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  1. Think you're fairly on point. Well stated. Personally, I've found Ahsoka's card is quite excellent. Three unmitigated damage for 1 point would be good on its own, but the fact that you use it when an attack is declared is that much better. Will it kill a practiced player before they can attack? Probably not. Then again, the deterrent is enough that your opponent may avoid attacking Ahsoka at all with a low health figure. Should the other player risk it for the 8 points - which will happen when the clock is ticking - it's a joy to punish them by another four. It's Greedo-esque in its risk / reward. As for Heavy Ordnance, while I haven't used it, I think it's solid as a second (with restrictions) Positioning Advantage in your deck.
  2. I liked what I played of Ahsoka. She dies, yes, but she is one of the cheapest pierce 3 characters available. She can slice through Vader like butter and it's extraordinarily difficult to escape her reach. Moreover, her command card is a fantastic value for one point. Any figure with three or less health remaining either dies the moment they declare an attack or has to avoid attacking her altogether.
  3. Some characters benefit from spending tokens. There's that, I guess.
  4. I'm a little skeptical of the eRiots. They may have some interesting utility with built in weaken, but they do an average of three damage and a strain against a black die. Against Vader, who'll doubtlessly be popular regardless of how the meta shakes out, make that a measly one damage and a strain. That said, I'd be happy to be proven wrong. To devil's advocate my own point, they might fit better into a tank / support role. They get a free +1 block once per activation, they're reinforceable, and they hand out weaken. Denying surges or surge blocks can be a powerful tool. I don't think I'd run more than one group though.
  5. Yes, but again, they're patently unfun to play against, win or lose.
  6. He also brought a version to regionals with a Bantha (instead of Boba) after the points fix and picked up a win. It was still very strong and still excellent at denying points, particularly on the Leia or Bantha maps where Ugs could camp behind locked doors.
  7. I think the above article re: the Canadian nationals said it best. A well-designed unit will expand the game's range of strategic options, not change the core feel of the game. It isn't just that Ugs have balance issues, it's that losing to them is a negative player experience.
  8. Sure. Just don't bring Ugs to the table, particularly if you already acknowledge that they're harming a game you love ;).
  9. I mean, yes, but as the general consensus continues to shift into the realm of "hey, this is not only boring but is actively ruining the game," particularly when folks are already worried about IA's longevity... I don't know, man. Contributing to that problem seems counter-intuitive.
  10. Frankly, at this point in the meta, if you're the guy bringing the Ugs to the table, you're kind of a jerk. Don't be that guy.
  11. Credit where credit is due, congrats to Patrick, but it's worth bearing in mind that the Ugnaught swarm has been around for more than a year on Vassal ;). In fact, it won at our local regional two regionals ago.
  12. A focused Chewbacca hits for an average of 7 damage against a black die, and that doesn't count potential to stun. Add debts repaid in and you get an average 14 damage worth of attacks in one round. It's monstrous.
  13. Agreed, @ryanjamal! And thanks for the great, tense final. You protected your rangers very well and those late game hiddens made all the difference.
  14. I wouldn't doom and gloom just yet based on rumors. That said, I really don't need another FFG game with a Star Wars skin on it. After a certain point, it feels really trite.
  15. That's all well and good, but without those command cards, those abilities would be roughly on par with Rangers. The argument that "even rangers can have it" doesn't hold water because while rangers are powerful, they're the only available option for Hunter cards in a Rebel list. Mercs have Vinto, Greedo, Onar, Shyla, Weequays, and IG-88 AND half of those figures can run On the Lam, again from this wave. Make no mistake, command cards very much make this wave what it is and they'll do the same for the next.
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