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  1. Ok. So for example let’s say Leia is on board the docked ship, would I not be able to use her ability unless the ship undocked?
  2. This may be a basic question but how do docked ships interact with the main ship when docked? van the main ship makes us of the docked ships crew, or force tokens etc? Thanks
  3. Just a thought. Has anybody tried playing missions in 2.0? If so what did you play amd how did they go? Do the 1.0 missions cross over easily?
  4. Is ruthless any good? Do you not just end up destroying you own ships?
  5. This may seem a little basic but I just need this clearing up. I keep reading squad list that refer to the benefits of ships being able to take multiple evade tokens and how hard it makes them to kill. I just read one about the falcon but I can’t see how it can be that great when it still only gets one evade dice. In 1.0 an evade token could be spent to add an evade result to dice rolls but in 2.0 it can now only be used to mod a blank/focus to an evade. That means that a one agility ship such as the falcon can only mod one die regardless of how many evade tokens it has. Have I got this right? If so is there something I’m missing? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I did not realise Paige is not effected by the once per turn rule. Makes her even better.
  7. Just wanted to check that I played this correct. I ran Paige and VTG on my star fortress. Am I right in thinking that the two interact? eg: Bow tie turret faces to the sides. I attack from the front arc which then allows a bonus turret attack from VTG. If I wish, can Paige be used before the attack to switch bow tie turret from sides to front and back and then choose one of those arcs to fire from for my bonus attack? This is how I played it today and it was awesome. Just wanted to check I got it right. Thanks.
  8. Great. Thanks for the help everyone.
  9. Hi all. The rules state that the only action an ionized ship can perform is focus. Can a linked action still be performed that is activated by the focus or can pilot abilities that are initiated by a focus action still be performed? And finally could something such as autothrusters be used after a focus action? Thanks.
  10. Just a quick one. Can I lock onto a friendly ship? Thanks.
  11. Just looking at this upgrade card. Am I right in thinking that only bombs can be launched and not mines? Thanks.
  12. My opponent was flying Tavson and said it was only one per attack. However I said I think it could be used for each individual damage, that’s why I posted it on here. To me it seems pretty clear, after rolling defence dice any remaining hits would allow a charge to be spent depending on how many charges are active.
  13. Tavson’s ability states that after suffering damage you can spend a charge to perform and action. Am I right in thinking that if one attacker causes two damage to Tavson then two charges can be spent to perform two different actions?
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