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  1. ... now this just made my stomach cringe - please, pretty please - don't let them include some campaign tracker app!!! since no side board or anything campaign tracking related has been confirmed yet i wonder if they plan to convert us to an app instead of pen and paper to track our campaigns...
  2. hope some reseller is stripping the cards and cuts down delivery cost - ffg can keep the books for sure... but i'd buy the cards for same amount if send by envelope... just remembered the diablo novellas - oh boy... if ffg used some famous writer license like anne rice - i'd buy the books w/o cards for $30! cheers!
  3. hi there! on the pre-order page for MoN on boardgamegeneral.eu is a little 'more' information on the title... dunno where they got it from, but sounds nice nevertheless (my bold):
  4. great! ...now that got me to order the start of a new cycle i was sure to skip... yess!
  5. why not some folks from the 1920s? ...sorry for the hi-jack.
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