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  1. 21 hours ago, DarthGM said:

    Oooo...GOOD CALL.

    I have been waiting MONTHS to talk about this system. SO happy to have been the "genesis" of Genesys...

    You folks are in for a fun time. I've been working like mad making a few themes for settings; I can't wait to unleash them on you when this drops.




    Please do Phil!

  2. Hey all!  As someone who has tried to kitbash the FFG system and have searched out and found many people doing the same.  Does it bother anyone that the symbology on the new dice are a bit too abstract?  I got used to EtoE et al. because of the pseudo-republic/imperial markings, but these don't strike me as intuitive.  Don't get me wrong I'm going to snap these up as soon as they are available I guess I was just hoping for different symbols.



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