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  1. I've actually just decided to organise everything by Tier instead of Wave. It's going to take a little bit of rewriting and a lot of fiddling, but I'd rather it be easier/better to read.
  2. Excellent point. Noted. I'll change the roman numerals into numbers and add a quick summary sorted by tier at the top.
  3. What if I post a quick version at the top that's sorted by Tier? If you really wanted to find a particular unit, you can then just CTRL + F it?
  4. I also agree with this one. For an example of when this was well done, take a look at Alliance Rangers. Both the Regulars and the Elites seem reasonably costed, and both have their merits. Before they were released, I actually thought the regulars may end up getting the nod over the elites (turns out Pierce 1 was the deal breaker). Even with that said, I sometimes consider the Regulars in teams I make, because they're fine units on their own. As I just updated in my article, I think the Regular Riot Troopers are also pretty solid. I think if they were 4 points instead of 5 (so it was a 4 v 7 comparison, like Jet Troopers), they would have been outstanding. As they are, they're still in the good range, but I think the amount of upgrades you get for 2 points is just too much. These guys were very close, and at least I don't look at the regulars and think "Gee, they're garbage". Here's hoping they print more "cheap troopers matter" type cards.
  5. And done. Heart of the Empire is now updated. Let me know what you guys think!
  6. You're welcome! Stay tuned. Heart of the Empire + Wave X coming today! (I'm based in Australia, so the release is actually today).
  7. Even if we were to measure "good" based on player base, it would be an impossible task as we cannot possibly know how large the player base would have been had the typical slow release occurred. So this decision is precisely one thing...a decision. Just like every decision made by anyone ever, there are going to be those who like the decision (like me) and those who don't (like others on this forum). Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  8. You're not wrong, so I'm going to buck the trend. I absolutely LOVE this.
  9. *BUMP* The list has now been updated to include Wave IX. Heart of the Empire + Wave X will be updated later this week.
  10. @Chetote As soon as Heart of the Empire lands this week, I'll be updating the list!
  11. Well, there you go. Pays me to not read deeper! Thanks everyone!
  12. So I asked a question before regarding Display of Power and Shiba Tsukune, and here I find myself again. So both of these cards state to resolve the effects of a ring as though you are the attacking player. However, the Ring of Earth affects not only the attacking player (draw a card), but also the defending player (discard a card at random). In these instances, is your opponent assumed to be the defending player? In the case of Ring of Earth, do you draw a card and then discard a card at random (as you ARE the defending player)? If one player is the attacking player, is the other automatically assumed to be the defending player? Do you just draw card and your opponent does nothing?
  13. The problem with that would be that I'd have to reorganise everything every single time a new wave came out. I'm future proofing the list this way.
  14. 11:06 by my Sydney clock
  15. Guess we'll have to wait and see. Hopefully someone from the inside will see this thread and say something, though I believe FFG don't actually check their own forums. Which means that they won't see my write that that is an absurd policy to have.