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  1. Matt looked at the wookie, with what. Who. This isn't going to work. Personally I'm going outside. with that he put down his Lightsaber and walked out
  2. @Stneu73 seems to have dissapeared
  3. I think I'm dropping too. This was doomed from the start.
  4. : 1eP+1eA 0 successes, 2 advantage I suck at this
  5. I'm going to use forsee at the end, : 3eF 5 Dark Side Never mind.
  6. Sorry forgot to say that I'll be busy till Monday. Mentioned it on other threads
  7. I'll be busy until Sunday
  8. I aimed twice. I'll add it to the original
  9. Lana summers takes the shot, that's what she's there for. But she mosses luckily they are in a BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD position
  10. : 1eP+1eA 1 success Jere you go
  11. The specialist strikes ......! : 3eA+3eD 5 failures, 3 advantage Oh bugger
  12. I'll spar and here's destiny : 1eF 1 Dark Side
  13. Meanwhile Matt walks up to the room the ikotchi walked into. muu he remembers. muu, can we talk. If I don't say this I'm going to burst. "Yeah Matt, what's on your mind?" Muu said, curiously. I've waited about 14 years or so, saying nothing. At the crystal trials I tried to foresee how I solved The problem, and I saw something evil, me. I'm going to go to the dark side. I need you to keep me away from people as much as possible. When I go dark, I can't hurt anyone Muu nods “In the Ilum cave? That place put all the Padawans through all sort of illusions... showing us our weakness. Have you had similar visuals since then?” trying to create a calm aura. Before he was hyperventilating, now he was calming(ish) every time I have a vision it is of doom, and dark I’m not sure if you’re aware of Iktotchi’s xenology but we all have precognition. Ever time I see a possible future, I have the will to act on it or attempt to alter its course daily. The future is always moving, flowing through the force. You have more control of your destiny than you could believe, trust me.” Muu would smile. “What other sorts of visons have you experienced?”. Not many more, of any other subject. Listen I have to go and set stuff up. Matt leaves the room happy to have let it all out
  14. Any other way to make it not worth it. I mean, sorry but not all are FaD
  15. Week 1 using foresee to know the dangers of the mission. Week 2 chatting up the pilots to learn of the planet and its locals. Week 3 sparring with the air Though my character wouldn't want too I'll talk with your character @Vergence. He'll run into you etc.