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  1. And to you! I didn't mean to come across as enraged, and apologise if I did. Pretty much this. Ultimately, we're not machines and we can't do everything objectively. Even people who are aware of a lot of their biases are still affected by them.
  2. To be fair, Tom and Sam are both Christian. It may seem arbitrary to not like a game for a theme like demons, but for many people (myself included), such themes really turn us off the game. It's really the same as not liking any game for the theme; some people dislike farming, and thus dislike Agricola even if they find it mechanically fine. I don't think you can say they're "all over the map" just because they dislike certain themes; if anything, that makes them consistent. I personally find they're probably the most consistent group of reviewers I've seen, and they're putting themselves out there for everyone to scrutinise.
  3. Greetings again, fellow Investigators! After a long break, we're back and reviewing stuff a little obsessively once again! Thanks for reading as always!
  4. Hello once again, loyal investigators! Delve Too Deep continues the story of Zoey Samaras as she tackles "The Miskatonic Museum" Enjoy, and thanks as always for reading!
  5. Too kind, Eruantalon. Discussion isn't necessary; I'm just happy to be reviewing! The scenario reviews will be coming shortly; I've been unable to get any writing done lately, but expect a new article of some kind to go up tonight!
  6. Hey guys! Rebel High Command brings you a short tournament report from a little local tournament, where I tried out the big beast itself: the Rancor! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading!
  7. Greetings, loyal readers and fellow investigators. Delve Too Deep's roundtable concludes with a look at the second half of the player cards of Miskatonic Museum. Enjoy! Let me know what your favourite cards are, or how wrong we are!
  8. That looks awesome! I'll be sure to pop you a message if I do decide to do that! With great images like that, it seems more and more tempting to dabble. I do enjoy the design side of things, though I'm not sure how interested people would be. We'll see how we go!
  9. You're most welcome! While I probably won't be doing an entire article on Vader himself, I may do a fun thought exercise on a lot of the early overcosted figures and how they may be fixed. Vader's major issue is his slow speed, which basically prevents him from getting into position to actually use Brutality. At 18 points, he's also surprisingly untanky. Therefore, I would propose something along the lines of: 0 *Power of the Dark Side* Darth Vader only. You lose "Brutality" and gain "Auto-Evade" After you target a character with your Force Choke ability, that character becomes Stunned and Weakened. This puts a lot of Vader's emphasis onto his Force Choke ability, which is doubtlessly iconic. This gives it a flavourful feel (they have to regain their breath, and are unable to defend themselves properly initially) and significantly increases its power, making Vader a much more powerful ranged threat. The auto-evade may be excessive, but if you're going to be spending half your available points on one unit, they'd better be awesome. This is the kind of exciting ability that I'd like to see.
  10. Greetings, loyal investigators and friends. Delve Too Deep is delving into the Miskatonic Museum player cards, and looking at the first half of the cards today in our review of the Guardian, Seeker and Rogue player cards! Be sure to let me know what you think, and enjoy!
  11. I can't work out how to subscribe to your blog, but I intend on having a read through all your content as it comes out. Keep it up!
  12. You're exactly right. I for some reason thought it was exhaust, not deplete. That makes it far worse then. The combo is more fun than seriously competitive I believe, but Bully not being limited to enemy units got me thinking.
  13. See below for how wrong I was!
  14. Greetings once again, friends I've met and friends I haven't! Rebel High Command is back with a look at the most notorious gangster in the galaxy: Jabba the Hutt! I hope you all enjoy!
  15. Thanks so much! Glad you're loving the content, and you're more than welcome! I have to say, that moment in scenario two blew my mind as well. As soon as I flipped it, I realised what had just happened and thought "These designers are onto something amazing". It was one of the most marvelous moments of gaming I had in all of 2016, I think.