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  1. Also, it seems a bit strange to claim that Crab were weak out of core and not great over the cycle considering they've won both Kotei so far.
  2. Love the production. Would love to see more videos like this. However, the speaker really needs to learn terminology better. Togashi Mendicant does not provide card advantage. High Kick and MF are not removal.
  3. I suspect it will be a case of "You can play any non-Keeper/Seeker role, OR your nominated Keeper/Seeker role".
  4. Really? What gives you that impression? Phoenix focus on large uniques; most successful Martell decks (combo withstanding) have focused on a plethora of smaller characters. Phoenix focus on Glory, which you could equate to domination in AGoT. Martell have never cared for dom. If anything, that's a Baratheon thing. The only card that is absolutely a carry over from AGoT is Display of Power / Vengeance for Illia.
  5. Raise the Alarm also doesn't cost any fate. I agree that there needs to be someone, perhaps on the rules team, who just does a quick once or twice over of the articles before they go up. "Spot the error" has become something of a tradition for most of FFG's spoilers.
  6. I love Shielded. Unlike other players on the forum, I actually think the top deployment zone has substantial advantages, particularly if you have a mobile unit (or Ahsoka). You're able to contest all four objectives much more easily, and you can use the corners just outside the main combat area to hide your units behind. I find area control missions tend to be simple, and almost always successful. To Your Stations! is my favourite tournament map of all time, for reference. However, Reining Freight is such an odd mission, and I don't really understand what they were trying to do with the design. Honestly, it just seems poorly thought out. What kind of gameplay is reining freight supposed to promote?
  7. Faith restored. The rumour was just a rumour! Juro is pretty great as is. I like him a lot, and I think many Unicorn players will be overjoyed when he gets released later this week. Also, Waning Hostilities is incredible. One of my favourite cards to be released ever.
  8. If you were to run them out of Scum, your core would probably look something like this: Elite Jawa Scavenger (3) 2 x Elite Sentry Droid (20) C-3P0 (2) Gideon Argus (3) Temporary Alliance (1) Which leaves you with a flexible 11 points. Some good options include: Ko-Tun Feralo [7] (Support + Mid-Ranged attacker. Extra target for Call the Vanguard) Greedo [4] (GIA) Hired Guns [4] (Great for taking objectives, annoyingly contesting terminals, opening doors) BT-1 + Targeting Computer [7] (Continues the Droid theme, as well as the multi-attack theme. Great at picking off weaker units) Vinto [5] (For all the double attackers you could ever want. He's also great for finishing off the units which the Sentry droids may have just failed to kill) Onar [6] (Great target for focus, provides the Sentries with some much needed close range support) Regular OR Elite Clawdite Shapeshifter [4/6] (Hand out ALL the power tokens early, then turn into a Streetrat and go to town. I'd only suggest the Regular if you take Ko-Tun. Also, Spy cards are good) Hera Syndulla [4] (Amazing support unit overall, also a Leader that can attack. Allows for New Orders to be more readily used) Do note that you can't add more than one non-Scum unit to the list above. For example, you can't add Ko-Tun and Hera. You could, however, add Ko-Tun and Greedo, for instance.
  9. Pretty much as @DTDanix said, I gain knowledge of what they don't have. The idea was this: Standard play from a Rangers/Eequay list involving staying back and focusing up. Luke/IG still to go. I'm concerned about them advancing and then using Blaze/Son to just wreck my forward position. I can't play super defensively though, as it just means they take objectives uncontested. I activate Palp, Tempt one of the focused units, and use Disorient. If I see Son or Blaze, great. If not, then I just have to suck it up and play defensively. At least a Focus is gone. In reality, the perfect situation never presented itself, and as was shown in the top 8, IG and Luke weren't the pervasive boogiemen I thought they might be anyway. Disorient is an easy cut. In regards to the final activation in R1, again, DT is spot on. Going last means you can take/contest objectives without fear of immediate reprisal, you can push out further than you otherwise could, AND, possibly most importantly, you basically cause your opponent to have to play defensively on R1, lest they cop free attacks. One of the most powerful things you can do is contest your opponent's terminal, denying them command cards, which are far more valuable than objective points in R1. Initiative does matter in the sense that if you're going to get initiative on T2, you can basically use the final activation of R1 to set up a perfect, killer activation for R2. This is part of the reason why Take Initiative is such a savage card; if your opponent expects you to only get the last activation for R1, after which they'll take action one on R2, they might push forward and just suffer the free attacks you get for the last activation. However, if you get the free attacks AND steal initiative, suddenly that push forward has set them up for a bad day.
  10. Hey all! This is the second of my three planned articles. It's the only one that will appear wholly on the forums; the others will be linked from other places. You can find the first, where I talk about the meta generally, here. So, due to the business of both my friends and myself, I ended up doing a lot of testing against the only person I knew who would be available at all the same times as I would: Me. That's right. Just me. I tested out various lists for different factions, including Han's New Wookiee (which I read about on the forums here), Rebel Heroes (featuring Han, Luke, Ahsoka), New Scum Hunters (basically IG + Elite Changeling), and Beast Wombo Combo (Bantha and Rancor + lots of command card draw. Basically, you're just trying to go for dream combos, like Single Purpose + Wild Fury with the Rancor). However, with how underrated the Empire has been, and with the introduction of many interesting new Imperial units, I was keen to bring them to the table. Originally, my list was as follows. Bolded units/command cards have explanations below. Deployment/Upgrade Cards: Darth Vader + Driven by Hatred (13) 2 x Elite Jet Troopers + Targeting Computer (16) Regular Riot Troopers (5) 2 x Regular Imperial Officer (4) Rule By Fear (1) Zillo Technique (1) Command Deck: 0: Planning, Urgency, Take Initiative, Looking for a Fight, Element of Surprise 1: Tough Luck, Negation, Concentrated Fire, Fuel Upgrade, Shared Experience 2: Overrun, Call the Vanguard, Parting Blow, Force Illusion, Prepared for Battle A bit of reasoning behind some choices: Darth Vader + Driven By Hatred: Many people have claimed that melee units have no place in the current meta, especially due to their substantial difficulty on Nal Hutta Swamp. In testing, this concern proved to be mostly baseless, as I had relatively small issues with Darth Vader, even when I had the opposing player play more defensively. On top of that, his damage potential is absurdly high, and he'll pretty commonly just wipe out a midweight unit in a single strike. Finally, his survivability proved to be pretty amazing. Darth Vader seemed like he was there to stay. Regular Riot Troopers: For 5 points, I was really just paying for two guys to get in the way of one, maybe two attacks. RB can be a surprisingly hard hitting attack as well, meaning these guys are a pretty solid investment at 5. Another reason I went for these guys instead of the Elites was to be able to up my activation count to 6, as I wanted a 50/50 chance of getting the last activation on turn 1 (I was expecting most lists to be 6 activations). Looking for a Fight + Parting Blow: A nice combo that serves to give Vader an extra smack if you draw it. Being able to drop IG-88 or other mains before they activated was really attractive, even if it meant Vader getting stunned afterwards. Both cards were also still fine on their own, meaning I wasn't relying on the combo entirely. Force Illusion: My biggest fear was having Vader cop a huge amount of attacks from IG-88 before getting the chance to activate. Force Illusion gave me a way to effectively cancel an entire RRG attack, provided IG was at Range 3 and didn't roll 3 accuracy on the Green die. It would then also serve to mitigate damage from any following attacks, or force IG to come closer. Eventually, I decided that the regular Riot Troopers just weren't doing enough, and I upgraded them to the far superior Elites at the cost of an Imperial Officer. This also led to me dropping Prepared for Battle in favour of Reinforcements, as it could potentially be quite powerful with the Elite Riots. Out: Regular Riot Troopers, Regular Imperial Officer, Prepared for Battle In: Elite Riot Troopers, Reinforcements Testing showed very positive results against Ranger lists and against all variety of Hunter lists, but something still felt a little off. The traits didn't mesh together all that well, especially if the Riot Troopers were picked off early (which they often were). Five activations meant I was never able to go last in R1, and in the games were IG DID have Blaze T1, Vader got destroyed pretty badly. I had virtually no long range fire support, meaning I had to get up and in my opponent's face quickly. Drokkatta was proving to be a menace, and I was concerned about the relative inflexibility of my team. As cool as it was that I was going to play Darth Vader, he just isn't the type of figure I normally go for. Then, I decided to toy around with the Emperor and some Sentry Droids, in what ended up being my final list: Deployment/Upgrade Cards: Emperor Palpatine (8) 2 x Elite Jet Troopers + Targeting Computer (16) Elite Sentry Droids (10) 2 x Regular Imperial Officer (4) Rule By Fear (1) Zillo Technique (1) Command Deck: 0: Planning, Urgency, Take Initiative, Disorient, Element of Surprise 1: Tough Luck, Negation, Concentrated Fire, Fuel Upgrade, Shared Experience, Change of Plans 2: Overrun, Call the Vanguard, Inspiring Speech 3: New Orders Some more reasoning: Emperor Palpatine: This may be obvious to many, but I'm going to say it again anyway: Emperor Palpatine has absolutely ABSURD damage output. You're generally handing out at least 4 unpreventable damage, as well as a bonus 3 die attack from one of the troopers in the list. On top of that, you can split this damage up amongst enemies as you see fit. Your opponent has to position there units carefully on T1, lest you get a free attack with one of your pushed out Sentry Droids or Jet Troopers from Palps (note you don't get to use Charged Shot with the Sentries, meaning that long range shots can be challenging). There's so much to like about him. Elite Sentry Droids: I believe I was the only player using these guys at the tournament, and opinions online have been mixed on them. I'm going to reiterate what I've said many times now: Elite Sentry Droids are incredible. Their damage output is very consistent, with solid accuracy against single targets. They're also able to demolish Alliance Rangers and Weequay Pirates with Multi-Fire. In testing, I found that the pair of Sentries were consistently killing one unit and moderately damaging another in one activation, OR sniping down a single unit from quite a distance away. They're tough enough to potentially survive two medium-sized attacks as well (with some help from Zillo, of course). On top of that, they share command card synergy with the Jet Troopers (Shared Experience + Call the Vanguard), which the Elite Riot Troopers didn't. I expect I'm going to be using these guys in my Imperial lists for a while to come. Disorient: There's really convoluted reasoning behind my inclusion of this. It was primarily for Luke's Finest / IG Hunter lists, so that I could potentially get some information about their hand while also removing focus from a Ranger or Eequay. It was extremely narrow, but I was pretty afraid of getting blown out by Son or Blaze T1. Additionally, knowing my opponent's Negation / Tough Luck / Assassinate are gone was a nice bonus. I actually never resolved it throughout the weekend. Shared Experience: If 3P0 and Gideon have taught us anything, it's that recurring focus is pretty insane. Top that off with the fact that this is free Zillo food, and this is an all-star, especially if you draw it in your opening 5, as it makes an easy pitch to Rule by Fear. Six units in the list can cause it to come back, and being able to constantly threaten four dice attacks is pretty awesome. I loved this card when it was spoiled, and being able to use it effectively in a list made me pretty happy. Inspiring Speech: Remember how I said focus and four dice attacks were insanely good? Leading off with this onto a pair of Jets or a pair of Sentries on round one is incredibly intimidating, and whenever I led off with a great speech from an Officer, I went on to have an absurd turn two. New Orders: After I got obliterated by this when @DTDanix was running Luke's Finest in a Vassal tournament, I started paying a lot more attention to it. With a good spread of leaders in the list, and the highly mobile Jet Troopers, there were bound to be lots of opportunities to make good use of this. In two of my matches, it was game defining. It ensures you get the last activation in R1, which is arguably the most crucial activation in the game (with activation one in R2 being the other all-important activation). Throughout the tournament, I played against: Luke's Regulars on "Shielded" (Luke, Ahsoka, Regular Alliance Rangers, C-3P0, Gideon, Hera, Rebel High Command) Win 40 - 13 Rebels But Not Rebels on "Spoils of Crime" (BT-1, Leia, Luke, R2-D2, Elite Jawa Scavenger, C-3P0, Regular Clawdite, Temporary Alliance, Devious Scheme?) Win 40 - 8 Evan's Rebels on "Line of Fire" [Overall Winner] (Ahsoka, Ko-Tun, Jarrod, Elite Alliance Rangers, Gideon Argus, C-3P0, C1-10P) Win 40 - 13 Classic Hunters "Gaining Favour" (2 x Eequays, Vinto, Onar, Hera, C-3P0, Jabba, Temporary Alliance, Black Market, Devious Scheme) Win 40 - 29 Bantha Hunters on "New Ownership" (Bantha, 2 x Eequays, Vinto, Gideon, C-3P0, Hired Guns, Devious Scheme, Temporary Alliance, Beast Tamer) Loss 17-40 Just a very quick overview of each of my games for context: R1: I wiped out all of his units, with the exception of Luke and Ahsoka, by the end of R2. I'd lost 2 Jets in the process, and scored 5 objectives total. I think he made a critical error by running both Luke and Ahsoka ahead to smash one of my Jets, leaving his troopers undefended behind. R2: I took out BT-1 during the first round, denying a second attack from Leia. Luke destroyed Palpatine next round, but with only Leia and Luke left as real attackers, he just couldn't put out anywhere near enough damage. R3: Evan sent Jarrod to take the top terminal (he started at the top, as I won initiative). I don't actually remember too much else from this matchup, except that I played New Orders at the end of R2 to basically seal the deal. R4: Focused Vinto failed to take out my Elite Sentry Droid, even with Draw (though I did have to use Zillo twice). Vinto then dodged my next three attacks at him, and continued to be a menace throughout the game. R2 was an absolutely slaughter fest, with my units JUST coming out on top, especially after the Emperor took out three units in a single activation. Had it not been for the early three dodges, I think this game would have been much more one-sided. T8: I made two huge errors in this game due to my fear of the Bantha. The first was that I moved a Jet to a position where focused Vinto could shoot him. The second was that I completely forgot that my opponent could open the door (I tunnel visioned and kept counting as though the Bantha would be going the long way). I also got Crushed AND Jundland Terror'd T1, which was pretty rough. I don't know if I would have won even had I remember that he could open the door, but it certainly would have made a huge difference. What Would I Change? I'd cut Tough Luck completely. I don't think it's anywhere near as relevant in Zillo lists, with the exception of Ranger matchups due to Accuracy. I was frequently unimpressed when I drew it. I'd also cut Disorient, because I think I was being too cute with my intentions for it. It's way too narrow, even though I can still always dump it to Zillo. That's pretty much it. Overall, I thought the list performed extremely well, and even if Nationals were next weekend and I knew all of the lists being played, I'd still probably turn up with this one.
  11. I'm going to be writing three different articles about nationals: One for my list, one for my matches, and one for just my overall thoughts on the meta. I'll see how many I can get up today. I've almost finished my thoughts on the overall meta (note that that one is intended for a more general audience and is not SUPER detailed). I'll post my list and what brought me to play it here on the forums. Stay tuned!
  12. @DTDanix I thought the article was great. I think you captured most of the considerations that go through a competitive player's mind, but it was presented in an easy to read manner. I think some articles on what you think is important during play would be great. For example, do you pile a ton of damage onto a huge figure you can't kill before they activate, or do you try and take out a single medium sized figure instead? These are the types of things that new players will often miss.
  13. Well, that might make sense! You have to actually add a legal unit to add the attachment. Thanks! Sorry for the trouble.
  14. I was trying to find a way to link images to my Grand Tier List (if you're not cool with it, I'll remove them), and all of the Rebel Upgrades weren't appearing. I also couldn't see Targeting Computer.
  15. Surely you don't mean these four? Two of those four I consider auto-includes in every one of my lists. Given I already made one for deployment cards, I'd more than happily make one for Command Cards too!
  16. Apologies. I meant that Unicorn only had move in tricks, not feinting tricks.
  17. In the context of Unicorn needing help, this guy makes sense. However, why does it seem like this character is the single best in the game? Pretty much able to break provinces on his/her own, free Rout twice per turn that can also be used to "feint", Cavalry keyword, AND low glory so dishonour doesn't mean much? Seems a bit too much for me. Additionally: A. He/She's not restricted to during military conflict. B. Unicorn can jump him/her into a military conflict even after they've used him/her on the offense. C. It's not restricted to opponent's characters, despite most other Unicorn move home tricks being restricted in the same way. Seems suspect to me. Yes. Yes, it would.
  18. I played E-Sentries on the weekend at Australian nats, and they were golden. I thought they were an amazing part of the team! I feel as though they're at exactly the right place they need to be cost-wise. I'd also agree with @buckero0 that Guardian, Trooper and Droid feel as though they're much more likely to get support cards, meaning better scaling in the future. Two of them with Multi-fire will often just destroy an activation from an opponent. They eat Rangers and Pirates for breakfast, and they're tough enough to survive even the best attack from either of them. Three rangers can't take out two droids, but two droids can definitely take out two rangers, for comparison. I will defend these guys to the grave.
  19. I'm going to put up a summary of the final now because it was pretty interesting and it's still fresh in my mind. Granted, this is really only the final parts of the game, as I was playing in a casual side event and missed most of the early game. The score at the moment is Liam 18 v Evan 23. Evan's current units: Jarrod, J4X, Ko-Tun (5 HP remaining), Gideon, 3 Elite Alliance Rangers (1 HP remaining, 6 HP remaining [Hidden], 7 HP remaining), Chopper. Liam's current units: 2 Weequay Pirate [Focus + Hidden], Vinto, C-3P0, Gideon Ko-Tun and the Weequays are yet to activate this round. Liam's turn. Things were looking pretty dire for Liam, so he took two big gambits. First, he took a Range 9 shot at Ko-Tun with one of his Weequay Pirates, and managed to snipe her following the reroll (denying the activation). This was followed by a Range 9 shot with the other Weequay at Gideon, which also ended him. With the end of round scoring, this put Liam at 32 v Evan's 23. Those big gambles had paid off hugely! Liam stole initiative next round and led off with the Weequays, killing the 1HP ranger with one and taking an objective, while the other ran to the side to take another. Liam now stood at 36 points, with Vinto and Gideon left to go, and with three objectives held. Jarrod lept into action, launching himself at Vinto (sitting on the central objective) with a Deathblow and +1 damage from a Ko-Tun token. Enter a big roll: Jarrod: 2 Damage + 2 Surges + 1 Inherent Damage + 1 Damage from Power Token + 2 Damage from Deathblow Vinto: 1 Block Surge for Pierce 2 + 2 Damage = 8 damage! An exact kill on Vinto! Evan 28 vs Liam 36. Liam passes with only Gideon up. Evan moves Chopper to claim an objective. Both players now hold two objectives each. Liam ponders his next play for a while, goes to take a shot with Gideon, then reconsiders it. He thinks on it a little longer, meticulously pondering his options. He ends up going for a shot at Jarrod with Gideon (we'll come back to this). Jarrod takes 1 damage. Evan's got two rangers left, one hidden, one not. He's got Heart of Freedom and Ready Weapons as the only relevant command cards in hand. Liam is all out. Evan counts how far away he is from the only objective he can possibly move to. 7 squares. That's just too far to move with Heart of Freedom and still take a shot. He can get close enough to ignore the shield on the Weequay with one of his rangers, but not the other if he's intending on playing Ready Weapons. He decides to stay at Range 5, and ready his guns... Two very solid attacks later, and the Weequay is down. Evan goes to 32 points. It's the end of the round, and both players hit 40 exactly from objectives. The first tiebreaker is all that's needed, as Evan has notably more points than Liam does from unit kills (Evan still has Jarrod, two Rangers, and Chopper, while Liam only has a single Weequay Pirate, Gideon, and C-3P0). Remember when I said we'd come back to that Gideon moment? You see, Liam could have opted to move Gideon up next to the shield, contesting it and preventing Evan from gaining the 4 points. This would have secured the win for Liam, or at least made it extra ordinarily difficult for Evan to have managed to tie it there. He would have had to attack the Weequay with his hidden Ranger from within the shield radius, and then rolled 4 damage (1/9 chance) while Liam rolled only 1 block (1/3 chance). That brings it to a grand total of a 1/27 chance! He would have then had to run the other ranger to contest Liam's objective, which would have put the score to 36 all instead of 40 all. A climactic finish to a well run tournament. Congrats to Evan and Liam for putting on a great show and making it to the finals!
  20. They'll come in due time! Thanks for following everyone! Watch out for Evan at FFG Worlds next year. He's coming for gold!
  21. Well, he just used him to win the Australian National Championships! Evan defeats Liam BY TIEBREAKER 40-40 in the final.
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