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  1. At this point, you'd have to wonder why they even bothered to release this. I'm sure that the 148th deck pack for the LoTR card game, or another Star Wars game would have made more sense :). It seems these big licenses, like GoT, Star Wars, and LoTR, and the need to keep pumping out content to pay for them, is killing any resource investment into games like this, Runebound 3rd edition, etc. I don't know how well that's working out for them overall, but the amount of $$ *I've* spent on FFG products has gone down drastically over the last 18 months.
  2. Ah, I took "shipping now" to mean released.
  3. Miniaturemarket still has my pre-order listed as "awaiting release". Shoulda just ordered direct, but I wasn't really thinking that far ahead
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