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  1. Simple, just take 3 activations, with one being a flanker speed racing flottila that flys across the rear edge. Then the games shift from your ships goes my ship goes, to your fleet goes then my fleet goes, with the first players activation broken up by an activation that doesn't matter. Also, this would guarantee that a player would have option of reacting to each other players move, which I feel is good. Plus, as many players have pointed out, going second isn't always bad. I feel this curtail extreme activation lists, and bring more variation in fleets size. Also, I brought this up in another thread opposed to it own, because I am not sure if it a good idea/have not really thought it through. And I have not played in almost 6 months, so between the new wave and FAQ, I don't really have feel for the current state of the game.
  2. I wish you bid activations to determine picking first player, the player with fewest activation gets to pick. It would severally curtail MSU list, which I personally despise, but understand they are part of the game.
  3. Blail Blerg and Green Knight, you are talking across each other. You both acknowledge problem in the current state. And that it is Reikan with Flotillas and possibly more unique/more potent unique squadrons. @Blail Blerg, though, I don't think pelta's is a part of the problem, it is a solid alternative to assault frigates, Yvaris, and MC-30s.
  4. I read the data differently. The compelling part of the meta for me was balance 3 aspect of the game: alpha striking, ship activation control, squadron control. However, it appears that bidding for activation control game has largely disappeared since a majority of fleets have 4 to 5 ship activations and the growing number of large ships. With the cheap ship activations, the balancing act between those 3 aspects seems to have disappeared. I feel list building has become much more cookie cutter, where you pick an alpha strike and then decide how to fill in the rest to meet specific set of requirements, such as activation fodder, fighter screens etc. Also, with flottilas as the go to ship activations, and both fractions' flottillas flying very similarly, each fraction feels less unique. Trying to maximize the utility of raiders is allot different then maximizing TCR-90 or even a CR-90B added for activations. With a disparity in points between flottilas and the next cheapest activation, the selection and balancing of squadron to quality or purpose of extra activations; i.e. do I want to take a raider and 15 points more in squadrons or just a gladiator. Finally, Demo, Rhymer and Yavarsis only appeared in approximately 60% of lists, compared to flottilas in over 90%. Implying those particular uniques were good, ample alternatives exist to them. Compared to flottilas, where only a small set of lists/archtypes exists that exclude them entirely. If the first flottila was present in only 60% of the list, I would argue that they are good, but not meta defining.
  5. Ugh, I complete missed that. I was planing on using a Diplomat for taking Correlia off the lists of targets.
  6. Veteran Captain lets him kick all fighters follow me and still alpha strike with 4 B-Wings. Plus if he burning tokens with Ahsoka Tano to provide flexibility to other ships, then Veteran Captain could be a life saver.
  7. I would never take more then two generic. And even that would be explicitly to run Dash, 5 x YT-2400, and then 2 Lancers. The YT-2400 is more of an all rounder, compared to the Lancer which only seems good at going for that 1 last damage needed for a removal.
  8. I bet the drop to counter 1 was to balance interactions with Rieekan. I also bet that is why rogue squadron doesn't have escort.
  9. Do you get the refit points from a repair yard if the base/outpost was built that turn?
  10. Jendon with 2 heavy hitters, such as Vadar, Maarek Steele, Boba Fetta, and Bossok. The ability to select the type of damage multiplied, ship or squadron, combined with relay utility is pretty big.
  11. I have feldherr foam and battle foam. Feldheer is great solution if you are simple taking your fleet to and from your car. However, I take public transit which makes battle foam a better solution for me. Also, the printable boxes seems to be a really great storage solution if you have a little extra time. I see people at tournaments and I am always amazed at how much they can pack and how organized they are using those boxes.
  12. Disagree entirely. If a game is interesting and engaging, I'll play it, regardless of theme. Hell, if the theme is something I don't even like, I'll play it if there's enough complexity to keep me interested. I'm far from alone in this regard. And I should know; I don't like Star Wars in the least. I hated TFA, Rogue One was disappointing in the extreme, and with the exception of ESB, I can't understand how the same story on repeat is so popular. That said, I have a substantial collection of both Armada and X-wing because they're well constructed, smart, engaging games. If they were Star Trek or WW2 ships, I wouldn't care (I'd arguably be happier). To insinuate the game is only played due to its licence is reductive and rather short sighted as a view of the community. Yes, but Star War Armada does have a Star Wars theme. The Star Wars theme does initially attract many, not all, players to game. However, theme should not always trump other consideration, but theme is one of the considerations.
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