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  1. For all the time and effort you put into it...it looks fantastic!
  2. Fantastic Work Bdarin04! Love the Snowtroopers & the other Hoth themed mini's
  3. thewartoad

    My go at Fett

    I'm with C3POFETT...it looks like a Kenner action figure! Awesome job so far
  4. I've always liked the idea of "Exclusive" miniatures/sculpts...it gives you insight to a specific model that could be your tabletop center piece. But for FFG to make it "Con Exclusive Only" harbors the felling "if your not here, too bad" attitude in my book. I live 97 miles from Chicago and could make it there in 2 hrs. most likely but after reviewing the website for Star Wars Celebration...again, right after this was announced from FFG...all tickets were sold out except Monday and the ticket price was $75 to get in! Other companies like Privateer Press, Steam Forge, Wyrd Games, War Cradle Studios ect. offer their exclusives online at the same time as the conventions there attending. Again, I'm not really throwing bad attitude to FFG for what their doing...I'm just a firm believer in the customer comes first motto...without us there is no company/game and being involved in this industry now for over 35 yrs. now and have spent so much money on the miniatures, dice games ect. I could have put one of my sons through and Ivy League school! I really get the concept of exclusive but that's why you post it during the Con only...if you get it cool...if not...then that's just how the cookie crumbles.
  5. Fantastic Looking mini! Love the flames...gives it alot more character!
  6. Well Arnoldrew...thanks for the insight but I'm not into game play with these miniatures...only for painting purposes. And yes, as a consumer my opinion should count for something since I (we) pay for this stuff to be made. Again, this was just an out loud discussion of random thoughts and for you to take it to such a serious level...maybe you need to slow down on your game play, take a deep breath, meditate or something...just WOW!!! And to actually state you hesitated to reply to my thread...your a grown up I'm assuming...you don't hesitate, you either want to or not it's just that simple!
  7. Amazing work Polda! You gave my some inspiration where to go with my mini's...big thanks!
  8. Fantastic work Alpha17! Great Looking groups...keep them coming
  9. Ok...#1 Super Jealous...and #2 I need some!!! Fantastic Work!
  10. I really never payed attention to "what I really needed". I would keep a log of what I have and every week I would go buy $20 worth of either Citadel or Vallejo paints I didn't have and built my stash that way. Unless your painting a mini and need a certain miniature...then I went to get it right away. Since your playing Imperial then I suggest your black's dark blue's, grey's, possible olive green's and whites for now. Hope this helps.
  11. Thanks TauntaunScout for the input...I know this is much like a "Christmas Wish List" to Santa but as a mini lover since 1984 I'm grip onto the hope for things a want more than I expect. I'm super excited for the releases to come this year and wait somewhat patiently...somewhat pulling my hair out. Lol
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