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  1. Thanks for the advice, The rules are actually pretty clear... Space: An area of a map tile separated from other spaces by borders, impassable borders, walls, or doors. So since the cells had doors, they are separate spaces, according to the rules anyway. We've played 8 scenarios and the time on the other 7 was spot on.....but we did have two new players, so that may have had an impact. Thanks for the help!!!
  2. We played this last night and we had some questions about this scenario. 1: The opening tile of three cells, was not divided by any white lines, - was it a movement cost to move from one cell to another, or was the entire tile just one movement point. 2: The time frame on this scenario was 120 mins to 150 mins- there was five of us and it took 240 mins, was this an anomaly, or were we just really slow playing it? Thanks
  3. I recently played the Twilight Diadem scenario and they came into play. I won't spoil it, but I must say it was a very specific set of conditions occurred for them to come into play.
  4. I was reading the latest preview for Horrific Journeys, and I noticed the screenshot of the tablet for 10:50 to Arkham identifies it as the 15th scenario out of 22. I own all DLC and expansions to date - which is only 16 scenarios in total. Add the three from Horrific Journeys and you get 19 in all. 22-19 leaves three unaccounted for, is this a new expansion or DLCs I wonder
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