before/after effects resolve in the same action. Ambush gives you another action and Obi Wan is dead before ambush action begins so his dice are no longer in the pool.
  4. Play eKylo2/eFN or ePhasma2/eEmoVader on your Nationals. These are the two best aggro decks right now with eKylo2/eFN winning all Nationals so far. eCad is fine but too dependent on rolls just like eSabine. Both can win but you need more luck involved into it.
  5. Relby (or any other card) with Ace in the Hole can't do action from the card because that card is not in play. Only dice inherent abilities works with Ace in the Hole. (RR: Inherent dice abilities other than specials never use the words “before” or “after” or “while.”)
  6. Yes, "this die" is the die from the card. Kanan's ability works on his own dice only.
  7. All cards share the same symbol and we have number above 160, so I think history will repeat
  8. 14 loose boosters and 1 legendary Ghost :-(
  9. p.14 To activate a character or support card, a player exhausts that card and rolls all of its dice. Any of its dice already in the pool are not rerolled.
  10. There is no other case when you don't have to keep tracking your characters' and upgrades' dice even when you play with 4 the same characters. If I am using multiples of the same character, do I have to remember which dice came from which character? ••Yes. Make sure that each character’s dice are positioned in such a way that it is obvious which character they came from. If a character is defeated, its specific dice must be removed from the pool, if they are there.
  11. Which is not true. If a player has two copies of the same upgrade on a character, they do not need to keep track of which die is associated with which card, unless there is a reason to do so (like Con Artist). When both dice are in a dice pool and an ability targets one of their cards, the player resolving the ability chooses which die it affects. - RR.1.4 p.9
  12. My first box had Ashoka, K2SO, Seventh Sister, Hound's Tooth, Acient Lightsabre and LR1K Sonic cannon. Second one had Ashoka, K2SO, Hound's Tooth, Acient Lightsabre, Ghost and X-8 Night Sniper. Very similar boxes.
  13. I try to trade as much rares/uncommons as possible and I give my commons for free to my LFGS's community.
  14. 2 boxes and no card. That's the only common i didn't get all other commons I've got 2+
  15. Will there be a stream from Nationals?