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  1. And I'm still waiting for WoTF release here ?
  2. There is no play restriction for that card. You can play it even if there is less than 3 character dice however the second part of the card is "Then" and it will work only if you rerolled 3 character dice. It's "THEN" effect from p.19.
  3. How about returning more then once and with more health? Like this:
  4. You can't. It's a card effect, not dice inherent ability. Poe's ability lets you resolve dice, so imagine it as putting a die into a pool and immediately resolve that die.
  5. We have these in RR 1.6: Reminder text is text in parentheses that clarifies game text. It is used to remind players of rules and does not supersede the rules. - p. 16 Effects which reference a certain symbol showing on a die work with any side showing that symbol, even if it is a modified side. Showing damage includes ranged, melee, and indirect damage. - p.21 From now, every old card that says "showing damage" works with indirect one too i.e Honor Guard, Sound the Alarm, Cannon Fodder, Reversal, Heroism, No Mercy and more.
  6. Claiming is not the only option to take control of battlefied. We have this mechanic since SOR and EAW let's you claim even if your opponed has claimed before you. I used to play Krynnic/Death Trooper and Lockdown was a great card against faster decks that claimed before me. And now with Hasty Exit from Legacies we have reverse effect of giving control of battlefield.
  7. 2 Boxes: 2xYoda, 2xSaw Gerrera, Finn, Zeb, Doctor Aphra, Obi's lightsaber, Zeb's Bo-Rifle, Kallus' Bo-Rifle, Grand Moff, Force Wave. Did not get any Obi Wan, Rose or Palpatine
  8. Yes, it would work this way. There is term FREE in RR - When something is played or resolved for free, a player does not pay any cost for the card or die. I think, they excluded before abilities from 'Destiny' card because they wanted us to remove dice with value printed on the card, not less (or more) but they forgot that we have similar ongoing abilities too. Example: Your action is - play a card 'Destiny' - cost 0. You resolve it, first you remove dice of value i.e 3, then you can play an upgrade card that has cost 3 or less for free to any character you want. Since it's played for free now, Padawan's or K-2's abilities doesn't matter. That's why 'It Binds all Things' doesn't work because card is already played for free.
  9. Why they excluded "before" effects that decrease the cost in FAQ for Destiny? I think the key is "Play a card from your hand for free" so, there is no cost in the moment you play the card and that's why they excluded "before" abilities. So, first you remove your dice, then you play a card for free and Padawan does noting because card is already for free (or for 0). That's my way of thinking about Destiny card. Yes, they forgot about ongoing abilities. Btw, Padawan is not the only case here, there is Weapons Factory Alpha too.
  10. In this case I would do exactly what the card says. Destiny is not the card that decreases cost, it exchanges dice for a card that can be played for free. I think they forgot about Padawn in FAQ but that's my opinion only.
  11. I have an interesting issue with it. Example 1: 2 Characters, one with HP, FI/AP, 0 shields, second one with 5 HP. Your opponent deals 6 indirect damage from one source. According to current RR (1.6) you can assign as many damage as you have HP + shields (FI/AP not included). So you can have to kill your character with 5HP even if you would be able to block it all with FI on the second character. Example 2: 2 charaters, one with 1 HP and FI, second with 1HP and again I have 6 indirect damage to split. Now, I can give 1 to the character with FI and 5 more to the character without FI. I cannot protect both, so I can at least save some cards. Is it intended to be this way or someone forgot about FI/AP cards?
  12. Mystery solved -> https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/12/14/discover-your-legacy-1/
  13. My FLGS has got Legacies (both starters and booster boxes) today (Poland). Can't sell them untill tomorrow.
  14. Kanan's ability triggers before you do an action, so first resolve his focus then you play a card and check if its conditions are met. You declare playing a card. You don't have to say what card.
  15. Anyone knows what cards with dice are in each starter?
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