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  1. Exactly my feelings. I really hope this is a success. Would love to explore more in the Terrinoth Universe. With that said i would absolutely love a setting in Star Wars and Game of Thrones.
  2. I rather have a new rule. No more than 3 actions in a row. Make it happen.
  3. Vader raider won the Worlds. So thats a pretty good one ill say.
  4. Located in Sweden but willing to trade with anyone in europe and USA. Awakenings have: Legendary: Poe Dameron Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Crime Lord Commanding Presence Rare Com Link SOR have: Legendary: Palpatine Director Krennic 2x Baze Malbus Black Mail Rare: 4x FN-2199 2x Dart Vader Royal Guard 2x Snap Wexley Chirrut Imwe 2x Mon Mothma 2x Outer Rim Smuggler Maz Kanata Jyn Erso 2x Lure Of Power 2x Lightsaber Pike Death Trooper Vibro Knuckles 2x Personal Shield 2x Command Shuttle 2x Interragation Droid 2x Imperial Inspection 2x OverKill 2x C3PO 2x R2 D2 2x Ascension Gun Con Artist Supply Line 2x Smuggler Freighter Force Push Awakenings Wants: Legendary: 1 Force Choke 1 Luke Skywalker 1 Millenium Falcon 1 Black One 2 Kylo Ligtsaber 2 Launch Bay 1 Thermal Detenator Rare 1 Holdout Blaster 1 Sith Holocront SOR Wants: Legendary Want: 2 Force Lightning 2 Ig-88 1 Obi Wan Kenobi 1 Chewbacca 1 Maz Goggles Rare Want: 1 Luminara Undulli 1 Journals Of Ben Kenobi 1 Delta 7 Interceptor 1 Tie Pilot 2 Guavian Enforcer 1 Eweb Emplacement
  5. Exactly. Thats why i wrote Lukas about it a couple of weeks ago. Of course no answer from him, but i just wanted to express my concerns. Why even have a back and forth system if someone can take 7-8 actions in a row. There should be a rule of three. So you cant stack more than 3 actions in a row.
  6. Thought i share an email i sent yesterday to FFG. I now this wont change anything and i know some of you might disagree with the content. But im usually not one to speak up and this is the first time i ever written to a company with concerns. But i felt i just needed to get this off my chest. Its just a card game and i know i couldnt do a better job myself. To Lukas Litzinger. Hi! My native language is swedish so forgive me if my words sometimes comes out wrong. The reason why im sending this message is because i have some heartfelt worries about Star Wars destiny. First of i love the game. This is my first ccg. I never thought i would buy a ccg. But with the love for your other creations (runebound 3ed), the star wars theme and the going back and forth notion of the game all appealed to me. Ive already collected almost two of everything from the Awakenings set and was looking forward to buy the spirit of the rebellion set. Until i saw some of the spoilers. One of the reasons i love this game is because the back and forth actions and easy gameplay you created and promoted. Now already in the second set together with some cards from awakenings all that seems to have been destroyed. Now people can start doing many actions in a row and resolve their dice before the opponent can do anything. Dice removal is now out the window and aggro decks that can end the game before it starts. And thats not even considering this was suppose to be an accesible game but now you have to start remebering and counting actions upon actions with ambush on top of that + reys and jango abilities etc etc and wait forever before its your turn again. If this was your vision from the start then thats okay, but you should have said so then from the start. There is no way ill keep on buying and promote this game to others if this turn into someone doing 7 actions in a row and kill you by turn 2. Why would you make cards like fast hands, force speed and sith holocron to begin with. Let alone for 0 cost. If you dont do enough playtesting im sure there is plenty people willing to help out for free. Thanks for listening to my concerns and i wish you all the best in the future. Best regards
  7. I would love for them to make a terrinoth world with these mechanics.
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