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  1. Indianapolis, Indiana
  2. Congratulations on the win!, also thank you for taking the time to write the battle report.
  3. I don't think we will get any news today, with Gencon only ended yesterday. I sure everyone who works for a gaming company that went is taking the day. Only thing that went up today was X-wing release already announced at Gencon.
  4. Going to both the Tournament and Team Tournament, Gencon great, because I only live 10 min for downtown Indianapolis.
  5. We really need to know if the Team tournament, do you have to use the same faction?
  6. I like how this year people were given the option to not get the swag bag, buy has someonewho been to last 8 Adepticon, the bag is always worth it. Heck, I wanted to get the VIG swag, but sold out.
  7. I can see that, I just really enjoyed Rank and File games and I'm glad FFG doing this game. I'm always been really happy how they build their gaming community with tournaments and events. So, at least I know my money going to toward something, I play other mini-games that would be less expense but do an awful job of doing community events
  8. Awsome! I thought that 30$ wasn't too bad for a table top game, but hey 5$ off is always nice.
  9. Can't wait to see the models for Elf.
  10. Sounds like awesome event, wish I could go.
  11. Not entirely true, this is from the other thread. "I wouldn’t draw too many conclusions on release dates from our email response. It is certainly one of the challenges attempting to schedule events for a yet unreleased game six to eight months in advance. We thought there would be a good chance, but also knew at the time that the schedule would potentially be tight to allow enough time between release of the game and our organized events. I know that Runewars will be at the show in some capacity still, and looking at schedule options as well as replacement events. We are actively working with Fantasy Flight Games, and will have some more concrete news in the coming days. Anyone currently signed up, will receive a full refund for the events. If you would like to cancel your entire registration (and receive a full refund), just contact info@adepticon.org, however you may want to see what other options are available before making that decision! Hank Edley AdeptiCon Director" True, I should have said the tournaments are not happening. I'm am looking forward to FFG bring demo and preview stuff for Runewars. Just little bum out is all. Still playing other events at Adepticon, really wanted to do the team tournament.
  12. It's official, no RuneWars events at AdeptCon, hopefully, there will still be events I can sign up for in that time slot. I'm disappointed, but still looking forward to playing the game.
  13. Well this would be a big let down. I sign up for Runewars team tournament with a friend. I have sent Adepticon an email to see if the events still happening.
  14. Got some more news! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/1/9/marching-orders/
  15. I'm buying two cores, splitting one with a friend and using the 2nd core to run demo games.