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  1. Terrinoth has killed more great games than should be possible. RWM, Runebound, and BattleLore all deserve a setting that can support a quality game. Terrinoth needs to be retired, or grown into a fantasy setting worth caring about, RWM was a great game that deserved more support. If it didn’t do well right out the gate, FFG could’ve saved it. It wasn’t even past the early adopter phase before FFG decided to shelve it for six months for Legion’s launch. They cancelled the game pretty much immediately after have all four factions complete and the game was in its final form. The only time RWM could’ve found an audience was at launch. FFG never gave it a chance afterwards. It’s obvious that FFG did RWM as a trial run for Legion and had no investment in building the game over time. If it didn’t sell, they still had x-Wing, Legion, Arkham Horror, and a dozen other lines. RWM wasn’t competing with other miniature games, it was competing with othe FFG games. I suspect that they cancelled the game so they could give the production slots to Legion. When they announced Clone Wars factions for Legion, I should’ve realized that what would have to die to make room for it. Running a miniature game line requires focus and commitment - things FFG has NEVER been great at.
  2. If there were models coming, they would’ve announced them alongside this announcement, to pair good news with bad and prevent players from jumping ship. It’s dead, Jim. There’s nothing quite like RMG, but mass battles with movement trays can be found in Mantic’s Kings of War and CMON’s Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game. The programmed movement can be found in X-Wing. And there’s always Legion (though as a RMG, Runebound, and Battlelore fan, I’d avoid investing in any FFG game too heavily).
  3. If you only have a 4x4 kitchen table, a 3x3 mat is going to work better for you than a 6x4. As for other games, Malifaux is 3x3, Kill Team is 2x2, Infinity is 4x4 (but plays fine or better at 3x3 generally), Walking Dead is 2x2 (as is Deadzone), small point games for RuneWars , Legion, and several others are 3x3 - if you aren’t playing these games, that’s more about your personal tastes rather than universal usefulness of a 3x3 mat.
  4. There’s a lot of reason to prefer 3x3. Storage, transport, and portability for one. My two Runewars 3x3 mats are considerably easier to move around than any of my 6x4 or 4x4 mats (which can be a nightmare to get back in their canvas carriers) and they work well with smaller games like Malifaux, Kill Team, or Infinity. They can also be modular too (like the Walking Dead: All Out War mats, or the Kill Team boards) allowing you some variety in how you set up a table (though if these are like the RuneWars mats, they have a different finish depending on which direction the are rotated). And finally, you are not limited to just 6x3. you can have 9x3 tables, 6x6 tables, L-shaped tables, and even stuff like 15x15 tables.
  5. I play miniature games to get away from digital things. DLC, DRM, creating accounts, large patches, servers being turned off, bugs, OS updates making apps unusable, disappearing content, updates pushed before proper play testing, and every other annoyance that I don’t have to experience with physical media. Fact is, I can still play miniature games that are two decades old. And seeing how large my paint pile is and how slowly I’m working through it, I need the game to last longer than a typical iPhone update cycle. Anything digital must be a complement to the physical experience, not a replacement for it. Hybrid games have all the inconveniences of two mediums while lacking the absolute strengths of either.
  6. That doesn’t bode well. Don’t they require a French-translation version to sell in Quebec?
  7. It looks to me like the last couple previews have had large cards in them.
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