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  1. Both me and CRCL have mentioned that
  2. Hi I was and in fact I'm still playing Oicunn in local tournaments. Ion projector is really good coz aces are still afraid of it (in comparison to Anti-pursuit lasers that is a little bit better in this case) but ships like mirri, nym, nora, x7 and so on hate it. For ept i will choose one out of: - trick shot for economy - intimidation this one is most fun but least competitive - lone wolf for rerolls - predator for same but if u think u won't ve able to keep this r2 distance or u dont take title because lone wolf really like this focuses - expert handling as a meta call and to give some extra mobility on the 2nd round of engage If u aren't playing kylo u don't have to get title but on oicunn it's always a nice upgrade. I was also expertimenting with this bomb slot and I think Oicunn prefers classic bombs over mines because that somehow counters flying over him and doesn't take his action. Overall oicunn is great utility tank with a little adition of "unblockable" dmg and he base his tankiness on 16 health paired with preventing shoots by bumping.
  3. I just want to mention that u can't use bodyguard to increase agility of friendly ships with lower PS than yours. But u can still equip it to another ship with ps 4 or lower?
  4. You sure? It says "each infantry unit". Maybe I'm missing something though. I've meant that Cynderwind let you add sorceress only to infantry (as her text says) but in tabletop you can add sorceress to every unit, even her xD
  5. I love phantoms and i had been playing Whisper with some success for whole last year but now when chirenau with vi and kylo exist I finish (for a while) playing her competitively because you have autoloose against RAC? But for casual playing enjoy flying the greatest imperial predators?
  6. Take adaptability or trick shot over ASTS and change Vader and gunner for palp and you have nice list for casual game or local store tournament
  7. For 28pts Deatfire(Tie bomber) 17 LRS 0 Conner Net 4 Homing Missiles 5 EM 2
  8. He isn't using ACD. Zorprime, using stygium and Isard make no sense because you can only perform 1 evade action per turn. Btw for no standard phantom build (by standard I mean ace+VI+ACD) I consider ps3 one with stygium so you have flanker for 27pts and it can be ok. Problem with no standard builds is that they can be destroyed in single round so you want to spend on it as less points as possible
  9. Hi I think it isn't "meta" list because interceptors are really weak now. Issard would be very good if she gives you evade when without shields. You can take 3/4 hits in one turn or you can be even one shooted and then you spend 4pts for nothing. You also can't perform secound evade action She still isn't bad. On Kenkirk you really boost your survivability. And you can use PTL with evade to perform boost during combat phase?
  10. Your list is a nightmare for any kind of aces but against Kannan + Biggs, Quad TLTs, Paraatani or maybe Rey + something you can have hard times. Your only way to deal much damage is Party Bus and it can be outflight pretty easily. It's my opinion of course
  11. I have a lot of fun and success with this list: Whisper 42(adv cloaking 4, fcs 2, vi 1, rebel captive 3) Omega leader 29(common realy 3, juke 2, stealth device 3) Palpmobile 29 100/100 I was secound of 57 in local regionals. Whisper is monster as always but need some skills and safety flying against TLT and ps9 and more. In those matches OL is really good with palp, evade, focus and stealth device he is very hard to kill. I manage to kill fenn in 2 turns only with OL. Rebel captive is good against mindlinks, defenders and expertise.
  12. It would take Rey Deci Poe Norra and other low agi ships to 0 or 1 dice attacks every turn. It is that powerfull
  13. Mag Pulse torpedoes are ok but this jamming beam(I know you don't have it here but it's on linked page) is too op. This and tie/d and no low agi ships in meta. Btw nice tematic ideas for 2 classic imperial ships
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