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  1. I'm kind of surprised seeing them at all in non-evergreen packs. Since that means potentially a card could be printed that is never legal for it's own clan in tournaments. If it rotates out before that clan becomes a Seeker/Keeper. Even if their plan for the unselected roles is to let people use them, they could still be all Seeker or all Keeper...
  2. More factions do sound like fun, but there is a major limitation. You can't have more than 10 "official" factions, because there are only 10 Seeker/Keeper roles. So while I expect to see "minor" factions to splash, I don't think we could ever have more than 10 "real" factions.
  3. Well that does make it pretty cool flavor-wise then.
  4. Well the biggest use I can think of would be in close duels, since you can boost your value above 5, it might be the only way to win a vital matchup, and it gives you some reassurance if you want to bid a riskier value. There are also some cards that care about how your honor dial relates to the enemy's, but I don't remember if those check the physical dial, or the value.
  5. Is there some gameplay reason that Way of the Scorpion can't target Scorpion characters? To me it looks like it just penalizes scorpion players who use it that get randomly matched with other scorpions, or that bring it to a scorpion heavy meta. Is it a flavor thing? I never got the impression that scorpions were above betraying/dishonoring each other... If it's meant to keep you from targeting your own characters for some future card interaction, it could just be "non-friendly character."
  6. Awesome looking clan. The one issue that jumps out at me is that because they dishonor themselves, their strategy revolves around breaking provinces and winning military conflicts, and they want to close the game out as fast as possible, wouldn't that put them at an overwhelming disadvantage against the Crab? I haven't had the chance to actually play yet, but what would be the Unicorn gameplan there?
  7. Well they're definitely not ruling it out. Cards that care (like the recently spoiled Good Omen) are explicitly worded for multiple opponents. So even if they don't launch with it, they're definitely considering developing it. They could definitely make semantics (and mechanics) easier on themselves if they were going to rule out multiplayer entirely.
  8. Having a generational game where, between adventures your characters gradually grow older and die would add a lot of weight to the "family over self" elements of the setting. "Death before dishonor" when death just means switching to a new character, but dishonor means a stain on all of your characters until you can redeem yourself.
  9. Could someone with some experience in game design or in the old l5r explain to me the design significance of the term "Max 1 per conflict", as found on cards like Banzai! and Fallen In Battle? My assumption is that it means the user can only use one copy of that exact card per conflict, and it doesn't stop the opponent from playing it. In the short term, I could see that having an impact on gameplay in that it limits your ability to use a certain effect multiple times, but eventually won't there be many in-battle pumps that you can insert 1ofs instead of extra copies of Banzai? And similarly, I doubt they will never again print a card that roughly fills the role of Fallen In Battle. So it would seem that either I'm reading it wrong and it actually does something else (maybe you can only play 1 "max 1 per conflict" card of any kind, or maybe it stops your opponent from playing the same card) or that it creates a design space where creating very similar cards with different names will actually increase their effective power. Any help?
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