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  1. Thanks the replies everyone! Maybe some day in the future I will be able to own both titles but I will check out the LCG for now!
  2. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum but after doing as much searching as possible I still haven't found a discussion covering the question I'm now asking: Would everyone who has now played the Arkham Horror LCG reccommend it over Elder Sign? I currently own Death Angel & Warhammer Quest (loved the originals when I was a kid & FF have captured that great style & nostalgia for me) but I'm also a big fan of Lovecraft. I will be playing solo and both AH LCG & ES look to work well like this. I like to have a small selection of games I play A LOT rather than loads that I only play once in a while so replay-ability is a big thing for me but once again both titles seem to have this built in - maybe elder sign is better straight out of the box? It would be an easier decision for me if ES wasn't being supported but the expansions look great & I know another is coming. Whichever I choose I will be planning on pursuing the expansions for it - I just can't decide which one I will get more of my 'moneys worth' from. Would I be right that ES may perhaps be more 'epic' in scope during a single session but perhaps not as immersive? A good theme/atmosphere is something I'm looking for but I don't know which is best or why - what do you folks think? (I love the look of this LCG too but I have no experience of the LCG format - LOTR looked quite intimidating to me at a glance)
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