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  1. Omega Specialist with Crack Shot, Fire Control Sistem, Sensor Cluster or Ligthtwire Frame, Speical OpsTraing? I prefer a ship more durable that one great shot and after nothing.
  2. Zeta Leader Wired & Relay es a good complement for Omega Leader. I Play this two ship with Krassis+Gunner+Heavy Lasser Canon... and good result. But with Oiccun is better.
  3. FCS?(EDIT: "Fire Control Sistem") LWF? Sorry i'm from Spain
  4. Zeta Lider - Wired - Comm Relay You can repeat eyes in attack and defense. Omega LIder - Juke - Comm Relay
  5. Thanks for you all¡¡¡ Now I have more buidls for i prove
  6. What less-expensive combo do you recommend that can handle Defender/x7's? Whisper (40) -Advanced Cloaking Device -Vetera Instincts -Fire-Control Sistem -Intelligence Agent. When you Decloack, activate Intelligence Agent and observe the dial of the X7 and you know where you must place so that they do not shoot you.
  7. Thank you for your answers. Vader is helping me a lot to finish off ships that are left with only one damage and only use it when I know that I will do real damage, to remove two shields does not compensate me to remove four. Vessery is good with VI because he moves at once and shoots before Chireneau and his ability explodes. I have not played with Ryad. I have played this list with Marek and with Rexler and so far the best result is with Vessery. I dismiss Palpatine because I can not get it. I use push the limit because I use it when I activate Yssane's ability, I get out of arcs or Fixed Target. The list would look like this: Chirenau - Instincts of Verterano - Upgrade Engine - HotShot Copilot Vader Gunner Ryad - Push the limit - Tie X7 - Twin Engine MkII Better? "Commander Kenkirk (61) - VT-49 Decimator Ruthlessness (3), Seismic Charges (2), Weapons Engineer (3), Ysanne Isard (4), Bombardier (1), Extra Munitions (2), Dauntless (2)" Great Idea. I prove
  8. This is my list to Spanish regional; Chieranau (46) Push the limit Engine Upgrade Darth Vader Ysanne Isard Gunner Colonel Vessery (35) Twin Ion Engien Mk. II TIE/x7 Veteran Instincts I've tried several Defenders but this is the one I like the most. What do you think of the list? Would they make any changes?
  9. And Nien with R3-A2? your oponnet recives a strees token but you no.
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