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  1. The only twins in the galaxy actually. Luke and Leya.
  2. Personally, I'd advise for / against: Imperial Buy + StormTroopers (I've often used 4 Stormtroopers with DLTs, and they are great to run medic/repair droids as well) + Veers (he has a 4 red dice infinite range command card) + Scout Troopers (you can use a "Strike team" with just a spotter and sniper, snipers have infinite range, fits every list thanks to it's cheap price) + Death Troopers (expensive but they have great skills) + Krennic (not only does he allow you to bring 3 other special units on top of a death trooper squad, but he has very good command cardsone of which even allows a unit to attack twice in a single turn) On the Fence ? AT ST (it looks so cool, and it hits like a hammer, but it's expensive. Although it's has expensive as Vader and probably has better chances of surviving) ? Boba Fett (in 5 or 6 games, Boba was a badass in 2 games. I'm still on the edge about him) Don't Bother Right Away - Snowtroopers (they're more expensive than storms, don't have a range 4 heavy but have a flamethrower, I personally never managed to use my flamethrower) - eWeb (again, never managed to capitalize on the eWeb myself, very slow and hard to position) Rebels (I play empire so I'll point out what I dislike playing against) Buy + Leya (2 red dice attack to 3 units, with infinite range, even better than Veers IMO) + Commandos (these are the counter-part to imperial scouts, must haves) + Path Finders (range 4 configuration weapons that don't get exhausted)
  3. Not one to bash your amazing painting skills, next to you I paint like a one armed man that lost his main arm, and has the shakes, but why didn't you paint the black stripe above the eyes? It always looks weird to me when I don't see the helmet bar painted, and it's not the first time I've seen Legion Stormies without it.
  4. Thanks. This was the bit I was looking for. It shows not only how it works right now, but how it'll work when it's updated for threaded vehicles.
  5. Well it says 2 different things in 2 different pages. One page says light or heavy, the other says light only. So I can't go by what it explicitly says, although since I haven't found any explanation on how it'd work, I'm guessing all there is left is assuming all vehicles give light cover. Which lead to my question as I might be missing something.
  6. On page 24 of the 1.30 Rules Reference it says: Without further clarification on how we decide is a vehicle gives light or heavy cover. On the AT-ST picture in page 25 it seems to give an example: Yet in the page 26 it says: So what is it? Just light cover? Or it depends on the unit? And if so, which units provide heavy cover?
  7. Personally I'm putting all my ships on a disk on disk setup. This will decrease peg breakage, and will keep the ship level and secure. I'll probably get a few ball bearings to mount on a display with the ships tilted, but when I'm playing I'll want my ships level.
  8. Did you end up finding a group to play with? I just ordered my first few ships, and I'll be up for some casual games in the Porto area. There is Arena down near JN that I know of, but they are usually holding MtG games.
  9. I noticed the expansion asks for permission in the following websites: FFG, BoardgameGeek and Reddit. I'd suggest an option menu that'd let you turn on/off the plugin on certain websites. I use Reddit seldom to talk about Descent. So having all "Nothing"s underlined with a Descent card can become boring pretty quick. Also, I dunno if you are already doing this, but restrict the activity to appropriate forums. Only on the Descent FFG and BGG boards for example. Great plugin by the way. =)
  10. You have some amazing figures there, let me tell you. I'd eventually repaint Syndrael, Leoric, Ashrian, Hawthorne and Roganna if I was you, they could use some better shading (compared to some other of your figures). I might be wrong (easy to misjudge with different sized minis), but those seem to be your first ones, and you got better along the way, and the quality difference is jarring. The details in your Trolls are amazing. I'd definitely rework the heroes (Syndrael in particular) because they end up spending much more time on board than monsters, and right now you can do much better than that.
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