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  1. Wow awesome was just about to spend $135
  2. PS: 400 games is TOO MUCH...send some this way haha. I envy you lol.
  3. Hey sorry to respond so late it took forever to get my post approved it seems. I appreciate the information and the lengthy family games. I screen snapped it and will look into ALL of them. I've ordered pathfinder card game instead (incredible how much all the little addons cost together $275 so better be @¥@¥in good), but I will most likely pick up Relic and to me it seems the expansion is a must if I want to get PVP. I'm sure there is some home rules or such of ways to PVP and allow to attack each other without being enemies so to speak ect. I sat for literally 26 hours and youtubed MANY games and decided pathfinder card game looked the most fun (for me). But I want to pick up Relic for the family it's just unfortunate there is literally no playthroughs or in depth reviews of the expansion on YouTube. I've cleared out any videos Relic related lol. I found one where they were playing it, but not even explaining what they were doing or interacting so your watching a group of guys play a game that you can't even see. It's almost as if this game went under the radar, which is a shame because it seems a lot better than Talisman is many ways. I'm guessing like you said the theme is a niche and like I said I'm not this warhammer crazy fan. I've played a lot of warhammer video games and such, but I doubt I'll really get the "lore." I think Space Hulk is related? I just picked that game up on PS4 lol. I just got into board games and it's all so new to me and refreshing (AND EXPENSIVE). So I'm doing lots of research and finding what I like because I love RPG Video games, but stuff like D&D is just way to much for me. Way to much dedication and creativity for me, plus none of my friends have any interest in board games. AND I really don't care to go searching for some group. Someday I'll try it, but for now looking for solo-3 player games (loving Mage Knight solo). Only reason I want it is because it's like Talisman with additional perks (like the character leveling). It's almost like I would rather have Talisman, BUT with these rules PLUS the PVP. The generic traditional stuff in Talisman is easy to adapt to for friends and family, but we will see if my Mom can understand this haha. I was playing Mage Knight and showing my brother and she said "Can I play?" And I said "Mom this isn't like Crazy 8s or monopoly it's difficult and not easy to explain" and she took big offense thinking I said she was to dumb lol. So I'm buying a game like this that seems rather easy to explain, but something I'd enjoy because I'm not into monopoly or that class level of board games. I'm seeking out more complex games and I wish I knew a name for what I mean. Thanks again, take care.
  4. Hello every, I've been wanting to pick this up for awhile now. I had a few concerns though. 1. I have Talisman for my phone actually and I really enjoy it. But one thing I really like is the PVP. I was going to get all the Relic expansions and I believe expansion 1 adds PVP, but it's only if someone plays the nemesis correct? And it's not like you steal anything from them and I really like stealing items from people in talisman. They say it's a reskin of talisman with more stuff, but the PVP really bothers me. I'm debating on not getting the expansions and picking up both vanilla. 2. I see how busy the world map is and I'm PRETTY familiar with warhammer. But would this game be very difficult for someone not familiar with warhammer? I'm talking about introducing it to people who have never played anything more complex than monopoly. Would you recommend Talisman instead? I have just recently got into this hobby and started off with Mage Knight. 3. I'm a little confused on the number of characters you can be? The base game is 4, expansion 1 additional 5, and 2nd expansion additional 2?! Thanks everyone I have this all in my shopping cart and hesistsnt and thinking about just getting original Talisman mostly because the simple PVP and simplicity of the design. PS: if possible could anyone provide some decent, I guess you could say family friendly games that aren't as simple as monopoly. I don't know how to word it to resemble the increase in complexity haha. I'd like to throw in my 63 year old Mom.
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