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  1. The Ikoma are traditionalists and wanted to stay loyal to the Hantei (even a possessed one). There were two Lion armies at the Day of Thunder, Tsanuri's loyalists and the others led by Motso. Toturi was able to unite them against Fu-Leng with a cry of, "For Tsuko"! Don't know if it will play out that way, this time, but there is that whole prophecy thing, "When the last Akodo falls, so falls the last Hantei".
  2. Oh man, Too many. Since I started at the beginning, tons of the IE and Clan War era cards. Bayushi Kachiko, Matsu Gohei, Togashi Yokuni, Isawa Tsuke, Isawa Tadaka, Hida Kisada, Hida O-Ushi, etc. But Matsu Tsuko, man I loved her card and character. The Lion uniting at the Day of Thunder, rallying to the cry of, "For Tsuko"! So then I loved Nimuro too. His art and ark were great to me. The Golden Lion of Toshi Ranbo that fell to hubris and then rose again as the Black Lion. His Gold art is my PC desktop, his Black Lion Tamago art - my phone's. Man.
  3. I remember when my RPG group wrote AEG (John Wick) about this upcoming CCG (think that we read about it in Shadis). He sent us tons of pre-imperial cards (the promos and regulars). We were hooked. We all made a gentlemen's agreement to purchase a deck and 2 boosters. We were going to play quick games before our Sunday D&D game, at a $1.00 buy in. Winner takes the pot. As soon as L5R hit the shelves, we all bought in. The following week we all confided that we had broken our agreement before the first game. I remember the early website and clicking on Clan Champion Art to Doom them (Kachiko would thank you for voting). It was actually how we saw a lot of the Champ Art (before we got the cards). I have 2 Lion Clan Mons tattoos on my calves. More L5R tattoos on my body. I'm sure many of us are just coming to term with change. It is hard. Many of the things that drove us to love the game are different. Change is hard for us old folks.
  4. Shoju was a dear friend to the Hantei. He was a very dutiful samurai and did what he thought was correct in saving the Empire (though he ended up being an agent of the prophecy).
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