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  1. No one mentioned Special Forces other than yourself. I'd suggest you re-read all the replies. Everyone is saying, she is too expensive and not that good as a commander, she shines as a operative.
  2. Like it was already said, Iden is amazing as an operator, but only the 3 pip card is really good in an army. The 1 pip, and both 2 pips only give orders to herself. And even if you want to bring other cards, you're stuck with cards that don't give orders to troopers anyway. Right now, the best Imperial unit are the Shoretroopers. They are cheap, the mortars are really cheap, great at both range and suppression. But on top of that, shores coordinate to mortars, and mortars can fire support. Not only that, but shores get an aim for getting an order. So, getting an order is the priority if you are playing shores. Iden goes against that. To make better use of Shores, you'll end up having to pay for Comms Tech and HQ Uplink, on top of a Giddeon Hask. Krennic is better, as not only he gives DTs an order, but all his cards except 1 let you give orders to 2 or more shores with all the bell and whistles.
  3. Right now, shoretroopers are meta. Each box brings 2 units (shores unit and mortar unit) so it's a good price for what you get. Krennic + deathtroopers is strong, if you want seeing commander cards and the strongest unit in the game. Bossk is strong, as an operative he is probably the best. Iden is new but she seems strong (although I keep misplaying her) due to her flexibility.
  4. Lost my right arm since my warhammer days. Painting Legion has been a challenge, because firstly, painting with just one hand is much slower and tedious, and second using my off hand for detail was as accurate as Imperial Stormtroopers marksmanship. That said, I'll share a few tips: First, buy a soldering station. It should cost you like 10 bucks, and there is plenty of local electronics shops that sell them. The more articulated arms the better, so you can correctly twist the figure into the desired position. It's very easy to forget the under sides when you have the figure static somewhere, but then again, those the bottom barely gets seen, so it's more than tabletop ready. Second, if you are magnetizing bases for transport, you're all set, the magnet will lock into the soldering station. If you are not, you can use those blue tack gum thingies that stick pretty great and leave no residue. This works even better than the magnet as it works in separate pieces, no need to have all the figure assembled. Third, go super glue, not plastic glue, the gluing speed will help. Besides plastic glue doesn't work on older figures (shores included). Speaking of which, some of the older figures are a PITA to get the arms or legs in because of the weird cuts and angles. You can do it, just take your time. Remember you don't have just 1 hand, you have 5 fingers you'll find dexterity where you don't expect. And if takes way too long, ask a SO or parent to lend a hand, or leave the tricky ones for them. No shame in asking for help. Fourth, and this is just a personal preference, but Citadel Contrast paints are much more forgiving, than regular paint, and apply a wash at the same time as the paint. Taking into consideration it'll take longer to paint a mini, anything that makes the process quicker is a blessing. You can then go over the fine details with regular paint to make the figure pop if you feel like it. Here is a figure I painted with just Contrast paints and with some wet blending. Good luck my friend. There is nothing in the world we can't do, as long as we plan it accordingly. EDIT: Regarding units, I play empire and shoretroopers are my main core troopers in every list, not to mention you get 2 units per box (the shores and the mortar). You can't go wrong with them.
  5. Might be some protection of what kinds of files you can share in FFG forums. I'll zip it and share it on my Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sHgir2qz_rQ_3Ht8FP9mmPhOjbrR8ATb/view?usp=sharing
  6. (sorry for the hi-jack) Proof of concept (HTML includes some JQuery by me, and calls to a bunch of safe CDNs). It should run in any browser. I only bothered copying the first 2 detailed rules off the glossary, but it'll require extensive formating, so I probably won't ever bother finishing it. Link -> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sHgir2qz_rQ_3Ht8FP9mmPhOjbrR8ATb/view?usp=sharing
  7. I've been thinking forever to make a real-time dictionary webapp in Asp.Net, but I'm just lazy AF (and I don't know of any good free hosts to put it on). I'll probably do it right now (the programming at least) while I wait for someone to play on TTS. EDIT: Not sure why I made it complicated. Just made a ultra simple prototype in HTML + JQuery (all in one HTML file one can download and run on any browser). Just need to copy paste all the rules.
  8. Well they must be somehow involved, I doubt it's piracy. Also, FFG, LucasArts and Disney logo are on the back card.
  9. Yeah, but I couldn't find any wording that requires you to move into engagement. It's more or less written as "if bases are touching", and no wording saying you can't deploy with bases touching.
  10. After reading infiltrate, deploy, base contact, melee, and engaged keywords, I don't see any reason why you can't deploy in base contact, in melee and engaged. So, yes, you should be able to be engaged on turn 0 by various methods (like an enemy deploying in your zone, or you using scout to enter a melee with a infiltrated enemy).
  11. Ah right. That card in turn 6 won me a fair share of games.
  12. Sure but apparently there is no standards procedure. I get it that eventually it gets fixed, but by whom, when or how seems like the wild west. I've seen a few posts about people waiting months for replies. In Europe both the store and the manufacturer need to replace a item. It's up to the consumer to choose who they contact, and the problem needs to be solved in a reasonable time. So, stores that refuse to help and point to manufacturers, or manufacturers that say the process goes through the store now, both are illegal.
  13. You could mention in the store this new policy, and ask if they'd be against opening in front of them to check you have everything, and only then pay. I certainly wouldn't buy something without any decent warranty (spoilt European consumer though).
  14. No it doesn't. Krennic has Compel, it works on supressed friendlies.
  15. Looks like it. They didn't even bother creating new art, I doubt they'd create new models.
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