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  1. Used Ultra-Pro for all my lcg collections. Haven't had a spot of bother with them. They're durable, they cover the card nicely without too much space, and they have the extra merit of being cheap. Yes the card can occasionally come to the top when shuffling, but by my experiences at least, it's relatively rare.
  2. One thing I would love is for FFG to make empty player card boxes the same quality as its 'Return to...' boxes, one for each class, with illustrations of some of the cards on the outside.
  3. Inclined to agree that this game has run its course (where on Middle-Earth has not been visited?). Great to hear that the digital version of the game has been saved though. ☺️
  4. This game has visited the Aztec jungle, the pyramids of Egypt and the sights of Paris (among others), so a visit to Antarctica would make a wonderful addition, and I agree Monty would be a perfect rogue investigator for the campaign. I would find it difficult to imagine Akachi Onyele in polar costume though. 😁
  5. I think you've just about nailed that one. Are you reading, Matt?
  6. Oh, I don't know. He could be like Ray Winstone's character in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. 😀
  7. You surprise me. Forgive me as I'm not all that well-up on Arkham lore, but from what I've read on earlier posts I was expecting Monty to be a rogue. That would seem to make sense given that we already have guardian and seeker 'compulsory lead investigators' for the FA campaign. Either that or it's a deliberate tactic by FFG to make you buy more of their product before the elusive Monty appears.
  8. For some time now I've been wondering when Monterrey Jack will be released for this game. I remember him being mentioned in the Forgotten Age campaign guide as a compulsory lead investigator if he is included in a party for that campaign. Based on this information I had hoped he would be a 'special release' for the forthcoming Return To... box, but so far not a word. Any ideas anyone?
  9. Eureka! That worked. Uninvited Guest, whoever you are, you are a star. Thanks very much. 😁 Incidentally I've found out that the Villains pack should be out in the UK on 15th Aug.
  10. Have tried that. Doesn't work, even if I leave Villains enabled while selecting the campaign. 😟
  11. For the past week now I've tried loading this campaign (I haven't officially purchased this yet and it still displays the £6.49 price tag in the window), but despite having enough money loaded loaded on my phone, when I select the campaign button the Select Difficulty button greys out, and I can't get any further. I've even tried purchasing the campaign from the app store but the option isn't there, and the app was last updated 7th Aug. Has anybody else got this issue? How can I get the campaign to load? I don't have the Villains pack yet (it has yet to arrive in the UK) but that should not be a problem.
  12. I'm in the UK and experience tells me it can take several months for 'print on demand' packs to reach UK retailers. So I've ordered my copy direct from FFG. I think in the end it comes down to one's personal circumstances. If you're reasonably well off and can afford the $20 postage you may feel it's worth the extra expense to get your copy several months before it goes on sale in the UK.
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