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  1. I think they will be comparable initially and drop off over the course of a campaign (especially in longer campaigns). Only choosing from leveled up cards from 1 class is a pretty big limitation with the current card pool.
  2. One nice aspect of Matt's ruling is that it eliminates the corner case where neither effect could be completed in its entirety. For example, if an effect said you must choose to discard 2 cards or spend 2 clues, but you only have 1 of each the effect would be unclear.
  3. Just to be clear, you can't use the machete and the 45 on the same attack since they both require an action to initiate a modified fight action.
  4. I wasn't concerned with the slot it takes (though VermillionDe does raise some valid points regarding that). It's just of marginal use right now and there aren't enough arcane slot assets for getting an extra one to matter much yet.
  5. The extra arcane slot from Book of Shadows just reduces the downside of it taking a slot in that case, which still means you could be caught without enough slots if you draw them in a bad order. I'm also not all that impressed by Book of Shadows in the first place though. Shriveling costs 3 resources, 1 action, and 1 card for 4 uses. Book of Shadows would require 4 resources, 5 actions, 1 card, and 3 experience to generate the same 4 uses. It's got some versatility, but it would be a borderline card at level 0 unless there was a compelling reason to have 3 arcane slots (like a killer combo).
  6. It's also a Mystic card rather than a Guardian card, and that makes it usable by a character who WANTS to take horror and just happens to have a very powerful interaction with Spell cards on her signature asset. Oh, and she can and likely does use Book of Shadows, which grants an extra Arcane slot and recharges Spell assets. I always seem to be close to running out of health before sanity with Agnes.The Book of Shadows interaction is one I didn't specifically consider, but I have a hard time imaging that it would be worth 2 actions to heal an additional horror after already healing 3 horror with the initial charges. If you're taking that much horror than it feels like all of the actions spent on healing will just be letting you tread water at best. The current state of healing in the game just seems to be worse than getting assets that will soak the damage or using actions and cards to push towards ending the scenario more quickly.
  7. What makes Clarity of Mind rock? It is just a bad version of First Aid, which is itself a subpar card. The only advantage it has is that it's a spell (for the free interactions that keyword has), but it takes up a slot and can't heal damage.
  8. You also have some typos under deck building. The range should start at level 0 and not 1.
  9. Both cases would be 3 damage since the tentacle token causes your result to be a 0 (in addition to automatically failing).
  10. That's probably where I saw that. I can see an argument for treating "cannot" as something that cannot be blanked since blanking "cannot" often leads to weird situations that the designers might not have considered.I found the thread I remembered, and it looks like they got quotes from Matt saying that you can blank a "cannot" so that clears that up.
  11. That sounds right to me since the "then" on Drawn to the Flame means you resolve the encounter draw in its entirety before completing the second effect.
  12. Was this the specific example he gave? I had heard that the definition for cannot was supposed to supersede blanking effects as it is "absolute, and cannot be countermanded by other abilities." It seems like something worth clarifying with him.
  13. That's a nice catch. I wish I could claim I noticed that when I liked his post.
  14. People are way too eager to apply the Grim Rule to cases where it doesn't apply. As a side note, remember that if an enemy doesn't have a valid spawn location, then it is discarded. This seems like it would come up fairly often in 4 player games with 9 locations and so many cards flipping.
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