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  1. I agree.... it's a great game. But I am afraid New Angeles did not sell very well.
  2. The game mat looks pretty awesome. I hope it will be available the same time the actual game is released.
  3. Yes... offcourse there will be expansions. :-) And I like. Personally I also hope for an expansion which will include miniatures.
  4. Outer Rim is a race game in it's core so I understand a AI player is necessary for solo play. A race by yourself is no race. 😉 But I am not enthousiastic about it... During a play I liked to be drawn into the world and into the character... playing the same time the AI player just does not help.
  5. I ordered the game yesterday. Tommorrow I am expecting it in my mailbox :) So yes... I will post my initial thoughts here of the soloplay. But one question: When you play solo: Do you play with one character or with two characters?
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