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  1. I'm glad it has been! I've been meaning to update this with the last few figures I'm missing, but it's not my top priority right now, especially with the new wave coming (which is sure to shake things up). Hopefully, when that comes in, I'll have some time to update this!
  2. Perfect, we gave the correct ruling in the first, then gave the correct ruling in the hypothetical second.
  3. Hey guys! We had a fantastic tournament in Sydney, Australia today. I think everyone had an excellent time, there was some very tough competition, and there was some decent variety (even if Scum was the most popular, there were variations between lists). A few rules questions popped up: 1. On the map "To Your Stations", do you shoot from each turret one at a time, or are all targets selected first, and then each target takes 2 damage? The wording on the mission has them as two separate sentences. 2. Both players are on 39 points. Both players have Black Market, and both players' top cards are worth a point. Player A has initiative, and mills the card for a point, putting him to 40. Does the game instantly end?
  4. *bump* This thread will be getting updated in a couple of weeks. I'm way too busy with uni at the moment, and my spare time is spent doing other things. Stay tuned!
  5. Apologies for the delay; university and life is hectic at the moment!
  6. It will come soon! I'll try update for Jabba's Realm today. Literally twice I've done half the wave and then the forum has decided to crap out on me.
  7. Coming up at some point!
  8. I don't mean to burst your friend's bubble, but why not just play units that deal high amounts of regular damage? Let's do a quick check. IG-88: Fair cop. It's pretty decent with him, as his strain doesn't require any special activation. 0-0-0: You're fairly likely to use Invasive Procedure before attacking, so you might get one use out of this per game. Chopper: Getting that third damage is nice, but they'll probably just mill the extra card if it's going to kill their unit. Jawas: Why would you not just surge for +2? It really only gives a slight improvement to their secondary surge ability. In this kind of dedicated strain list, Under Duress can do well, sure. However, ultimately such a list is not particularly viable in high level play. Why not just play more efficient units like Eequays or Gamorreans, which naturally hit harder? If milling cards is your goal, your opponent will just take the damage. Even then, you're not improving these units enough to make them replace other units that forgo the fancy route to the same destination: dead units.
  9. I really need to try this list! Thanks for letting me know!
  10. If those were the tier I had made, I'd probably put anything not in the top lists consistently into tier II. That's not how I operated though; again, think of it as a spectrum, and within each tier, there is still some variety. I just didn't wanna get into twelve tiers by starting to say "low, mid, and high tier X". I'd say that I'd put Bossk into low tier I, while Obi and Shyla are solidly in mid tier I, if I were to do my 12 point scale. Also, I guess I should elaborate on tier II a bit more. Tier II is where units that are great in a vacuum but not played in many of the top lists go. I could see Bossk moving there, but I'm unconvinced he can't be included rather successfully into top lists. If you look at the cost of Lando, Davith and Jyn compared to their abilities, they are relatively solid; they don't at all feel overcosted, and they're all cheap enough points-wise to at least be considered. The differences in our opinion may not be as large as they seem; it's not like I'm saying that units like Jyn and Lando are as good as HKs, for example. More that they fit into the same general area. Hope that makes sense!
  11. In most of the games I play, the most significant turn of the game is turn 2; after that initial exchange, I think it's rare to see a game completely flip around. Most of the time, whoever was the most prepared for turn 2/came out on top of that exchange is going to win. I guess I should have specified that I don't think the game *technically* ends on turn 2, but in the vast majority of cases, it might as well.
  12. @DTDanix Interesting. Here's a little more on what I think. Obi-Wan was the sole reason I made it all the way to 3rd-4th at Worlds in 2016, I believe. He's slow, sure, but he's also absurdly tank, and it's very rare that you can't get into attacking range of multiple enemies at the end of round one. And again, I can't stress how powerful his ability is; denying an opponent a card on the first turn is game defining, especially if you're able to take it. Davith doesn't need particularly good rolls to be effective, especially against black defence dice (which are currently everywhere due to the Hunter meta). Your chance of rolling one surge on Green-Yellow is very high, and given you'll be hidden, that's already the two surges needed to activate your big ability, and then score another attack for free. You've guaranteed got one damage, possibly more, and you'll likely be able to get Pierce 3 and +1 Hide on the second attack. That's 4-5 damage at least, which isn't too shabby at all if you ask me. Lando and BT are clearly leagues apart, and that's why BT will be tier I when I put him up later. Purely statwise, however, Lando is pretty efficient overall, and he has great surges AND a fantastic command card. There's no reason he can't easily slot into tier II. I would say that I prefer Shyla to Bossk as well, but that by no means means Bossk is not deserving of tier I status. Ultimately, he does hit harder on average, and is much better against white defence than Shyla as he's not reliant on surges for damage. Plus, Indiscriminate Fire is a nice option to have, though I would rarely play the command card. As for Blaise, I would be inclined to agree with you IF the game was slower than it currently is. I agree that spy cards are very powerful, but they don't need Blaise to be powerful.
  13. @DTDanix As in +1 Tier, -1 Tier? I'd love to hear your explanations.
  14. In another thread, some players lamented over the lack of a comprehensive and current tier list. I ended up making one and posting it into that thread, and many quite enjoyed it. I've been asked to make a new thread for it, which is exactly what this is. The Aficionado's Grand Tier List Deployment and Upgrade Cards Tier I: The best of the best in the game. Superior to similar units in some way, or offers a powerful, rare ability. Generally the best bang for buck in the game. Tier II: Still very playable. Perhaps they were once Tier I, but a newer unit has dethroned them. Still very useful units, and definitely not rare to see in lists. Can be Tier I in particular lists, with particular supports, but perhaps not as generally useful as Tier I units. Also includes units that are all around very solid and don't have any obviously superior units, but just haven't found the right list yet. Tier III: Starting to get borderline here. There might be rare lists that use this unit, or fringe lists that are somewhat competitive, but outside of these particular lists, you will rarely see them. Do note that many "build-around-me" characters will probably fall into this category, unless they bring something absurdly powerful to the table. Tier IV: Unviable in skirmish. Either overcosted greatly, or doesn't provide any useful ability that can't be obtained elsewhere. Without substantial aid, these guys will not see the light of day. Core Set + Wave I Rebel Units Diala Passil (Tier III) When the new Force User wave comes out, Diala might see more play. At the moment, however, she just doesn't hit hard enough, or have anywhere near enough survivability to warrant her cost. She's got some decent surges, the Brawler trait, and two very solid abilities, but you just need more out of 7 points than she offers. Fenn Signis (Tier IV) Fenn hits pretty hard, and in the right situation, can dish out incredible pain. However, he's incredibly squishy for his high cost, and has some truly awful surges. Assault is way too hard to set up, and for almost 1/4 of your army, you can do better than this guy. Gaarkhan (Tier IV) Goodness gracious. When you compare Gaarkhan to the Royal Guard, you start to wonder what designers were thinking. They're even in the same box! Red-Yellow is my least favourite attack in the game (it's way too swingy), and poor Gaarkhan doesn't even have the surges to capitalise on the yellow dice! Top that off with the fact that he's melee, and we have an almost all around loser. He's got decent traits and abilities, but is yet again a little too squishy for 8 points, and nowhere near impactful enough for his cost. Gideon Argus (Tier I) I'd be surprised if there is ever a Rebel list made without this guy. In fact, I'm often surprised to see Scum lists that don't splash him in. Two amazing abilities that are only limited by sight, a decent attack should you ever need it, and only 3 points? One of the biggest missteps by the designers. They really undervalued the utility Gideon provides. Jyn Odan (Tier II) The other solid Rebel hero in the Core Box. Great speed, three great abilities, two of the best surge abilities in the game and a nice, balanced attack (Green-Green) make Jyn pretty super. Smuggler is among the best traits in the game, too! The only issue is her range can be a bit of a problem sometimes, especially if she doesn't roll a surge. I think she's a lot better than her popularity would make her out to be, but she doesn't fit into any of the "best" lists at the moment. Mak Eshka'rey (Tier III) Mak's best use is sitting in the background, near a terminal, and providing a Spy count for Comms Dirsuption. He's also great at opening doors and being an activation. He's got a poor, poor attack, and is probably going to die if someone goes after him (especially with a three dice attack). I'd put him in Tier IV, but I've heard of some people including him in lists for the first two sentences I mentioned. Luke Skywalker - Hero of the Rebellion (Tier II) I probably would have left Luke in Tier I had his Jedi version not come out and completely replaced him in pretty much every list. He's a little expensive overall, but a great attack, great survivability, and a powerful leader-style ability once made him a staple in many Rebel lists. Oh, and there's also Son of Skywalker, the most powerful command card in the game, that only he can use. Chewbacca (Tier IV) Everyone's favourite Wookiee is far and away the game's most overcosted unit at the moment. He's got major accuracy issues, and an incredibly swingy attack (Red-Blue-Yellow). His surges are decent, and Black-White defense is the best in game, but even given that, he's just way too expensive an investment for such a low impact figure. Even if he cost half of what he did, I'd query how much play he'd see. That's how overcosted he is. Han Solo (Tier III) The other part of the overcosted duo, I put Han in Tier III only because of the Smuggler Box list. He's got a better attack than Chewie, with better surges as well (he's actually pretty likely to hit 6-7 accuracy), and he has the potential to make multiple attacks in a round. Outside of the Smuggler Box list, I don't think Han will ever see much play. I've heard of people being cute and using him as a way to ready Jedi Luke, but come on now. Is that cute combo really worth 12 points? R/E Rebel Saboteur (Tier IV/Tier II) R: Once upon a time, these guys were the absolute bomb. They're pretty likely to survive an attack, and they were pretty speedy. Post errata, however, they're just too slow and have too little range to make a big difference. E: The elites were once the best unit the Rebels had on offer. Post errata, they're still pretty solid. Priority Target combined with Blast can ensure maximum pain, and they have an off chance of surviving two small attacks (and are pretty likely to survive one big one). Two useful traits, decent accuracy, and high speed make them a reasonable investment, especially if you decide to include the focus package (Hint: Always include the focus package). R/E Rebel Trooper (Tier IV/Tier II) R: If you thought Red-Yellow was a bad attack, meet Blue-Yellow. Absolutely awful surges, pitiful survivability, and an ability that will rarely ever see use, these are a huge pass. E: Now this is much better. You're much more likely to survive an attack, you have more reasonable surges, AND you have the ability to self-focus, meaning you're probably going to be delivering at least one three-dice attack in the game. Still inferior to their Imperial counterpart, but a staple for Rebel Trooper lists. Rebel Upgrades Balance of the Force (Tier III) Would you trade a point of your army to improve your command deck? Sometimes, the answer is yes, especially in lists like Luke's Finest, where you want to run all the best Trooper and Hunter cards, as well as Heart of Freedom and Son of Skywalker. Most of the time, you're better off purchasing something else. I will admit I could be underrating this, but I really only see it in one list. Rebel High Command (Tier III) Command cards are great, and drawing more of them is super. At the moment, however, you're likely to draw two extra cards off of this before the game is over (a lot of games end quite early at the moment, due to hyper-aggro Hunter lists). One of those cards will come after the huge fight that often breaks out on the second turn. Is that enough of a benefit? Most of the time, I'd rather pay an extra point and get R2; if you can get him to a terminal on turn one, he's actually far superior to this. Still, there are worse things you could spend points on. Imperial Units AT-ST (Tier IV) They hit hard, and they're tough. These guys compare pretty favourably to units like Chewbacca, to be honest. Unfortunately, that's working off a low base, and Vehicles need more support than they currently have before they become viable. 14 points is also just too much for a single attack, no matter how powerful it may be. R/E E-Web Engineer (Tier IV/Tier IV) R/E: Unless you're that one hero at Worlds trying to make this work, just don't do it. Pretty much every activation in skirmish is move + attack; not being able to move this, and not even getting a big reward off of it is not a clever investment for 6-8 points. No, don't get any funny ideas with Call the Vanguard, either. General Weiss (Tier IV) Yet another overcosted unique unit. I have a fair bit of fun playing around with this guy, but in reality, he's just too expensive, despite always having access to the best attack possible. General's Orders is, however, a remarkably powerful ability, and Weiss's unique command card is pretty solid as well, but for 16 points, you again need more than a single target threat. If you somehow get off Blast 3 and hit 2+ other units with it, you deserve to win that game. R/E Imperial Officer (Tier I/Tier III) R: Even post errata, these guys are among the best filler units of any faction. Positioning is, in my opinion, the most important aspect of Imperial Assault, and these guys let you get yourself into a much better state on the critical first turn. After that, they can go sit near a terminal or just get in the way. It's pretty annoying to have to try and kill them as well, especially if they're next to a friend. The most important thing? These guys are effectively a fake activation, meaning you get to see more of what your opponent will do before you commit to the fight. Awesome, awesome unit. E: Far more situational than our friends above, 5 points is a lot to spend on what is still a fragile support unit. Being able to get an extra move and attack out of your best unit is pretty solid, and in some lists, this guy will probably be worth his salt. Those lists, however, are rare. R/E Probe Droid (Tier III/Tier II) R: In all honesty, not a bad unit for three points. It can hit reasonably for its cost, is an activation on its own (you can slow roll your opponent), has the now great Droid trait, and is likely to survive an attack thrown at it. The problem? 3 speed is just way too slow. In a game of positioning, faster units are naturally better, and these guys just don't quite make the cut. Generally you see these in the Fall of Cybertron lists (General Sorin + lots of Droids), but even that list has fallen in popularity (I expect it to rise again with the new wave though). There is, however, some novel use of this guy with Last Resort in Scum Droids lists, where you're effectively paying 4 points for a six speed bomb. In all honesty, the amount of damage you can cause with that may cause this to guy to end up seeing a little more play, though it will still be fringe. E: A pretty ferocious enemy. Good mobility, powerful surges, decent health, and a built-in reroll? Count me in! Unfortunately, these guys are very similar to Jyn for me; they're completely fine units in a vacuum, but they rarely end up making the cut over other units. They do, however, form a very important part of the Fall of Cybertron lists, and they might see a resurgence of popularity with the new Droid toys. R/E Royal Guards (Tier II/Tier III) R: Once part of the infamous 4x4 (4 Royal Guards/4 Imperial Officers), these guys have fallen from grace a bit. Still, they're pretty chunky for their cost, and do a pretty great job of protecting their friends. A focused attack from them is nothing to sneeze at either, and they can randomly stun units on a good roll. They're pretty speedy and have reach, too! Overall, they're let down by a swingy attack; sometimes they run hot, but other times it's like they're giving the enemy a hug. E: I personally like the Elites; they have one of the best defenses in the game (Auto-Evade + Black Dice) and they have a much better surge than the regular ones. Unfortunately, they're pretty costly. I don't mean to say they're overcosted; I think they're about right, or maybe just slightly over (perhaps 11 for both?). Sadly, needing to grab both of them means they've stayed well out of the competitive scene. R/E Stormtrooper (Tier IV/Tier I) R: If you want to play a thematic, movie-evoking version of the Empire, these are your go to Stormtroopers. When you imagine the Stormies that miss every shot, and get beaten up by tiny teddies, this is them. Pathetically squishy, with awful surges, a whole squad of these guys MIGHT be able to dish out 5 damage a round...maybe. E: If you want the type of Stormtrooper that roasted the Jawas and Obi-Wan spoke of, this is them. Stormtroopers were, for the longest time, the definition of efficiency, and the boogieman of the format. Likely to survive an attack sent at them, able to dish out very consistent damage, a built-in way to focus, and a built-in re-roll? It's no wonder the Empire is so feared! A recent FAQ and the introduction of Jabba has made the old strategy of Troopers + Reinforcements a little less popular, but Stormtroopers are still, in my opinion, the gold standard of efficiency. Darth Vader (Tier IV...for now, Tier I later this year) At the moment, Vader is just simply not worth nearly half your army in points. He hits like a truck, is incredibly tough, has some great traits, and Force Choke is nothing to sneeze out. He'd be better if he decided to jog or run instead of walking at a comfortable pace across the battlefield. However, when he gives in and is Driven by Hatred later this year, he will finally take his place as the most feared being in the galaxy. Heart of the Empire can't come fast enough. Royal Guard Champion (Tier III) I'd probably put this guy into Tier IV, but I almost got beaten by him at nationals last year. He's got a great attack (Green-Yellow-Red), two very powerful surge abilities (+2 and Pierce 2), the ability to attack twice in the rightcircumstances (or even more if you kill his friends first), and he's got the highest printed speed in the game (shared with the Nexu). Coupled with his pretty stellar defense, he's actually a pretty solid unit...he just costs too much. If he was a little cheaper, he'd be a real force to be reckoned with, and probably jump up to Tier I or II. Imperial Upgrades Temporary Alliance (Tier I) The benefit of this really depends on what army you're trying to build, but one point for access to an entire other faction is absurd. While this is nowhere near as popular as the Scum version, it's still undeniably powerful for a point. This mainly gets seen in Fall of Cybertron lists to bring over HKs, but I've also heard stories of Bossk coming to aid the Empire, as well as the purchasing of untamed Rancors... Scum Units (Honestly, who calls them Mercs?) R/E Trandoshan Hunter (Tier IV/Tier IV) R/E: Heavily overcosted units that have an odd dichotomy between their attack and their abilities. A Blue-Green attack would imply that they would like to stay at medium-long range, but both of their abilities want them to be up close an personal. Poor surges are the nail in the coffin for these overcosted lizards. Such a shame, because they have such a nice model, and two good traits. R/E Nexu (Tier III/Tier II) The Nexu is a pretty interesting unit. Creature and Brawler are both very useful traits, especially given the type of list they're normally included in (which happens to be full of brawling creatures!). Both versions are surprisingly hard to take down, and amazingly fast due to how Pounce works (hard to explain in without a diagram, but you can actually jump further than you would think). Auto-bleed is a nice addition, with the elite also having auto-Cleave 2. Much like Jyn and the Probe Droids, these guys look awesome, but ultimately they just end up not fitting into many lists. In the creature lists, however, they're a pretty stellar and important addition. Just don't let them get weakened. IG-88 (Tier I) Now that Focused on the Kill is out, IG-88 turns from a dusty junk droid into, in my opinion, the single best unit in the game. That's right, I believe IG-88 slightly edges out Jedi Luke; he has higher damage output, higher speed, better defense, is ranged, and has far superior traits (Droid and Hunter both just huge boosts). He's also got his own version of Son of Skywalker! Watch out for this guy; he's about to be taking over the Scum lists, and winning tournaments, near you. Scum Upgrades Devious Scheme (Tier II) There's a bit more competition in the 1 point slot for Scum upgrades now, or this would still be Tier I (I think it often JUST loses out to Black Market). As it stands, Devious Scheme tends to get used more in Bantha lists, where it's pretty crucial to get that first activation on Turn 2. Still, all of the benefits on offer here are pretty stellar for the more experienced player. Just how good Devious Scheme is also fluctuates with the map pool; the greater the disparity between sides (or importance of securing a particular side for your list), the higher value Devious Scheme becomes. First Strike (Tier IV) Spend 2 points to give you AND your opponent 4 VP? Why? You could buy a Jawa with those 2 VP, or a whole manner of other, better upgrades. Maybe one day there will be a more appropriate reason to start off with some points; perhaps you're playing many ways to score points, and just want to be 4 closer? Maybe one day, but not today. Temporary Alliance (Tier I) Easily the most defining Scum card, which is unfortunate given it brings in Rebel units. Common wisdom for the longest time was "The greatest Scum lists start off with Temporary Alliance + C-3PO + Gideon Argus", which is pretty sad. When Jabba came out, many thought this would be the end of the focus package. However, instead of replacing it, Jabba has simply come to join the party. It is that combination of support units that provides Scum with unmatched aggressive potential. And again, access to an entire faction of units for 1 point is insane. Again, I'll add to this as time goes by. Hopefully I'll be able to get this done and up to date in the next two weeks. Twin Shadows + Wave II Rebel Units Biv Bodhrik (Tier IV) And yet another Rebel hero that's subpar. His abilities aren't too bad, but again, we've got a strange mix of wanting to be good at ranged while also being up in his enemies' faces. He's even squishier than Fenn is, and he was already too squishy. Poor big, bulky rebels with huge guns; will they ever see the light of day? Saska Teft (Tier IV) Don't worry. Someday they'll make playable new heroes. But it's certainly not in this box. Saska is squishy, not very effective in combat, and has one mildly useful ability: the one that brings in a Scum unit. Unfortunately, six points is far too much to bring in a friend when you compare it to Temporary Alliance. C-3PO (Tier I) The other half of the focus package, C-3PO is the best 2 points you can spend. Offering defensive bonuses to those around him, being hard to hit himself, and focusing his friends are all huge upsides. What's more, the new droid upgrade Trusted Ally is perfect for 3PO, who's often near his fighting friends anyway. He'll be in Rebel lists until the end of time. R2-D2 (Tier II) R2's effectiveness depends heavily on the map pool. For example, on ISB Headquarters, I'd say he's Tier I for sure. On other maps, like Jabba's Palace and Anchorhead Bar, he's notably weaker, as he's unable to get to a terminal on turn one without support. You're effectively paying 1 point more than Rebel High Command for an extra activation, something to hold a terminal, and potentially faster card draw. Thus, R2's probably always good enough for at least Tier II, but may sometimes slide up to Tier I. Imperial Units R/E Heavy Stormtrooper (Tier IV/Tier III) R: Being slow, you'd want these guys to really bring the pain when they are able to get into the fight, but unfortunately, these guys are just slightly lacking. They're pretty tough for their cost, often surviving two hits, but unfortunately they're unable to take advantage of their longevity. E: I'm reluctant to put these guys into Tier III, but the rising popularity of the Jet Trooper has shown these guys have been mostly replaced. When combined with Agent Blaise given them hidden, these guys could really bring the pain, being the only competitive unit to have access to Blast 2. Targeting Computer also helps them a fair bit, but sadly, their newer, shinier, more mobile cousins have relegated these guys out of their already modest showing. Kayn Somos (Tier IV) I really wish this guy was better. FFG seems to really dislike their own Star Wars characters! With the introduction of Advanced Coms System, there were some who hoped that it would bring Kayn into playability; unfortunately, he's still too expensive. Perhaps if we continue to see more powerful troopers like Captain Terro, Kayn may end up having a place after all, as he gives them each another attack each round (although they have to be at the same unit, which is pretty hard to set up). At the moment, however, he's still sitting in the corner. Imperial Upgrades Rule By Fear (Tier I) Starting the game by drawing 5 command cards and ditching 1 is a pretty powerful advantage, especially given how important turn two has become. Rule By Fear means you have more fuel for Zillo Technique, as well as a greater chance of seeing your most relevant command cards before the second turn (you'll see a total of 7 cards if you manage to hold a terminal at the end of turn one). For a single point, this is outstanding. Scum Units R/E Tusken Raiders (Tier IV/Tier III) R/E: Scum continues to disappoint with some pretty mediocre units. I think the biggest disappointment about the Tuskens is how bland they are overall; they have an unreliable ranged attack of moderate strength, and a decent melee attack. That's it. There's nothing much else to say about these guys. They're mediocre in a game where mediocre doesn't cut it. The Elites can push a fair bit of damage due to their inherent +1, and they're sort of tough, but they really only see play in Bantha lists, and only so you have something else to use Jundland Terror with if the Bantha dies. Boba Fett (Tier III) Boba is far and away the tankiest unit in the game. He's also the most mobile unit in the game. And yet he's pathetically weak when it actually comes to killing things. You could try and play a cheeky list with him where you simply try and outlive your opponent, denying them points by just flying away, but outside of that type of list, he just doesn't do enough. There will be no disintegrations with Boba around in his current form, that's for sure. However, some suspect that Heart of the Empire may be bringing about a change for this iconic bounty hunter... Scum Upgrades Explosive Armament (Tier IV) Any ability that requires two surges to trigger better be game defining. Explosive Armament is pretty powerful, but there just aren't many units that can reliably trigger it, although you could be cheeky and put it onto a group of Elite Weequays and wreak havoc with hidden. In a meta more defined by troopers, this may have been Tier III, and saw some fringe play. At the moment, however, there just aren't enough units surviving on 1 or 2 health to worry about, and 1 point can be much better spent, especially in Scum. Wave III Rebel Units R /E Wookiee Warriors (Tier III/Tier IV) R/E: Both lots of furry bears suffer from the same issue; they're pretty expensive, they don't hit very hard, and they're melee. The only reason the regulars make it to Tier III is because of the unique, tanky list that almost took Gencon 2016. In that list, they're not even used for their attack; it's purely because they're so tanky and hard to kill. That list tries to go to time and simply point deny the opponent. Unfortunately, it no longer works quite as well as it did, as they no longer need to kill both Wookiees in order to score points. Rebel Upgrades Fury of Kashyyyk (Tier IV) Number of playable Wookiees: maybe one. Attachment plays: only on Wookiees. Attachment makes those Wookiees significantly better: nope. Imperial Units R Stormtroopers/E Stormtroopers (Tier IV/Tier I) Didn't we already review these guys? Imperial Upgrades Vader's Finest (Tier III) This is a pretty powerful upgrade; being able to give a whole squad the ability to self-focus, as well as giving them more mobility, is pretty great; however, I doubt it's better than an Imperial Officer or other upgrades. I personally think this should be Tier IV, but I give it a Tier III rating because it was in the Gencon 2016 winning list (I believe). Scum Units R/E Hired Guns (Tier II/Tier IV) R: I personally love these guys for a few reasons; they're speedy, they're expendable, and they can be used to ready Greedo with Change of Plans. I'm curious if the Jawas will replace these guys and send them down a tier, but for now, I'm still optimistic with them. I may also be biased because they're one of the few figures I've painted well. E: Remember how I said I like that they're expendable? Making them more expensive pretty much eliminates that aspect, and you get very few other benefits. Scum Upgrades Last Resort (Tier III) This has some utility on larger units like the Rancor and the Bantha (although Feeding Frenzy is better on the former), as you get much wider spread damage. I've pondered doing crazy things like having Jabba bully a Hired Gun with a bomb on it, and then have them run into the middle of a crowded room, use Black Market, and have them explode and dish out a bunch of damage. It's a pretty dark image, and not an overly effective tactic, but it's an interesting interaction. Also, Jabba's a jerk. Wave IV Rebel Units R/E Alliance Smuggler (Tier II/Tier III) R/E: Much like R2, this guy's value is heavily dependent on the current map. He's pretty much defined by his Smuggler's Instincts ability, so on maps with more chances to interact, he's great. Currently he's good on 50% of the missions, while on the others he's pretty much a glorified door opener/terminal controller. Which really isn't too bad for 2 points, but a bit much for 4. I do like the idea of combining Slippery with Hidden in order to make all attacks at him -4 accuracy, but there aren't any reliable ways of doing that. As a 2 point splash, I can somewhat understand him, but not at 4. Rebel Upgrades Smuggler's Run (Tier IV) Maybe someday, when the stars align and more alternate VP scoring cards are released, this could have a chance. However, the condition is not easy to meet, especially on certain missions where there is no way to avoid getting in the crossfire (Anchorhead Bar and Jabba's Palace, for instance). It's a very large sacrifice just to potentially earn lots of VP; why not just shoot your opponent and be done with it? I want this to be good, and if it ever does become viable, I'll be very, very happy. Scum Units Bantha Rider (Tier I) The might Bantha was once the sole king of beasts. If you sat across from one of these with many small, squishy units, you knew you were in for pain. The Bantha's major strength comes from the fact that pretty much all the damage it's ever going to do cannot be reduced in any way; there's a lot of power in the certainty that is on offer here. Clever use of it to break the formation of your opponent is yet another strength, though this is true of massive units generally. The biggest strength of the Bantha, however, comes from the fact that it has one of the most insane command cards in the game: Jundland Terror. Providing what is effectively another activation at the end of a round, this monstrosity can dish out such a substantial amount of damage in one or two rounds that it's hard not to keep it in Tier I, regardless of the rise in popularity of everyone's favourite new beasty: the Rancor. If you're looking for area-of-effect, there's no unit in the game that comes close to how good this guy is. Beast Tamer (Tier I) An auto-include until the end of time in any list that features a big creature. Granting ANY creature on your force an extra move action is way too crazy for a single point. Without this, I'm not sure that the creatures would be very viable at all; with it, however, they turn into freakishly fast and wholly unpredictable foes. The Rancor, the Nexu and the Bantha all adore this upgrade, as will every creature released from now until the end of the game. It's also kind of cute, I guess, that you can give them the ability to interact. Return to Hoth + Wave V Rebel Units Loku Kanoloa (Tier IV) You guessed it, another Rebel hero that's in the lowest tier. Loku is incredibly squishy, has a pretty average attack, and two poor abilities. His only upsides are his Spy trait and 5 speed, and that just doesn't cut it. If Jyn, who's miles better, is rarely making the cut, what chance does this Mon Calamari have? MHD-19 (Tier III) MHD is an interesting unit. He's really only ever going to be used as a repetitive source of healing, but being able to bring your heroes back from the brink, coupled with his amazing command card, is an ability that is replicated nowhere else. No list has really had him be exceptional, which is why he remains in tier 3, but he's far from unplayable. In the right list, he can be a real pain. Verena Talos (Tier IV) Honestly, Verena is a lot better than many of the other Tier IV units. She's got one of the best defences in the game, decent surges, and a solid amount of hit points given her already good defence. Her abilities aren't bad either, especially if you can get up close and personal, where she really shines. Unfortunately, one look at Obi-Wan, who is a point cheaper, has a better attack, and has more useful abilities, and you realise there will never be a reason to play Verena over him. R/E Echo Base Troopers (Tier IV/Tier II) R: Compare these guys to the similarly costed Stormtroopers, and you see that they just fall short. They have inferior surges, no access to re-roll, and need to be up close (practically melee) to do reliable damage. If you're looking for reinforceable troops, Elite Rebel Troopers are much better than these guys. E: At 2 points more than the regulars, you get vastly improved surges, a fair chunk of extra HP, and the ability to reduce all Pierce values by 1. All of this makes these guys incredibly tough to handle, and capable of dishing out serious damage that means you can't ignore them. With the release of Call the Vanguard, these guys make up an important part of the popular "Luke's Finest" list, forming the front line for the Alliance Rangers to hide behind. They remain solidly in Tier II, as their use is not anywhere near widespread enough to be Tier I. Leia Organa (Tier II) Leia is a fantastic unit, offering some very unique abilities on a quick and relatively strong body (she'll often hit 5 damage, but has the potential for more on a good roll). Her biggest boon, of course, is her Battlefield Leadership ability, which not only allows her to attack, but gives her favourite, hard hitting ally *cough* Luke or Obi-Wan *cough* another whack as well. With the release of the Hunter cards, which allow for absurdly powerful attacks single attacks, Leia is now a little too fragile, given she'll get less use out of her Recover 2. Still, anytime she's on the table, she'll be a powerful threat that needs to be handled. Rebel Upgrades Combat Suit (Tier IV) This ability is nice on the Elite Echo Base Troopers...when it's included for free. Rebel lists often find themselves tight for points, and when you look at the other cheap options they have (Balance of the Force, Motivation, On a Diplomatic Mission, Trusted Ally), you can see why this one is never going to see the light of day, unless some kind of list which contains only units with Pierce becomes Tier I. On a Diplomatic Mission (Tier III) This pretty much reads "Gain 1 VP each round". This would be a pretty powerful ability if Imperial Assault games lasted for enough rounds for this to matter, but in most games, this will score you 2, maybe 3 points. It's not bad by any stretch, don't get me wrong, but it's rare to have a point left over, and even rarer that 2 or 3 points are going to be sealing the game up for you. Still, it's much better than First Strike. Imperial Units R/E Snowtroopers (Tier IV/Tier III) R: Suffering from the classic regular trooper dilemma of only having a +1 damage (or in this case, Pierce 1) surge. In addition, no access to a re-roll and being relatively expensive spell a dusty end for these guys. E: Now that FFG have gotten rid of a wide majority of attackable doors, units that have Focus abilities on their surges have taken a hit. If they come back in a big way, perhaps the Snowtroopers too will see more play. However, they still lack a re-roll, and their damage ceiling is lower than that of their Stormtrooper cousins. Sure, they're slightly tankier, and they have some neat utility abilities, but damage is the name of the game, and these guys just often don't cut it. SC2-M Repulsor Tank (Tier IV) Problem number one is this machine's survivability; how is it that Verena, who comes in the same box, is roughly as survivable as this massive mech? Being surprisingly squishy isn't the tank's only issue, however. It hits softly and inaccurately, and is pretty slow all things considered. Sure, it might be able to attack twice, but only at the same target, and the perfect setup for that is rarely going to present itself. A shame, because it's a pretty cool mini. General Sorin (Tier III) I like General Sorin a fair bit, and he's a pretty crucial part of the Fall of Cybertron list. One would imagine that the release of the new droid wave would help him substantially, but surprisingly, new competitors for his role have risen up. If you're trying to play a Droid centred list, the Elite Jawa Scavenger is able to bring over BT-1 AND play the new IG-88, which Sorin cannot. He's still fairly reasonable with Elite Jet Troopers, but even then, Captain Terro and the Dewback Riders often form better support for them than this reasonably expensive commander can offer. If many locked doors pop up again, perhaps the old school strat of focusing your whole team on turn one will become good enough to elevate Sorin up. Imperial Upgrades The General's Ranks (Tier IV) An expensive upgrade that only offers benefits when used in conjunction with other supporting abilities. If there was a unit this could attach to that reliably attacked or moved outside of its activation, maybe this would be alright. However, no such unit exists, and thus this too may as well not. Scum Units R/E HK Assassin Droid (Tier II/Tier III) R: Not too long ago, these guys were the most fearsome attacking units in the game. A consistent, long-ranged snipe, which was especially powerful when focused, as well as being near immune to the feared Dodge result, the HK Droids were, as their name would imply, killing machines. The Elite Weequay Pirate from the Jabba's Realm wave looked to spell the end for these guys, but with the new Droid wave, these guys got a few new command cards to play with, which may see them preferred in certain lists. They're one weakness is they're survivability, which is rather low. E: Sometimes, but rarely, you see these guys paired with Prey on the Weak, which really solidifies their role as long ranged snipers. Unfortunately, they're very expensive, still rather squishy, and really not much more powerful than their regular counterparts. They're still not bad, they're a rare sight for sure. R/E Wampa (Tier IV/Tier IV) R/E: Oh, how I wish I could still put the Regular Wampa in Tier III. Both versions hit pretty hard, and have decent survivability for their cost, but they can be painfully slow, especially because the can't move diagonally and are melee hitters. Whereas I once played the Regular Wampa in my Fuzzy Friends list, now the meta is very different, and Elite Gamorrean Guards exist, which pretty much outclass them. Like Verena, they're not actually horrible units, just vastly outclassed by other options available to the extent that I can't see them making a comeback, unless some extremely powerful creature support cards are released. Dengar (Tier IV) The former king of status conditions (0-0-0 now holds that position), Dengar's a little on the squishy side for his point cost, and his range is rather short (he's only just above 50% to hit range 5). On top of that, he hit's like a wet noodle, especially if he's actually delivered a status condition to his target! The main issue with Dengar is that the best status condition in the game is dead, which many other similarly costed units do a much better job at delivering. Scum Upgrades Punishing Strike (Tier IV) First off, I just want to say how odd an inclusion this was in Dengar's box, given that he can deliver any condition he wants. Remember when I said that Scum has a whole lot of great 1 point upgrades? This comes to you at the cost of two of those, or a Regular Jawa Scavenger. The best use of this is with 0-0-0 (when he's splashed into Scum through an Elite Jawa Scavenger), allowing him to consistently stun, even by just walking up to someone. Perhaps that will end up making this a little better than it used to be, but I like to think that 0-0-0 is more than happy to just weaken and make people bleed. Making Nexus auto-stun is nice as well, but overall, this is just lacking in impact, and way too expensive. At 1 point, this might have been a great card. But alas, it joins many of the game's other upgrades in the junk pile. Neutral Upgrades Targeting Computer (Tier I) The first neutral upgrade, and one of the best upgrades in the game, period! It plays on a whole host of useful units: BT-1, Jet Troopers, Heavy Stormtroopers...okay, it ALMOST might as well be an Imperial upgrade, but Rebel Saboteurs sometimes like it as well. A one cost upgrade that can affect an entire group is generally pretty solid, especially when it's able to aid each of them in combat in the same round. The Bespin Gambit + Wave VI Rebel Units Davith Elso (Tier II) Finally, another very playable Rebel hero. Davith has great survivability thanks to his natural hidden status, and his rather sizeable health pool, especially given his cost. He's quick, has excellent surges, and to top it all off, Slice and Dice is an amazing ability. What then, you may ask, is his downfall? Well, first off, he's melee (as one would expect of a Jedi). This normally isn't an issue, as melee attackers get stronger attacks. But there's the second problem; Davith's basic attack is pretty weak (Green-Yellow), and he doesn't have a +2 damage surge. Granted, sometimes he'll be able to attack twice in a round, and in those cases he's pretty fantastic. However, this won't always be true, especially when fighting opponents with white defence dice. Still, he's got a whole host of solid powers, a very powerful command card, and with the Force User trait next up for a big boost, he could be getting substantially better later this year. Murne Rin (Tier III) If you are able to reliably hide her friends using Field Report, Murne is an all-star. Hidden is a very powerful condition, and being one of only two units in the game able to hand it out to her friends (and the only one not restricted on whom he can give it to) is a huge plus. Spy and Leader are also two very solid traits. While this would seem to make her a stellar choice, she's a bit expensive for just that ability (and it's conditional), and False Orders is a little narrow for my liking. Ultimately, Murne is heavily dependent on matchup and opponent playstyle; in the right circumstances, she can be a rather powerful support, especially if you hold off on the initial attack for a round or two, where you get higher value out of her. Lando Calrissian (Tier II) Lando's an interesting one, and probably one of the more underrated heroes. He's got some pretty stellar surges, an inherent re-roll on attack and defence, great accuracy (can always hit a minimum of 5 if need be by re-rolling into a blue), two awesome traits, and a potentially very powerful attack (especially if you re-roll into a red die). He's even got one of the best unique command cards available; it's cheap, and effectively allows him to atuo-Dodge one attack (or get the best attack result, if you really need it). All that being said, he falls into a similar category to Jyn, where he's just waiting in the wings for a list where he fits well. Rebel Upgrades Heroic Effort (Tier I) Stick all the conditions you want onto a card that costs 0. As long as there's no actual drawback, it's going to be Tier I, because every list that can play it will do so. From now until the end of time, every Rebel hero list will play Heroic Effort. There's literally no reason not to. In fact, the upside on it is even pretty decent; sure, it's not going to be the reason you build a heroes list, but if you do happen to play a heroes list (which is rapidly becoming more and more possible, with units like Jedi Luke and Obi-Wan), why not chuck this in? Imperial Units Agent Blaise (Tier II) An integral part of the old Imperial spies list that was omnipresent in the 2016 meta. Blaise is a decent if short ranged attacker, but attacking is not where his strength lies. No, instead, his strength lies in his two powerful abilities; Adapt and Interrogate. Being able to hide any Trooper or Spy the first time your opponent plays a command card each round is absurdly powerful, especially as it can trigger mid attack and reduce accuracy. On top of that, hiding a Heavy Stormtrooper to guarantee a big blast, or even just a plain old Stormtrooper to maximise their damage or range is pretty awesome. Now that Dewbacks are part of the scene, you have even more powerful options to hide away (although how exactly those beasts hide is beyond me). In regards to Interrogate, ask anyone who had their hand contents leaked by a door that talked (yes, you can interrogate a door) and you'll understand how frustrating it is. Looking at your opponent's hand is extremely powerful, and being able to strip a card away (at the cost of one of your own, that is) is a great option to have (even more so if you draw Blaise's unique command card). His only downside now is that the game tends to end faster than it used to, meaning you're likely to get slightly less utility out of Blaise than you used to. That said, don't underestimate the power of this spy master. R/E ISB Infiltrators (Tier IV/Tier II) R: The classic regular trooper dilemma strikes again! You'll be lucky to be handing out more than two damage per attack with these guys, which is just not enough. They can get an extra attack off if the setup is right, but it's not particularly easy to set up, and given their attack is already quite weak, the difference is not major anyway. E: I don't know what happened here, but what a huge across the board improvement! They now hit pretty hard, have some of the best surges in the game, and are reasonably tough. Being able to target the white defence die with confidence is far and away the greatest upgrade these guys get, and thus they make excellent light armour hunters with their potentially high damage and reliable way to get through the dreaded X. While nowhere near as popular as they once were, there's nothing particular weak about these guys, and they'll do well in pretty much any game they're part of. Imperial Upgrades Cross-Training (Tier II) A crucial card in the spies list, turning Stormtroopers into spies and powering all of the Spy command cards. Being able to swap to a white die, which on average actually prevents more damage, is a pretty useful power too. Combined with Reinforcements (in the old meta) and Zillo Technique, this led to a seemingly indestructible army of spy troopers. It's fallen from Tier I now that spies are no longer a top list, but it's very solidly in Tier II, with most of the other spy options. Zillo Technique (Tier I) The best 1 point upgrade in the game, and for the longest time, the source of all ire in the Imperial Assault community. In addition to being able to negate pierce 2 for free once a round, you're able to turn a command card from your hand into a second chance for a unit if they're about to be exactly killed. It was for this reason that units like the Bantha were so popular; they could finish off these stragglers, or ignore Zillo altogether! Zillo also allowed you to pack your deck with cards that were powerful in a narrow range of situations, and then simply turn them into an extra block if the situation didn't present itself. Zillo will likely continue to be a staple in all Imperial lists from now until the end of time. Scum Units R/E Ugnaught Tinkerer (Tier II/Tier II) R/E: In all honesty, I haven never actually witnessed these guys in action. I once dismissed the Ugnaught team as mainly good for a chuckle, but in the right hands, I now think the team can be devastatingly powerful. Effectively, you play a team of 6 Ugnaughts (2 Elite, 4 Regular), which allows you to activate the Junk Droid six times, plus you get to give him two extra actions with the elites (UPDATE: I've now been informed you can actually activate the droid 14 times by making a new one after activating the first one during an Ugnaught turn. I really need to scramble and grab a second Bespin Gambit!). The new command card "Shared Experience" combos so well with the Junk Droid it's absurd; basically, you're guaranteeing that your first attack with the Junk Droid will always be focused. If it dies, you get the card back, and do it again. Every single attack, the Junk Droid is going to be hitting for between 1-3 damage, with the potential to add Bleed or Pierce 2. The fact that it costs nothing and is worth no points means that if your opponent wastes an action killing it, you're ahead. It seems good on paper, and this is a list I've been meaning to test out. Perhaps it will stay in Tier II, but it has the potential to be a deadly and unexpected Tier I list. That said, the popularity of Jabba will always at least keep this list in check, as you are awarding 1 VP every single time the Junk Droid bites the dust. R/E Wing Guard (Tier IV/Tier III) R: Typical standard trooper issues. They're very splattable, don't deal much damage, don't have a re-roll, and don't have a particularly useful ability. *tosses into the trooper dust gathering pile* E: Troopers just aren't really a viable list for Scum, but these guys really aren't that bad. They've got the all important +2 damage surge, they have an inbuilt re-roll, and they've got a mildly useful second trait (hey, it's better than nothing!). The recover 2 surge is a bit worse than the +3 accuracy surge on Stormtroopers, as it doesn't allow them to skirmish reliably at long range, but if these guys were in another faction (like Rebels, for instance), I expect they would probably see at least some fringe play. Maybe if Troopers becomes a thing in Scum, these guys might come out of the woodworks. Bossk (Tier I) The big, bad lizard we've all been waiting for. Bossk has one of the better defences in the game (White with an auto-block), has one of the craziest attacks (Red-Green with +2 Accuracy and +2 damage) AND heals every round. Two amazing traits, and a sometimes useful area-of-effect ability wrap up the package very nicely and finally present a viable unique hunter. Hidden can be pretty annoying for him to deal with, as can any ability that reduces his accuracy, but Bossk isn't afraid of getting up in people's faces anyway, and he's tough enough to survive around three solid hits before succumbing to the fourth. Not bad at all for 8 points. Even though the non-unique hunters have taken centre stage right now, you still see Bossk from time to time, and he's a very intimidating unit to have to fight against. Scum Upgrades Under Duress (Tier IV) It's a cute idea, but there just aren't enough cards in the game that deliver enough strain for this to be worth it. In addition, strain is generally a weak mechanic anyway as your opponent gets to decide what to do with it, meaning you're always going to get the worst outcome. Additionally, it's in the expensive upgrade threshold (2) AND can mostly be ignored given how quick games are. So many things would have to change for this to be viable, and I can't see everything lining up perfectly for this cool but ineffectual upgrade anytime soon. Headhunter (Tier III) Unlike Under Duress, Headhunter actually provides a useful ability in exchange for strain damage. Losing cards from hand is far, far worse than losing cards from the top of your deck, especially when the game is so fast paced that every card you have is precious. If a unit that can reliably deliver strain becomes viable, this one point upgrade can actually be rather potent. Think of it this way; if it costs at least a point to have an engine to draw cards, surely something that discards card and costs the same should be effective too. If only the Dewback Riders or Captain Terro could use this. As of the new wave, both CI-I0P and 0-0-0 now have reliable and useful ways of dealing strain damage, meaning this could start appearing more often. Neutral Upgrades Unshakable (Tier III) Unshakable used to see some play in Bantha lists, as people were worried about the big beast getting stunned before it could do anything. If status conditions were more relevant in the meta, this might see some play in lists with Luke, IG-88, Darth Vader (later this year) or the Rancor. However, as very few units care about delivering stuns or bleeds and would rather just kill you outright, this hides in the shadows. Wave VII Rebel Units Obi-Wan Kenobi (Tier I) Old Ben has so much going for him it's crazy. He's incredibly tanky, has one of the most powerful attacks in the game (with amazing surges), AND he's able to fight for objectives and terminals as well! He has two minor downsides: he's a little slow, and he doesn't have a particularly useful trait (yet). But all of his other upsides, including the fact that you even get a pretty nice reward when he does become one with the force, combine to give Rebels one of the most cost efficient characters in the game. Obi-Wan (and R2-D2) were far and away my MVPs at the World Championships last year. Imperial Units The Grand Inquisitor (Tier II) For a while, The Grand Inquisitor was heralded as the hero the Empire was waiting for. Many Imperial lists, from pure troopers to spies, were trying to find room for this fearsome foe. What they found, however, is that he's actually lacking very slightly, which seems strange given he's so similar to Obi-Wan. Comparing the two, The Inquisitor is faster, has slightly more hit points, a more useful trait (now, at least, but not at the time), the ability to attack at short range, and two great alternative surges (Cleave 3 and Deadly). Seems like a winning mix, right? Well, the comparison doesn't end there. His defence die is much worse than Obi-Wan's, and he lacks the all important surge for +2 damage (he only gets +1). Lightsaber Throw is often a trap, and while it's certainly better than no attack, it rarely does very much damage (it's very similar to an unfocused Saboteur attack). That's not to say he's bad; he's a very efficient unit, but unlike Obi-Wan, just doesn't seem to be able to slot in anywhere. Whereas Obi-Wan feels more like a support unit that hits hard, The Grand Inquisitor is more of a centrepiece model, one that doesn't quite fit anywhere at the moment. He'll certainly be a cool part of the "Dark Jedi" team later this year, which a lot of people will have fun with! (Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, the Grand Inquisitor and Maul. Come on, it's pretty cool, even if it's not very effective). Imperial Upgrades Advanced Comms System (Tier III) This is a pretty cool upgrade, and many thought it would bring Kayn Somos and General Sorin into the top tiers (it didn't, but it did make Sorin decent). It's a rather solid ability that has the potential to be very powerful, once the right unit pops up for it. I do think that FFG now have to be very careful in the way they design certain abilities now that this is around. Scum Units Greedo (Tier I) I have endless love for this guy. I try to fit him into every Scum team I build because I think he's one of the best designed units in the game. He's quick, he's got quite good survivability for his health, his attack is absurd, AND he gets to shoot one more time when he dies! He also has one of the biggest drawbacks in the game; however, in the hands of a strong player, Greedo's downside is very easily controlled. He's also every melee unit's worst nightmare, as he's able to hammer them down and not suffer from the consequences of being slow on the draw. And, as we all know, the Hunter trait probably the best one in the game right now. There's just so much to love about poor Greedo. Scum Upgrades Prey on the Weak (Tier III) Not a bad upgrade, but also not particularly impactful. It's a shame that two of the units that would benefit substantially from this (IG-88 and Boba Fett) are both going to have fixes in the form of upgrades, preventing them from making use of this. I think IG-88 may have been a little too crazy with this and Focused on the Kill, and perhaps Boba would be too once his new fix is out. However, that does sadly leave Prey on the Weak with very few good targets, although Vinto and Bossk are reasonable with it. Neutral Upgrades Channel the Force (Tier IV) I thought about using this as part of a cute combo to mill myself out very quickly, and then constantly shuffle Son of Skywalker back in using Leia. Apart from that, there just isn't any reason at the moment to use this; none of the Force Powers are game-breaking enough to want to search for (Force Lightning is close), and the point it costs to play this can be better spent elsewhere. Perhaps the new Force User wave will change this substantially, and it will be the centrepiece of such lists. For now, it stays in the binder. Jabba's Realm + Wave VIII Rebel Units R/E Alliance Rangers (Tier II/Tier I) R: Don't let the R fool you; these guys are easily the equivalent of elite troopers elsewhere, both in terms of cost, damage output, and abilities. With a minimum range of 5, good surges, an inherent re-roll, two great traits (including the best trait in the game, Hunter), it would seem that these guys would be amongst the most powerful units in the game...and yet, with the phasing out of the Reinforcement heavy meta (due to the introduction of Jabba and of the errata), these guys haven't been anywhere near as popular as I expected they would be. Their damage can be a little inconsistent damage wise, as you've only got a 37.5% chance of rolling four icons, and you really need a surge to maximise it. They've also been grossly outshone by... E: The elites! For one more point per unit, you get natural Pierce 1, +2 HP, and +3 Accuracy on a surge instead of +2 (the last of these is pretty minor). You also get to reroll two dice instead of one, which is particularly useful when you have so many blues being chucked around, as well as the fact that you're likely going to be focusing these guys and thus having more dice to potentially improve. You also, importantly, are able to play Call the Vanguard, one of the most powerful command cards in the game. If played correctly, they can be one of the most oppressive, snowballing units in the game. Luke Skywalker - Jedi Knight (Tier I) For a while, Luke was far and away the best individual unit in the game, and the poster child for an expensive unit. Compared to the earlier incarnations of expensive units, he's so much better it's like they're not even from the same game! A free attack action each round means you can very likely chop two troopers in half (he'll average around 4-5 damage against black defence) and still run back to cover. If you narrowly miss the kill, they'd best not shoot back lest you deflect and finish them off. While Leader is not an excellent trait on non-support units, Brawler isn't too bad, and Force User looks like it'll be getting a bump later this year. That's not to say Luke is without command card options; Son of Skywalker is the only one he needs, and pulling off Son of Skywalker in round one and obliterating an activation without any real chance of retaliation is a fearsome prospect, and something that is incredibly difficult to play around. All that said, Luke still tends to be a little too squishy in my opinion; his auto-evade defence isn't particularly useful, and 33% of the time, he may very well block nothing! He's still among the most powerful units in the game for sure, but I don't think he's quite the boogeyman people expected him to be. Imperial Units Captain Terro (Tier I) Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally, an all-around superstar unique for the Empire! While Blaise is clearly fantastic in certain lists, Terro's raw efficiency is absolutely incredible, even across factions! Two great surges, three solid traits, a respectable attack (I'm not Blue-Green-Yellow's biggest fan), a good chunk of hit points, 5 speed, and two fantastic abilities, all for the low, low price of 7 points? A standard turn from Terro may be use Mounted to move 3, unleash your Flamethrower, and then attack a weakened foe while using Feeding Frenzy to gain extra damage. If you're up next to them, you even have an extra surge option that way. There just aren't enough good things I can say about this guy; use him, and use him often! Dewback Rider (Tier I) The mini-versions of Terro still command a lot of respect for their cost. While Electrostaff is clearly worse than Flamethrower in most situations, you still get a rather powerful attack and the ability to almost guarantee a Feeding Frenzy trigger if you really want it. I may be a bit biased, but I'm a huge fan of any unit that can use a damaging ability AND attack in the same round. I'm also a large fan of mobile units, which the Dewback Riders, with their effective 7 speed (if you really want them to have it), fit the bill of. Many of the lists I think of running for the Empire nowadays almost always start with trying to fit in Terro, and one or two of these guys. They're also in Call the Vanguard point range, another huge plus to their already impressive resume. R/E Jet Troopers (Tier IV/Tier I) R: The typical trooper problem, these guys just don't really add anything that justifies their point cost. There are no situations I can think of where I would take two of these guys over two Imperial Officers, for instance, and that means they're probably going to stay in the binder for eternity. E: However, the elites are on a whole other level. I was wrong about these guys in my initial thoughts; Fly-By attack is absurdly powerful, and the Vehicle trait feels a little abusive on them due to their ability to use Overrun to incredible effect. Their ability to convert blocks into evades is very powerful, and combined with their high health, makes them a nuisance to actually put down. They have so many good command card options that feel absurd when you pull them off, and the fact that they can equip Targeting Computer to get the inherent reroll they are otherwise lacking fixes the only real issue these guys had. A staple of many Imperial lists at the moment. Scum Units Jabba the Hutt (Tier I) Ever wanted all the support you need on one body? Jabba's the man for you. At least, if you're playing Scum. Jabba's coming was thought to spell the end of the Rebel Care Package splash into Scum, but he actually ended up ushering in a new wave of terror with the tri-focus lists. Regardless of that, six points for a focus and a command card a turn is a pretty sweet deal, especially because he makes a nice strain soak for Black Market as well. The passive VP gain is surprisingly relevant too, and being able to get an extra attack out of your biggest hitter (say, IG-88?) is a huge deal. All of these abilities splash onto a single unit? This crime lord is my kind of Scum! Onar Koma (Tier II) Of the Hunter trio, Onar is probably my pick for the bottom of the pack, but that's not to say he's lacking at all. A solid amount of health, a great three dice attack with a two damage surge, and decent survivability (generally three attacks) make him a great investment at six points. "Get Down" is a nice touch, and will probably block around 2 damage around to his nearby allies. If the Guardian trait were a bit more valuable, Onar might make a bit more of a splash. Be aware that he's effectively a melee attacker, however, especially if you want to maximise damage. Shyla Varad (Tier I) Bossk has some real stiff competition in this Mandalorian hero! As tough as Obi-Wan with an inbuilt heal, with better traits and the potential to hit enemies from far, far away make her an absolute weapon in battle. She has a great spread of surges with high damage potential, and two traits that are just perfect for maximising the pain. There's not really too much that's bad about Shyla, except that Scum has such stiff competition nowadays that she's often relegated to the side in favour of Elite Weequays (just like pretty much everything else). Vinto Hreeda (Tier I) FFG must really love Rodians! Some call Vinto the most cost effective unit in the game, and with his guaranteed damage output, two attacks per round, reasonable survivability and five speed, it's hard to argue with that. The Smuggler-Hunter trait combination is the best in the game at the moment, and Vinto's unique command card "Draw!" is always an excellent trick to have up your sleeve. I do find that sometimes he's a little low on the damage side, but if the first attack is focused and he's able to hide for the second, you're in for a good time.